The frameworks for PARCC are finalized. The engageNY "A Story of Functions ..." is organized by what topics they think go together for teaching purposes.

The frameworks on the PARCC website are arranged by standards. I have attached a link to the page because I find it hard to navigate the website.  The link for Geometry and Algebra 2 will have the same basic address just change the course name.

BTW - the last couple of pages makes the connection between Algebra 1 and 2


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Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 16:25:10 +0000

Appendix A of the Common Core State Standards organizes the high school mathematics standards into grade-by-grade courses. NYSED had indicated that they chose the traditional path. At another time it was indicated that NYSED would be following the PARCC frameworks. The frameworks for the high school courses are being developed.


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I would like to point out the need to READ THE FOOTNOTES on the engageNY document. The footnotes differentiate what is in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 curriculum when a standard is shared.

I know people tend to ignore things like that, so that's why I'm mentioning it.

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Gene, I think your comment sums up what I am actually looking for.  (Standards that are specific for each course!)  

"actually creating a standard that is specific for each course (which would have been the most helpful choice)."

 I work in a very small school middle school (I am the only teacher for Integrated Algebra in the middle school) and would love to see the specific standards that others are using.

If anyone is willing to share theirs with me I would be so appreciative!!!


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I was slowly working on that as well, and for me the hard part of the new Algebra curriculum is distinguishing the assessment limits for those dual-standards that are taught in both courses. The document linked has that information laid out in the clearest way, short of actually creating a standard that is specific for each course (which would have been the most helpful choice).


There are teachers in my BOCES who are working on HS curricula that match the “modules” sequence and the PARCC’s focus areas. Are other districts/BOCES working on this?


~Gene Jordan


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I was just working on this yesterday.  This link is the PARCC Framework document that lists the modules, importance of them and changes from Appendix A

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Can anybody tell me what is in the new Integrated Algebra curriculum (for the 2014 test) that is not in the curriculum for the this year's exam?

Are there more topics that need to be covered prior to next year's  early June exam compared to the topics that need to be covered for this year's mid June exam.

Is there a site that I can access to see the differences?

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