On Wed, 29 May 2013 04:55:16 -0600, Robert Hansen <bob@rsccore.com> wrote:

When I use the phase "student of algebra" I mean a bonafide student of algebra.

You seem to mean "successful student" of algebra.  That's different from "student of algebra" and from "bonafide student of algebra".  (And "bona fide" consists of two words.)

You don't get to make private assignments of your own meanings (or spellings) to the words of English---if you expect other people to understand you.  The very least you must do is to tell us when your use of a word differs from what the dictionaries prescribe.  In a medium such as this, we read what you wrote---not what you meant.
--Louis A. Talman
Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Metropolitan State University of Denver