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If they were PUSHED a LOT and ENCOURAGED only a LITTLE, what was the relationship between the PUSHING and the ENCOURAGEMENT?  How much did the PUSHING contribute to their high performance and how much did the ENCOURAGEMENT contribute?

Overall, 50/50. People get discouraged for all sorts of reasons, that is when you go to plan B, the stick. Sorry the real world troubles you so much, but a lot of parents will not let the real world get in their way of raising their children. They work with it.

Given the state of your country, and the world for that matter, why do you hold on to this belief that that people can achieve their best on encouragement alone? Or, is it your belief that if they would use your OPMS system then they could attain their best on encouragement alone? Since encouragement alone has been insufficient to get people to use OPMS, should we use the stick?:) 

Bob Hansen