5 April, 2013
Volume 18 No. 14
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Speak at Twitter Math Camp 2013

Mathlanding's Professional Development Collections

Video Contest: Personal Finance in the Classroom


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Speak at Twitter Math Camp 2013


Twitter Math Camp 2013 (#TMC13) seeks speakers to address these topics at its second gathering, later this summer:

  • rich tasks: developing them, pushing student thinking
  • project-based/problem-based learning
  • productive struggling
  • how to appropriately scaffold (rich) tasks
  • intervention: what to do when students just don't get it

Billing itself as "guerrilla professional development for math teachers," TMC13 "isn't a conference about how to use blogs or Twitter or social media in the classroom. It isn't even how to teach teachers to use social media to connect with each other. And it isn't centered around technology. It's really designed for math teachers in the classroom who are looking to become better, and who use the internets to talk about it and share resources and get better."

See more speaker topics that came out of TMC's session survey, then submit your proposal by this coming Monday, 8 April.

PoW taking place: math problem-solving moment of the week

"When I used Google to find out what else might weigh 65 tons that a Max-with-the-strength of a beetle could lift, I found some pretty gross stuff. Isn't math great for helping you think about the world in crazy ways?"
- Max, commenting on the Pre-Algebra PoW's Latest Solution

Mathlanding's Professional Development Collections


Mathlanding has recently released collections of skill- and knowledge-building resources around Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematical Practices 7 and 8:

  • Look for and make use of structure
  • Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning

Every Mathlanding collection includes lessons, videos, teaching supports, and journal articles, each carefully selected from the hundreds of resources available in its curated catalog.

Mathlanding is a project of Maryland Public Television (MPT), the Math Forum @ Drexel, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and the National Service for Distributed Learning (NSDL).

Now taking place: math education conversation of the day

"Karen Cowe wrote, 'This will be the last Ignite! for me, so it would be great to finally get you up there!' There were about 400 in Merrill Hall where it's held in Asilomar. Even the balcony seating was full. As Ruth Parker said to me, she can't remember putting that much prep time into something that only lasts 5 minutes! Now I have proof that I actually did it...."
- Suzanne, posted to her blog

Video Contest: Personal Finance in the Classroom


Have a creative idea for implementing personal finance into the classroom? Share a short video of it with the Council for Economic Education (CEE) for a chance to win $1,000!

Just submit your clip of 30 seconds or less explaining or demonstrating a personal finance lesson, activity, or project before the contest deadline of Monday, 15 April.


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