As importantly, no one uses calculators personally anymore. They haven't for a couple of decades now at least. They use spreadsheets. Namely Excel.

Bob Hansen

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This is a response from Steve Sugden in Australia to the posting on Calculator Use on Exams - Shift With Common Core, Wednesday on August 28, 2013. FYI  ...

On the current topic, my view is that all calculators should be banned and use spreadsheets instead. There is plenty of research to indicate that Excel modelling supports abstract reasoning, and also the transition from number to algebra. I also believe that GCs are much overrated and that calculators in general, cripple the brain. Lots of button-pushing and often not much inkling of whether what emerges has any real value or correctness. They are black boxes.

Spreadsheet models show structure and build confidence in understanding of math relationships.

My 5-cents worth!

Now descending from soapbox.

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