21 December, 2012
Volume 17 No. 51
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2013 Mathematics Game

Foldable Calendar Polyhedral Models



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2013 Mathematics Game


Our annual arithmetic puzzle is back ... early!

The 2013 Year Game challenges students to write expressions for each of the counting numbers 1 through 100, using the digits in the year 2013, standard operations, and grouping symbols.

Come preview the rules, worksheet, and manipulatives for 2013 now before submitting your own solutions starting January 1st, which we'll start displaying on February 1, 2013.

PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

"Funny thing is, I didn't make the equation before getting the answers, which would have dramatically made it easier for me, but I actually came up with it after I had arrived to my solutions. Sometimes that is the best part of math, noticing patterns after you have already solved the problem."
- Brianda, highlighted in the Geometry PoW's latest solution

Foldable Calendar Polyhedral Models


Want a 2013 calendar to ring in the new year mathematically? Or a timely manipulative to engage your geometry students? Or a last-minute handmade gift for the geek-who-has-everything? Download a polyhedron net and fold up your own three-dimensional, 365-day calendar!

British publishers Cleave Books offer these 3-D models formatted to print out on standard 8.5" x 11" paper:

  • cones
  • rhombic prisms
  • triangular prisms
  • pentagonal antiprisms
  • tetrahedra
  • right pyramids
  • oblique pyramids
  • octahedra
  • rhombohedra
  • delta-dodecahedra
  • triangular prisms
  • hexagonal prisms
  • tetrahedra
  • flexi-tetrahedra

Now taking place: math education conversation of the day

"The math teachers here at Arlington are working hard to design courses that align with the new Common Core standards. But I'm still left wondering what exactly should be in the courses, which, unfortunately, is driven by what will be assessed on the end of the year assessments. Does anyone else feel like they are trying to read tea leaves on this one? With the PARCC guidelines, specifically, I am interested in the Table found on page 55, the Pathway Summary Table, that gives (dot by dot) the standards that PARCC will assess on each of their end of the year assessments for the three math courses. I decided to distill all of this in the last few weeks into three MS Word documents that are attached to this post...."
- Kirk, posted to the secondary (grades 9-12) discussion group of the Association of Math Teachers of New York State



Joe Cunningham recently launched a website of self-guided problems as a revision tool to reinforce his students' learning. Math500.com provides automated feedback based on the strategy you select from among the multiple choices presented at each step, or upon the intermediate calculation you enter. Step-by-step worked examples provide additional support.

Choose from "chapters" on

  • whole numbers
  • fraction addition and subtraction
  • fraction multiplication and division
  • decimals
  • percentages
  • measurement (unit conversions)
  • integers
  • algebra, equations, factors
  • numerical skills
  • sets

Cunningham let us know about his site by suggesting it to the Internet Math Library, which today boasts nearly 11,000 math and math education websites. Share your own by visiting



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