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Topic: showing how the Maxwell Equations explains all forms of Radioactivity
#1222 New Physics #1342 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Replies: 1   Last Post: Feb 12, 2013 5:03 PM

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Faraday law able to predict the mean life of tritium nuclei #1223
New Physics #1343 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Posted: Feb 12, 2013 5:03 PM
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On Feb 12, 2:17 am, Archimedes Plutonium
<> wrote:
> Now earlier today I spoke of where Beta decay is likely to be best
> described as Faraday's law, and where I needed two items out of the
> Maxwell Equations, that neutrinos exist as magnetic monopoles and that
> neutrinos are longitudinal waves of these magnetic monopoles.
> Now I maybe wrong that the Ampere law and the displacement current
> maybe the law that describes Beta decay of a neutron in the nucleus.
> But let me just fast forward to the picture of Beta decay.
> This much I am positively sure of, in that, as the Symmetrical Maxwell
> Equations are the axiom set over all of physics, means that those
> equations must explain every radioactivity event that happens.
> So as we can demonstrate the 4 Maxwell Equations in a laboratory with
> equipment, we can also explain the radioactivity of a Beta decay of a
> neutron in a given atom by those 4 Maxwell Equations.
> So let me give it a shot here as to perhaps what is going on in Beta
> decay of a neutron going into a proton with a neutrino and electron
> emitted. And almost the same explanation for a free neutron in decay.
> Picture the neutron as composed of three items, the proton, electron
> and neutrino (or antineutrino). Picture Faraday's law as a closed loop
> wire as the proton and electron, and the bar magnet as a neutrino. The
> neutrino is a group of magnetic monopoles (perhaps 137 magnetic
> monopoles or
> 140/2). So the neutrino is a bar magnet of numerous magnetic monopoles
> and it is moving into a closed loop of the proton and electron. Since
> it is moving into that loop, it causes a motion of the proton and
> especially the electron. If the motion of the neutrino is great enough
> of a thrust, it causes the electron to come ripping outside of that
> neutron shell it resided in. And thus we see a Beta minus decay. Now
> if the motion of the neutrino is so large, we see both the neutrino
> and the electron come zooming out of that neutron.
> Now, let me try to describe a neutrino as a magnetic monopole bar
> magnet. It is a longitudinal wave, and so it is a compression and a
> rarefaction. So we have a M+ alongside a M- and then another M+ then
> M-
> alternating.
> Now Space itself is this alternation of M+ and M- magnetic monopoles
> for we have zillions of neutrinos packed within a cubic centimeter of
> Space.
> So here I am saying that Space is magnetic monopoles, and when a
> neutrino comes out of a Beta decay, the neutrino travels at the speed
> of light and those monopoles add to the points of Space.
> Now in physics we had a long history of looking for the Aether of
> Space for light waves to travel in or on.
> So if Space is the same as the density of magnetic monopoles (the
> density of free roaming neutrinos), then the Aether is magnetic
> monopoles.
> Now in that decay picture, it is hard to imagine a closed loop wire of
> just a proton and electron, but if you consider there is Space for the
> proton and electron to reside inside the neutron, that there are
> magnetic monopoles. So that when the neutrino bar magnet thrusts
> through inside the neutron, it is thrusting through a loop formed of
> magnetic monopoles.
> Now I imagine the Faraday law is better equipped to explain Beta decay
> than is the Ampere law with displacement current. And in the Faraday
> law we have the displacement magnetism, the magnetic current density
> term, which in my above explanation forms that closed loop wire for
> the single proton and single electron to travel upon.

Looking good, looking real good.
Remember in the Faraday law demonstration that the galvanometer needle
switched to the opposite direction when the bar magnet was pulled out.

Well, Faraday's law as inside a neutron in the atom nucleus gives us
the neutrino and antineutrino as none other than whether a M+ or M-
magnetic monopole is the compression or rarefaction of a longitudinal
wave front. And whether the positron comes out of the neutron or
whether the electron comes out of the neutron is easily obtained since
the neutrino is either a leading M+ or M- magnetic monopole.

So the Faraday law ties it all together.

Now there is a fact that neutrinos are all left handed chirality. So
how does that fact occur for neutrinos?
Well, if you are a longitudinal wave, never a transverse wave like the
photon, then a longitudinal wave can only be 1/2 spin and left handed

But I think I can get far more of the true physics of Radioactivity.
Boy oh boy, remember when the silly
crank physics of the 20th century claimed that their Standard Model
unified radioactivity to the EM force? Remember that pitiful event and
remember how they were acclaimed and lauded with Nobel prizes, yet in
all that silly malarkey of physics without axioms, the Maxwell
Equations of axioms, that one would think that a discovery of a
unification of Weak Nuclear with EM that some new physics would be
unearthed that was never before known, such as why and how long for
tritium to decay? Of course, the fake unification of Weak to EM is
just pure fakery physics.
And that is the reason that decades after the annoucement of the Weak
to EM unification there is no progress.

But in the true physics where the Axioms of physics are the Maxwell
Equations, we are able for the very first time to analyze how long a
neutrino would "upset" the tritium nucleus and due to Faraday's law
we can calculate the half life of tritium which is about 12 years.

Imagine that, for the first time physics can actually turn
radioactivity events into more than just saying it is fate of
probability, and instead, say that it is machinery of the Faraday law
inside of nuclei and the Faraday law inside each neutron.

It has to be machinery of the Maxwell Equations because of the
uniformity of radioactive decay, the steadiness in which all nuclei of
different atoms decay. That steadiness hints there is steady machinery
causing those times of decay. What more steady machinery is there in
physics than the Maxwell Equations!

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