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There's a massive "NIH / NIMBY" syndrome where no specific faculty says it's their job to stay relevant.  The turf battles are between wallowing dinosaurs sinking in a mud of their own making.

This is not about relevance and it isn't about CS versus Algebra. It is dirt simple. If a student can handle algebraic reasoning then that opens up opportunity in other like-minded disciplines, even CS. And if they can handle algebra really well, then they can go on to handle that python math text. And if they can do neither, well, there are a hundred other things they can do. This is about who the student is and this is what the purpose of education needs to return to.

What is the point to replacing the doctrine of algebra with some doctrine of python or html or sql? There shouldn't be a doctrine at all. At least not after the first 7 or 8 years.

Bob Hansen