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Journal of Urban Mathematics Education ...  Celebrating 5 Years of Knowledge Dissemination

The current issue of JUME (Vol. 5, No. 2) marks its fifth year in knowledge dissemination. We, the Editorial Team, wish to THANK our readers, reviewers, and authors for their con-tinued support! And we encourage each of you to "spread the word"!

Through five volumes, JUME has published over 1,000 online pages of peer-reviewed, scholarly contribution for the mathematics education and, more generally, the urban educa-tion communities. Nearly 700 pages of JUME content have been double blind, peer-reviewed research articles; the 5-year acceptance rate for the RESEARCH ARTICLES section has been approximately 33%. The open, peer-reviewed sections-COMMENTARY, RE-SPONSE COMMENTARY, PUBLIC STORIES OF MATHEMATICS EDUCATORS, and BOOK REVIEW-have totaled nearly 300 pages of scholarly essays and reviews.
The growth in the number of web downloads of JUME content has been tremendous; current downloads (as of April 2013) has exceeded 75,000 downloads! A Google search for the phrase "Journal of Urban Mathematics Education" returns over 24,000 hits.

All JUME content is available online at NO COST to users! There are nearly 1,400 regis-tered Readers of JUME, including over 200 registered Reviewers and nearly 300 registered Authors. (Access to JUME content DOES NOT require registration; however, we encourage our users to do so.)

To learn more about the origin, mission, and vision of JUME see Lou Matthew's inaugural editorial, "
Illuminating Urban Excellence: A Movement of Change Within Mathematics Ed-ucation," William Tate's inaugural commentary, "Putting the 'Urban' in Mathematics Educa-tion Scholarship," and David Stinson's editorial, "How Is It That One Particular Statement Appeared Rather Than Another: Opening a Different Space for Different Statements About Urban Mathematics Education." To learn more about JUME in general, see "ABOUT" on the JUME website.

The forthcoming Spring/Summer 2013 JUME issue is a special issue, containing contribu-tions from participants of the October 2012 Privilege and Oppression in the Mathematics Preparation of Teacher Educators conference held in Battle Creek, Michigan. (PrOMPTE was hosted by teacher educators from Michigan State University and funded by the Lappan-Phillips-Fitzgerald Endowment.) Manuscripts submitted online on or before June 1, 2013 will be considered for the Fall/Winter 2013 JUME issue.

Again, Thank You! With your enduring support, JUME will continue to provide a different space for different statements about urban mathematics education for the years to come!

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