Sent at the request of Anne Berit Fuglestad.
The University of Agder has recently announced two professor positions in mathematics education.
The announcement is available http://www.uia.no/content/view/full/23452
Further information about the PhD programme and various activities at the institute are given on
and   PhD programme  http://www.uia.no/en/portals/about_the_university/engineering_and_science/phd/phd
At the University of Agder there is  a large international research group with a PhD specialization in mathematics education, in addition to a master's degree in mathematics education and mathematics teaching in various contexts. The University has recently been awarded the status of  center for excellence in education:  Centre for Research Innovation and Coordination of Mathematics Teaching (MatRIC), see  http://www.uia.no/no/div/sentre/senter_for_fremragende_utdanning_matric  for further information.
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