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Unknown to the present Jewish Scholars,

or Unpleasant, or Not  Convenient  to be  spoken of,

or for Political Reason REPRESSED,

the TORAH  signals that it was not written

during 4th through 3rd century BC, as it is sustained,

but that it was written during the 1st century BC,

in the Roman Alphabet, and then it was re-written

in 17th century AD  in the  English Alphabet.


Indifferent how much I researched, I found that

outside of the  Statements of some writers,

there is not any Proof that these Five Books of the TORAH

were in existence before the Roman Alphabet to have been

definitive as it is known in the 1st century BC.


I realized this Historical Fraud when researching the five books of TORAH

through the Mathematical Models of the calculation of

the Master Frequency, I remained shocked to realize that

although the  scholars state the name a such:


as…THE ORIGINAL NAMES, to a serious investigation

they appear to be written with…the Roman Vowels.


I then asked myself: How that can be ?

It is the Old Testament also a ..FRAUD?


Did so called Library of Alexandria ever existed in the Format

it is pretended by the present "writings" ?


The Hebrews Alphabet had no Vowels, and indifferent

what approach I took, I  was not able to coordinate these names

with the Hebrew  Alphabet…


I then moved to the Greek Alphabet…

Knowing that "it is said" that during the  reign of Ptolomy

there were sent from Jerusalem 72 rabbis to Alexandria,

where they translated the Hebrew writings in the Greek,

and the event it is known as SEPTUAGINT,

I applied the Mathematical Model, and then  I realized that

I entered into a problem with  letter "V"

that I saw it in the words: VAYIKRA and DEVARIM.

Further searching I realized that if a form of letter V somehow

may have reached the Greek Alphabet from semitic WAW, it was dropped

out of the spoken language before or during the classical time.


Then I put aside the Mathematical Model related to the Greek Alphabet

and I moved on the Mathematical Model of the Roman Alphabet,

Now a Master Frequency of 103972 appeared immediate

in readings after readings…


…and, after more research I have reached the Opinion

that Religious, and  Political Interests were involved,

and that the History of the Civilization with respect to this aspect,

it does not stand to the rigor of the Reasoning.


It clear signaled to me that after the 1st century AD War between Rome and Judea

it became politically inconvenient to be recognized that the TORAH to be known

as was written in the Roman Alphabet, and so its writing

appears to have been pushed back 2 -3 centuries, and

falsifications and "manufactured history" to be made as

to sustain this  aspect.


This article shall  research this Effect not only Historical,

but also Mathematical !


To accept the fact that the TORAH became as is todays is  not because it was

WRITTEN, but it became so because it was TRANSLATTED,

it does not stand in front of the Encodings

that this researcher  has discovered, and presents in this article.


…and if indeed the TORAH  was TRANSLATTED from Hebrew Tests,

where are THE ORIGINALS?

Do we have any carbon dated tests to scientifically sustain

that indeed took place a Translation?

All we have are some Dead Sea Scrolls which  are unrelated…


From all I know is that regarding this Subject,  fakery-after-fakery

appears in Israel, " found" by interested "scholars", and although

the Israeli Authorities after  serious tests

are exposing one-after-the-other,

fabricated "proves" appear like the mushrooms after the rain…


This aspect is further discussed  in the section

PHILOSOPHICAL REASONINGS, at the end of the article…


…and now let's see the Research  Data !





…and here are the five books of the TORAH written in


- 1st book: BERESIT…contains Vowels E and I of the Roman Alphabet.

- 2nd book: SHEMOT…contains Vowels E and O of the Roman Alphabet.

- 3rd book: VAYIKRA…contain Vowels A and I of the Roman Alphabet.

- 4th book: BAMIDBAR…contains Vowels A and I of the Roman Alphabet.

- 5th book: DEVARIM…contain Vowels E, A and I of the Roman Alphabet.


..and as  we know that the Hebrews Alphabet DID NOT HAVE VOWELS

and the above 5 books of TORAH -named so - have Vowels,

we see that they were Designed After the Roman Alphabet was designed,

and as THE ROMAN ALPHABET had only the Vowels AEIO,

that here we see all them…and ONLY THEM,

we have the Visual and Historical Proof that the above names

of the 5 books of the Torah were made after the Roman Alphabet.




…and, here are the five books of the TORAH written in


- 1st book: GENESIS…contains the Vowels E and I of the English Alphabet.

- 2nd book: EXODUS…contains the Vowels E, O and U of the English Alphabe.t

- 3rd book: LEVITICUS…contains the Vowels E,I and U of the English Alphabet.

- 4th book: NUMBERS… contains the Vowels U and E of the English Alphabet.

- 5th book: DEURROTONOMY…contains the Vowels E,U and O of the English Alphabet.


Now, go back and research when the letter U was adopted as single letter

and you shall find that it was only in  16th-17th cent. AD.


Thus,… since the letter U was known as a single letter

only by 17th cent. AD these names herein seen Names were made

and written only around 17th cent. AD…and not before.

Thus they were written using THE ENGLISH ALPHABET

after it was designed as it is today.


…and now let's look to the Encodings of both

-The Roman Jews of 1st century BC, and

- The English Jews of 17 century AD


As in Part 18 found at

I have presented that THE ENGLISH ALPHABET

when coordonatted with THE ROMAN ALPHABET

it signals the millennia old existence of a Body of Mathematical Knowledge

that through the Master Frequencies of the Consonants and Vowels

proves that  during 17th-18th century AD both England and France

embarked into the Repressing of it.


In this article we shall cross back in time more than 2  millennia

when reaching the configuration time  of the Roman Alphabet,

we can see that by this era in time the Roman Jews

renamed with the letters of the Roman Alphabet

the three Main Rooms of the Solomon Temple: Ulam, Hekal and Debir.


…and how we know of this effect?


We know because as you look to the names


you see the Vowels A,E, and I, and

since we know that the Hebrews Alphabet did now have vowels

then we clear see THE SOURCE as being



This effect also signals that the Designers of the Roman Alphabet

were…THE ROMAN JEWS who through the Coordonation

of these main 3 rooms of the Solomon Temple

with the 3 PI values explained in Part 18

appears to have known these 3 PI Values,

and they have designed the names: Ulam, Hekal and Debir,

as to Mathematically Coordonate with THE SWATIKA’S CUBE,

explained by me herein on Mathforum in Part …


Before to enter in the Main Part of this article,

let's remind that Flavius Josephus in his writings 

let it be understood that his ancestor, and also his lifetime jews

were separated in two parallel existing classes:

- The First Class was made of the Priests and the Aristocracy, and

- The Second Class was made by the Revolutionaries.


From the historical evidence we know that when the jews

were under the influence and the control of the First Class,

and smartly their Leaders  sided with Gaius Julius Cesar

helping him in his Egyptian Campaigns,

and also assisting him with Money,

then Gaius Julius Cesar gave Edict after Edict

in Support of the Jewish Holidays and Religion.


Also from the writings of Flavius Josephus we know

that when "the Jewish Revolutionaries" took over Judea

and repressed the control of Judea from the Priests and the Aristocracy

Judea entered in the War with Rome, and ended in

the Destruction of the Jerusalem.


Thus, the Torah separation in 5 books, by the very fact

that the  books has incorporated into them  only the Four Vowels

of the Roman Alphabet, it signals that this work was done

during the era in which


and their High Priests aligned themselves with the Rome of

Gaius Julius Cesar, and not after the War with Rome started,

and Jerusalem was destroyed.


…and now having remembering these Historical Facts,

let's enter into the Main Part of this article !


Please, be aware that  the understanding of this article

requires familiarization with the prior Research Data

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To understand this article's Research Data, you must have under your eyes

two pages that I published  on my Facebook Page at

that for this Purpose I have let it  PUBLIC.

However, in order to have access to these pages

you may have to Register or to Sign In:

then click on Photos, and then click again on



The first page that is in need to be printed  it  is called:



The second Page that also is in need to be printed it is called:




Please, print both of them, and bring them here in front of your eyes.

Only having  these pages under your eyes you shall be able to see,

and understand the Research Data I now begin to explain.


…and now let’s begin !




Considering that the content of the first  page


I already explain in Part 18, let's then see the content of the second page:




a- Look in the leftside of my photo: there are the 3 Main Rooms of

THE SOLOMON TEMPLE : Ulam, Hekal and Debir.

Note their Master Frequencies:

Ulam = 8192, Hekal=324, and Debir = 96.


b- Each room size it is presented in Cubits. Observe that the order

of the sizes of ULAM and DEBIR it is LWH, but the Hekal's the order

it is reversed  as HWL. I found this Encoding through research…


c- Look bellow and see the Draw of the 3 Main Rooms of the Solomon Temple:

Ulam, Hekal and Debir, and also became familiar with


of sizes 70 x 20 x 120 cubits.


d- At the bottomleft of my photo you see that 3 Main PI explained until now:

their Numerical Values in total make 9.431785536, and their MF in total make 17360.

Note that the MF (of the Totals) it is

16200 for 9.431785536, and 8428 for 17360


e- Under the presentation of the 3 PI values you see a section that starts as:

"The Coordonation through…" followed by 4 coordonations.

Jump it for now, You shall understand it later in Encodings…


f- Then, further down you see another section that starts as:

"The Honour of the 1st Century Roman Jews, and…" followed

also by 3 coordonations. Also jump it for now…


g- The last section it is a Clarification for the researcher

interested to  reach this article.


…and now let's read the Encodings of the Roman  and English Jews,

and also of the Original TORAH Writers….




1st Encoding of the Roman  Jews

"16200 - 8428 = 8192 - 324 - 96"

It reads:

"The MF of the Numerical values of the 3 PI - the MF( of the Totals of 3 MF)

of the 3 PI = The MF of the ULAM sizes - the MF of the HEKAL sizes ( inversed) -

- the Mf of the DEBIR sizes


2nd Encoding of the Roman Jews

"(16200 - 8428) + ( 8192 - 324 - 96) -( 70x20x 120 x 10 : 10000) = 15376:

It reads:

" The MF of the 3 PI Numerical Values - the MF ( of the totals of MF) of

the 3 PI values) + ( The MF of the ULAM sizes - the MF of the HEKAL

sizes - the MF of the DEBIR sizes) - ( the Length x the Width x the Height

of the Solomon Temple Block x Decimal System: SWASTIKA (10000)  =



3rd Encoding of the Roman Jews

"(6400 + 5776 + 5184 x 10) - ( 24000 + 24000 + 8000 x 10 : 10000) = 15376"

It Reads:

""(the MF of the present science of mathematics PI Value + the MF of

the Proportional PI Value + the MF of the Sumerian PI Value x Decimal

System ) - (the interior Volume of the ULAM + the interior Volume of the Hekal +

+  the interior Volume of the Debir : Decimal System : SWASTIKA = The MF of TORAH.


4th Encoding of the Roman Jews

"3.160493827 : ( 8192 : 324 : 96) = 276/23"

It reads:

The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus PI Value : ( The MF of the ULAM sizes : the MF

the HEKAL sizes : the MF of the DEBIR sizes ) = the ratio between the

Sum of the Consonants and sum of the Vowels of THE ROMAN ALPHABET.


5th Encoding of the Roman Jews

"60000 - (( 8192 - 324 - 96)x 10)) = 6400 : 5776 + 5184 + 360"

It reads:

"((THE SWASTIKA'S CUBE - (( the MF of ULAM - the MF of HEKAL - the MF

of DEBIR) x Decimal System)) = The MF of the PI value of the now science

of mathematics + the MF of the Proportional PI Value + the MF of

the Sumerian PI Value = 360 degrees of the Circle"


6th Encoding of the Roman Jews

"60000 +(648 x 6400/5184) + 15376 = 276 x 23 x 276/23 = the Roman Alphabet"

It reads:

" THE SWASTIKA'S CUBE + ( the Geometrical Equilibrium - in Sumerian Grains

or Fingers) x the ratio between the MF of the European, and Sumerian PI Values) +

+ TORAH = the sum of the Roman Alphabet Consonants x the sum of the Roman

Alphabet Vowels x the Ratio between the Roman Alphabets sums of Consonants and Vowels"


7th Encoding of the English Jews

"60000 + (9 x 6400/5184) + 56000 + 1 = 351 x 26 x 351/26"

It reads:

"THE SWASTIKA'S CUBE + ( 9 Real Numbers of the Decimal System x

x the Ratio between the European PI and the Sumerian PI) + the interior Volume

of the Solomon Temple (Ulam=24000 cubic cubits, Hekal = 24000 cubic cubits, and

Debir = 8000 cubic cubits) + ONE = the Sum (351)  of the Order of the  letters of

The English Alphabet x all (26) letters of the English Alphabet x the Ratio

between the sum of all letters , and all letters of the English Alphabet"


8th Encoding of the Original Torah Writers

"((2592000 : 230.4 : 146.484375) : ( .5555…: 1.44 :.803755143)) + 5184 + 60000 +

+(24000 + 24000 + 8000) = (70 x 20 x 120) - 46656"

It reads:

"((The volume of the Cheops Pyramid : the Base Side of the Pyramid : the Altitude

Of the Pyramid) : ( The volume of the Pyramidon of Cheops Pyramid : the Base

Side : the Altitude)) + The MF of the Sumerian PI + THE SVASTIKA'S CUBE +

+( The interior Volume of Ulam + the interior volume of Hekal + the interior

volume of Debir) -  The MF of INTERIOR"


9th Encoding of the Original Torah Writers

"15376 x 5 = (70 x 20 x 120): 10 + 60000 + (8 x 10)"

It reads:

"The TORAH x 5 = ( The volume of the SOLOMON TEMPLE BLOCK) :

: Decimal System + THE SWASTIKA'S CUBE + The Geometric Point x

x the Decimal System".


10th Encoding of the English Jews

"((10000 + 839808) - ( 351 x 8)) ; 10 = ( 24000 + 24000 + 8000) +

+ ( 8836 + 5476 + 5776) + ( 8192 + 324 + 96)"

It reads:

"(( SWASTIKA + The MF of the word JEW) - ( The Geometric Point

Of the sum of the letters of the English Alphabet)) : Decimal System =

= (The interior volume of ULAM + the interior volume of HEKAL +

+ the interior volume of DEBIR) + ( The MF of the word ULAM + the

MF of the word HEKAL + the MF of the word DEBIR) + ( the MF of

The sizes of ULAS + the MF of the sizes of HEKAL + the MF

of the sizes of DEBIR"


11th Encoding of the Roman Jews

"((70 x 20 x 120) - (24000 + 24000 + 8000)) : 8.888… - 5184 = 666"

It reads:

"((The volume of THE SOLOMON TEMPLE BLOCK) - ( The interior volume

Of ULAM + the interior volume of HEKAL + the interior volume of DEBIR)):

: The Geometric Point taken into Infinity - the MF of the Sumerian

PI Value = 666"


12th Encoding of the Original TORAH Writers

"(42436 + 20164) - (60 x 10)- 10000 =( 70 x 20 x 1230) - ( 24000 + 24000 +

+ 8000) - 60000"

It reads:

"(The MF of the word SOLOMON + the MF of the word TEMPLE) -

- ( The Sexagesimal System x the Decimal System) - SWASTIKA =

= (The volume of THE SOLOMON TEMPLE BLOCK) - The interior

Volume of  ULAM  + the interior volume of HEKAL + the

Interior volume of DEBIR) - THE SWASTIKA'S CUBE


13th Encoding of the Original TORAH Writers

"(70 x 20 x 120) - ( 24000 + 24000 + 24000 + 8000) - 60000 =

= (5184 + 5776 + 6400) x 3 - ( 8 x 10)"

It reads:



- THE SWASTIKA'S CUBE = (he MF of the Sumerian PI + the MF of

The Proportional PI + the MF of the European PI) x 3 -

-  ( Geometric Point x Decimal System)"


14th Encoding of the Original TORAH Writers

"(56000 : 5 + 60000 + 608) x 10 = (101020 -302040)"

It reads:

"( the interior volume of the 3 main room of THE SOLOMON TEMPLE : 5 +

THE SWASTIKA'S CUBE + The Circle's Circumference) x Decimal System =

The sizes of ULAM: 10 cubits wide (L) x 20 cubits long (W) x

x 120 cubits High ( H)  ( taken together in the order LWH as 1020120) -

- the sizes of the HEKAL: 30 cubits high (H) x 20 cubits wide (W) x 40 cubits

Long  (L) (taken together in order HWL as 302040).




1- Know being the Warm Relations between the  Caesar

and the Religious and Aristocratic Jews of Jerusalem in 1st cent BC

when the Roman Alphabet had already the form as we see it today,

and also through the Mathematical readings obtained

when the MF of all five books of the TORAH and the MF of ROME

appears in Mathematical Coordonation, this philosopher concludes that

after the 1st century AD War between the Rome,

and the Revolutionaries of the Jerusalem

(who overtook the Power from the Religious and Aristocratic  Leaders),

the ulterior Leaders of the Jews, for Political Reasons

related to the now Hate of Rome engaged in the pushing back

the TORAH writing time from 1st century BC to 4th-3th century BC

unknowing that the Vowels from the Five Books of TORAH

in time shall signal  their Political Motivation.


2-The same "approach" appears that also took the Leaders of the Jewish People

after the 2nd World War, when Hitler adopting as his regime symbol the SWASTIKA,

and under Swastika Symbol took place the killing of the millions of jews,

the Political Leaders of the Jews embarked in the promotion

of the hate of Swastika, not knowing that their ancestor jews

have honored  SWASTIKA's High Number 10000, and also



3-Pretending that the PI value 3.141592654

employed by the Civilization today, it is a Geometrical PI,

it is a FRAUD of unimaginable proportions sustained for the Convenience

and Political Motivation by the Universities and Academies of Sciences.

The writers of the TORAH ( in 1st century BC) proves

that they knew of its existence, and also of the existence of the other two…


4- This research signals the falsification of the jewish history

made by so called " jewish scholars" who through naivity

as not to name it "spiritual mediocrity",

became themselves smarter than the TORAH writers, and

reduced the height of the ULAM from 120 cubits, to 80 cubits,

then to 60 cubits…and then they  lowered it

even lower "deciding" that the Solomon Temple's

all 3 Main rooms had… the same height.


The Research Continues.....



Ion Vulcanescu - Philosopher

Independent Researcher in the History of Mathematics

Author, Editor, and Publisher of:



December 16  2013