You can use a TI-Nspire on the NYS Math Regents Exams with ANY keypad.

It does not have to be the 84plus keypad.

Press-to-Test must be used to block access to the stored memory.

The only "TI-Nspire" models not acceptable to use are the CAS versions. You will see CAS written on the front of the calculator letting you know that it has Symbolic Manipulation functionality which is not allowed.

To quote a state education department team member, try sq rt 48. If it gives you the simplified result, not ok to use on the Regents exams for math.

Call if you have questions.

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I have an Alg2/Trig student with a TI-Inspire Touchpad.  Iím assuming they can use this for tests/exams  IF they attach the TI-84 faceplate AND put in press-to-test mode?  Am I correct?  Dana?



Regina Stasiak

Clarence HS

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