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Topic: term and concepts Glossary #1298 New Physics #1418 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed
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term and concepts Glossary #1298 New Physics #1418 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed
Posted: Mar 17, 2013 6:25 PM
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(7) Electron: -1 electric charge and thus Hyperbolic geometry and it
has ?two poles for magnetic monopoles. Since the Faraday law is about
moving magnetic field induces a electric current then the shape of
the ?closed loop wire must be the shape of the electron as a ring in
space ?and the capacitor shape of parallel plate capacitor must also
play a ?role in the shape of an electron.

(8) Proton: +1 electric charge means it is Elliptic shaped and has
two ?magnetic monopole poles. The proton becomes the moving bar magnet
in ?Faraday's law and so the proton is ellipsoid shaped and it must be
of ?a parallel plate capacitor shape also. Yet the most exciting part
of ?this is that when a proton and electron get very close together
they ?form Euclidean geometry and 0 charge and with the help of a
neutrino, ?becomes a neutron.
Now many of the Old Physics assignments to particles are just plain
wrong values. For example, in Old Physics they assigned the photon
with spin 1, whereas in New Physics the photon has spin 0 because two
Right Hand Rules cancel out each other forming 0. In Old ?Physics,
they assigned the neutron arbitrarily with spin 1/2, while in New
Physics ?the neutron has spin 0. In Old Physics, they assigned the
neutrino ?with spin 1/2 but in New Physics it is spin 0, because the
neutrino is a longitudinal wave.
Trouble with Old Physics was that it was mostly a game of Algebra and
not a science of letting the experiments tell us what the properties
of particles are.

(9) Photon: is a double transverse wave composed of E-, E+, M-, M+
It has 0 charge and is thus Euclidean Plane Geometry and carries a
constant and a maximum speed of 3*10^8 meters/sec

(10) Neutrino = pure energy and never a particle for it defies the
Double ?Slit Experiment. It is a longitudinal wave of magnetic

(11) Neutron = composite particle for they are a proton added to an
electron added with a neutrino. The ?proton and electron cancel out
their charges to be 0 charge and the ?elliptic cancels the hyperbolic
to be 0 curvature or Euclidean space. ?Since Euclidean has no poles,
it has no spin and thus the neutron in ?New Physics has 0 spin not 1/2

(12) Double Transverse Wave = a wave of constant destructive
interference ?so that the E field and B field cancel each other and
thus allows all ?photons to have the same constant speed of light
regardless of ?wavelength or frequency. In Old Physics, they labored
under a single- ?transverse wave and thus contradicted the speed of
light as a ?constant that satisfies Special Relativity.

(13) Time: time in physics is the total number of particles and waves
in ?the Universe and the arrangement of those particles and waves. If
time ?stood still, then all particles and waves would be frozen in
place and ?time would cease. But if all were frozen in place except
for a change ?in one particle, then time moved forward by that one
single change. ?One can easily see that in this definition of time in
physics, forbids ?Time Travel and relegates time travel to ghastly
science fiction utter ?nonsense.

(14) Concept of number of independent axioms is greater than or equal
to independent noncomposite particles. Now I discussed this idea in
length in
5th edition but have to elaborate in 6th edition. The idea behind this
concept is that if there are 4 and only 4 independent Maxwell
Equations that derives all of physics when we include the Chemistry
axiom as the 5th axiom, then Nature cannot have more than 5
independent particles. So that Old Physics of the Standard Model would
be utterly gibberish in light of this concept because they have far
more than 5 particles, and at last count have upwards of thousands
going on infinity. In New Physics the axioms allow for only proton,
electron, photon, neutrino and antiparticles would count as the
allowed maximum of 5th category, and all other particles are

(15) Antiparticle: This is a particle that has a symmetrically
opposite feature of a particle. In New Physics, antiparticles are
short-lived and are part of radioactive decay process of Weak Nuclear

(16) Composite particle: Is a particle composed of multiples of the
only basic particles of proton, electron, photon, neutrino or
antiparticles of those four.


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