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Hsueh-Hua Chuang
A Case Study of E-tutors' Teaching Practice: Does Technology Drive Pedagogy?
Full Text
Mack Shelley , Atila Yildirim
Transfer of Learning in Mathematics, Science, and Reading among Students in Turkey: A Study Using 2009 PISA Data
Full Text
Zübeyde Demet Kžrbulut , Michael Edward Beeth
Representations of Fundamental Chemistry Concepts in Relation to the Particulate Nature of Matter
Full Text
Nilgün Yenice , Baržs¸ Özden
Analysis of Scientific Epistemological Beliefs of Eighth Graders
Full Text
Kürs¸at Kurt , Mustafa Pehlivan
Integrated Programs for Science and Mathematics: Review of Related Literature
Full Text
Sinan Erten , S. Ahmet Kžray , Betül S¸en-Gümüs¸
Influence of Scientific Stories on Students Ideas about Science and Scientists
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