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Hi everyone!

I decided to join this thread as I have been reviewing some 7th Grade Common Core Math curriculum for next school year's use; in my opinion  this curriculumdoes tie hands-on real life activities to problems. It is titled,  Big Ideas Math by Ron Larson and Laurie Boswell.

I assume by "Common Core Math" you mean a text book that advertises its conformance with whatever standards have been scraped together by the time of its publishing, under that label.   The same text without that advertising need not be substantially different?

I'm not against standards, I just might want to compete rather than conform to the so-called Common Core.  E.g. in "my" curriculum it's essential to communicate that

(a) four equal radius balls pressed together for a vertexes of a tetrahedron with their four centers (duh) and
(b) six of the same-sized balls form an octahedron of precisely four times the tetrahedrons volume and
(c) these two polyhedrons fill space in complement in a ratio of 2:1

Any STEM curriculum is laughably lacking given how important the CCP (FCC) is to basic structural chemistry. This info has just gotta be there, somehow, some way, for me to agree we're dealing with a serious candidate.  But I haven't specified by which year this should have been covered.  By what we nowadays call "sixth grade" I suppose.