Sorry, I can't make head or tail of Frank's statements.

The 24 blocks I assume he's talking about are pictured here:

Sorry, the previous reply got away from me before I added these links.

That's only 1/4 tetrahedron getting dissected, into 6 wedges, so you see where it'd really be 24.
The tetrahedron they assemble is color in red on this poster, even though the last row makes them look bigger (it's magnified):

Color poster, several rows, shows polyhedrons being sliced and diced.
"Frequency" refers to the number of intervals between ball centers along a side.  The red tetrahedron (on the poster) would be this one:  (each edge = 1 interval = D = distance between sphere centers)

We were talking about this before.  This 35-ball model is 4-frequency:  (count the number of intervals)

That's "one frequency".  Frank's idea of an "A module" is eight times too large (volume-wise) and his YouTubes suffer from that inconsistency with Fuller's vocabulary, adding to the mushiness of his alternative version of Synergetics.


In other words, an A module is 1/24th of a unit volume D-edged tetrahedron.

Frank hopes that by writing 24/24 he can magically change this somehow. 

He's into hand-waving and hoping for the best. 

He seems superstitious to me, or like a gambler in Vegas, hoping next time he hits the jackpot.