ok, here is my take on this....

The students I have this year can do the distributive property almost perfectly already......so.......

I think the 4-number game and all of the other parts that we are tending to view as "rigamarole" are just to point out how many ways we can represent the same thing.  Knowing HOW to draw the loopy arrows over the top and remembering to multiply once you've drawn the loopy arrows isn't the distributive property.  WE all know that, but I am not sure that my students do.....but they can distribute when they see it.

I am going to take the time and hope that I don't regret it later.  I have found out how valuable the class discussions were during the graphing lesson.  I don't want to miss an opportunity to have something really powerful happen.

I just hope that next year, I still feel as confident and optimistic as I do right now.....wait, I hope that on the 4th of June I feel this way!

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I do not see the purpose of the "four number game" in the distributive lesson, also jumping right into (a + b ) ^ 2 shown geometrically.  This lesson seems to be all over the place.  I need it for tomorrow!  Does anyone have any pointers or a lesson you could share?
I have completed the first set of lessons on graphing.  I think that it was worth the time.  Gave my students a test today on just those lesson (graphing).  I can honestly say I think the modules did help with their understanding of the three types of graphs in the unit.

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