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My doctrine, as spelled out over the years in this archive, is that the model for USA public schools at least is you're educating "virtual presidents".  It makes no difference if they're inclined towards construction.  We have presidents in every walk of life and of every religion and gender.  It's not about what you actually *do* in the sense of "career".

Virtual presidents? And what do they eat? Virtual food? Do they live in virtual houses and pay virtual rent? I can sum up this whole exchange and our differences. While you were traveling between international schools I was signing up for free lunch. For me and the people I hire, be they foreign born or not, school is like real estate. It's all about vocation, vocation, vocation. And another thing I realized this last year. These young people that take it that way, be they foreign born or not, will be the next new americans, not much different from the previous batch. The rest will be working at Starbucks paying off their school loans. If I were an economics major (or sociology major) I think a fascinating thesis would be to study the mobility patterns of the last two generations (30 years). I don't think there has ever been such a significant flipping since WWII.

Bob Hansen