So now there is all this hoo-ha about the obit.  I didn't take offense because the article definitely gave the flavor of the times in which she lived.  I still remember being one of only two girls in 1958 in my college freshman math class of 60 students.

The professor sat us all the way in the front first row next to the door and asked us if we were rich.  When we said that we were not, he told the boys,  "Don't date them.  You can fall in love with a rich one as easily as a poor one."  That was supposed to be a joke and the boys did laugh.

It was very important that Mrs Brill majored in math and chemistry as well as spent a lot of time promoting the study of math and science by girls.  She became an engineer and an inventor without having studied engineering, which shows how much you can accomplish with a good math and science background.