From Richard Hake on the math-teach listserve, Monday, March 4, 2013.
Some subscribers to Math-Teach might be interested in a recent post "The Contentious Common Core Controversy" [Hake (2013)].  The abstract reads:
ABSTRACT: The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) <http://www.corestandards.org/> have engendered considerable controversy - see e.g., "Resistance to Common Core standards growing" [Strauss (2013)] at <http://wapo.st/Y7kwdK>. Stimulated by Diane Ravitch's (2013) admonition at <http://bit.ly/XGpEpK> "to think critically about the standards," I searched Google for "Common Core State Standards" to obtain 3,010,000 hits at <http://bit.ly/15QLBZR> on 03 March 2013 10:15-0800. Careful consideration of all those leads me to suggest the following sixteen as especially valuable:

1. "Eight problems with Common Core Standards" [Brady (2012)] at <http://wapo.st/15Z4kTg>.
2. "Engineering Good Math Tests"[Burkhardt (2012)] at <http://bit.ly/VaJgpp>;
3. "How Common Core will change testing in schools" [Krashen (2012)] at <http://wapo.st/12bt9w5>;
4. "Debunking the Case for National Standards: One-Size-Fits-All Mandates and Their Dangers" [Kohn (2010)] at <http://bit.ly/Z0xoUV>;
5. "Do young kids need to learn a lot of facts?" [Miller & Carlsson-Paige (2013)] at <http://wapo.st/13oJVqW>.
6. "Whoo-Hoo! Occupy the Schools" [Ohanian (2013)] at <http://bit.ly/XGs4oq>;

7. "Why I Cannot Support the Common Core Standards" [Ravitch (2013)] at
8. "Do We Need a Common Core?" [Tampio (2012)] at <http://huff.to/ZBaDb6>.

9. "Creating a Comprehensive System for Evaluating and Supporting Effective Teaching" [Darling-Hammond et al. (2012)] at <http://stanford.io/Wj1w1E>;
10. "Standards Worth Attaining" Finn (2012) at <http://bit.ly/XHtS0k>;
11. "A Common Core Standards defense" [Hirsch (2013)] at <http://wapo.st/Y1gwvk>;

12. "What English classes should look like in Common Core era" [Jago (2013)] at
13. "International Lessons About National Standards" [Schmidt, Houang, & Shakrani (2009)] at <http://bit.ly/xPjmJ4>.
14. "Seizing the Moment for Mathematics" [Schmidt (2012)] at <http://bit.ly/Z0BbS2>;
15. "On Naked Standards - And Free Curriculum" Tucker (2012) at <http://bit.ly/Y531xl>;
16. "The Case for National Standards" [Weingarten (2009)] at <http://wapo.st/XbIJ6K>.
For an earlier review of the pros and cons of the Common Core Standards see "National Education Standards for the United States?" [Hake (2009)] at <http://bit.ly/Z0DMLK>. In a subsequent post I shall discuss the "Next Generation Science Standards" (NGSS) <http://bit.ly/y1gJPx> and their relationship to the "Common Core State Standards."

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