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Topic: The Codes of the Saqqara Step Pyramid - Part 23 - THE ORIGIN of the Geometrical Truth,
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Ion Vulcanescu

Posts: 342
Registered: 12/3/04
The Codes of the Saqqara Step Pyramid - Part 23 - THE ORIGIN of the Geometrical Truth,
Posted: Dec 4, 2004 2:15 AM
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Copyright 2004 by Ion Vulcanescu.
In Copy: Egyptian Government, Office of Dr. Zahi Hawass.

This is
SERIE 2004/2005 of the articles of:

Now, after having in back of me more than 24 years of research
of the Geometrical Proportion's Conduct vizavi of the Numerical,
I can safely conclude that the Evolution of the Civilization
as we know it by the archeological and historical evidences,
separe in two parts.

The Difference between these two parts is:

a - In "Part A" the Geometrical Proportion was
GEOMETRICALY CORRECT controlling the Numerical, while

b - In "Part B" the Numerical is seen as
GEOMETRICALLY INCORRECT controlling the Geometrical

is now in...PART B.

Although this Part springs up in the Geometrical Proportions of the
Bega Gold units of cca. 8500 BC of the Egyptian Amratian Period,
the really blossom of it appears for the first time in the Sumerian
of measure and also in the Sumerian "Year-Time" of 31104000
seconds. Based on the archeological and historical evidences,
until further archological and historical evidence are appearing, we
must separe the Egyptian Civilization in two periods

This Part A
1 - Egyptian Civilization (Amratian Period), cca 8500 BC.
2- Sumerian Civilization,10,000 BC - 2125 BC.
3- Stonehenge Civilization, 3100 BC
4 - Egyptian Civilization, 2700 BC
6 - Teotihuacan Civilization, 0 AD

This Part starts with the Greek Civilization begining to treat the
Geometrical Proportion through the values of the Numerical.

It started around 300 BC and until now has keep, and keps
the science of mathematics LOCKED in the Numerical.

The addition of the
Political Interests of Domination and
to stand for the Dignity and Honour of the Geometrical
Truth has keep the science of mathematics year after year
locked in this Falsity, and recently has cost the
US Government more than US $ 1,000,000,000.00 in the
two lost Mars Space Shutles and lost costs incured by the USA
Dept of Defense in Antimisile Interception tests.


...and now you shall see the "Part- A", Geometrical Proves
which shall lett you see that the Statements of above are not only
Geometrically Correct, but also sustained by the Archeological,
and Historical Evidences.

Step - 1 : The Geometrical PI Value 3.146264371...
Consider a cube of edge 1. This Cube's
- Base Diagonal is square-root from 2 ( 1.414213562..), and its
- Volume Diagonal is Square-Root from3 (1.732050808...)
The sum of these two diagonals (3.146264371...) was
the Geometric PI value of all ancient civilizations of Part A.

Since a Sphere inscribed in a Cube touches all six cube's faces
by a Correct PI Value, and what keeps the Cube to be a Cube,
and not a Prism is just these "diagonals", then anyone can see that
a Sphere built by the Numerical PI Value of the science of
mathematics would never geometrically correctly inscribe in the
cube of edge one.

Step 2 : The Geometrical Equilibrium of the Geometric Point
All the Civilizations marked by me to Part A have as
this Geometrical Equilibrium which is seen as the age in the
Geometrical Evolution when the Square's Perimeter (16) EQUALS
the Square's Area (16), and the Circle's Circumference ( 12.58505748...)
EQUALS the Circle's Area ( 12.58505748...).
This Effect indicates a Square of side 4 with an inscribed circle
of radius equal to 2.

Step 3 : The Cube of the Geometric Point.
Make now the Cube of the Geometrical Equilibrium of the Point.
This Cube would have an adge of 4 and its :
- Its Volume = 64
- Its Total Area = 96
- Its Base Diagonal plus Volume Diagonal = 12.58505748...

Look to the cube's Total Area seen here as "96" for that in this "96"
lives ...the Understanding of WHY the Saqqara Step Pyramid's
architect IMHOTEP sunk the First Step.

Step 4 : The planet Venus's trajectory through the skies.
The astronomical evidence indicates that as the orbit of planet Venus
is closer to the Sun then the Earth's orbit, the planet Venus can not
be seen more than 48 degrees from the Sun.

If one tries to make the orbit of planet Venus on the skies he or she
can realize that in order to bring planet Venus to
of the orbit, it takes 15 steps of 48 degrees seen as:
- Starting Point = 0
- 1st Step = 48
- 2nd Step = 96
- 3rd Step = 144
- 4th Step = 192
- 5thStep = 240
- 6th Step = 288
- 7th Step = 336
- 8th Step = 384
- 9th Step = 432
- 10th Step = 480
- 11th Step = 528
- 12th Step = 576
- 13th Step = 624
-14th step = 672
15th Step = 720 = Starting Point.

As can now be seen the Reason that the architect Imhotep SUNK
the First Step of saqqara Step Pyramid is that he Coordonated
the Total Area of the Cube of the Point's Geometrical Equilibrium
"96" with the 2nd step "96" of the Planet Venus. Through doing this
we see that Imhotep Coordonated THE AREA "96" with
THE TIME "96" Degres, an achievement of which the makers of
did not obtained.

...and how this "96" is involved in the Volumes of Saqqara Step
Pyramid you can see it now:
- First Step = (48 x 48 x 1) + 56 = 2360
- Second Step = (96 x 96 x 1) + 224 = 9440
...and here is the sinking of the First Step:
- The sum of all steps is 1+2+3+4+5+6+7 = 28
28 - First Step (1) = 27
The rest of steps 2 thru 7 are 2+3+4+5+6+7 = 27

Now let's sunk the First Step as follows:
2360 : 27 = 87.40740741

Now let's see which is the proportion of the First Step into 2nd step:
9440 + ( 2 x 2360/27) = 9614.814815

...and here is the complete view of Sqqara Step Pyramid step volumes:
Step 2 = (96 x 96 x 1 ) + (2 x 2360/27) = 9614.814815...
Step 3 = ( 144 x 144 x 1 ) + (3 x 2360/27) = 21502.2222...
Step 4 = ( 192 x 192 x 1 ) + ( 4 x 2360/27) = 38109.62963...
Step 5 = (240 x 240 x 1 ) + (5 x 2360/27) = 59437.0374...
Step 6 = ( 288 x 288 x 1 ) + (6 x 2360/27) = 85484.4444..
Step 7 = ( 336 x 336 x 1 ) + 7 x 2360/27) = 116251.8519...
Total Volume of Saqqara Step Pyramid=330400

Step 5 : The Cylinder of the Cube of the Geometric Point.
As the Sumerian Geometric Point is a Square whose side is
of 12.58505748... and which is the Circle's Circumference
of the circle of radius equal to 2, the sum of all 4 sides is
12.58505748 x 4 = 50.34022992
which is also the Volume of the Cylinder inscribed in the Cube
of edge 4, and also the Total Area of this Cylinder.

Step 6 : The Sumerian units of measures for Length and Weight.
As the Geometric Point of the Sumerian units of measures is
a square of edge 648000 units of Sumerian Fingers ( for Length),
and Sumerian Grain for Weight, knowing that the Sumerian
Finger is .015276203mm... and Sumerian Grain is .045 grams,
we see the realation of 12.58505748... to this 648000 units as:
12.58505748 : 1.271348981 = 9.898979544
and now we can see the Geometrical Proportion as follows:
9.898979544 : Sumerian Finger = 648
and by going 648 x .045 = 29.16 and apllying the x1000 of the
Metric System ( Metre = 1000 mm, and KG = 1000 grams) we
see the Effect as :
648000 x Sumerian Finger = 9898.979544 mm for Length, and
648000 x Sumerian Grain = 29,160 grams for Weight.

...and we know that we are CORRECT for that we have the known
EGYPTIAN "ARTABA" , a Cube of...29,160 grams.

...and we know that we are also CORRECT for that in this
"9898.979544..." hiddens the 2nd step of the Saqqara Step Pyramid
((9898.979544 : 16) x 15) : .965207703 = 9614.814815, and
9614.814815 is the volume of the 2nd step of Saqqara Step Pyramid
which INCLUDES the Geometrically Coordonated Portion of the
First Step. See this "9614.814815" in the before herein explained
Research Data.

...and what is this ".965207703" see Part 22. It is the step accretion
angle seen through trigonometry as the cosine of:
15 degrees
9 minutes, and
29.373 seconds
but which in fact is a Geometrical Ratio that shall be also explained
in another article.

Step 7 : The Stonehenge Civilization
As the words " Stonehenge Civilization" may seem strange to you,
then accept it as it is for that now
we see an effect that we do not see it the Egyptians and also we do not
see it at the Sumerians. This Effect is seen through the Stonehenge's

To understand the Geometrical Concept that stands to the base of
this Effect is to realize that
realized that as the Geometric Point is a Square of a side of 16
and perimeter of 64, and the Sumerians used the Inscribed Circle
into this Square, they can use the Square's Perimeter 64 .

...and they did just that, but they added
that was creating
through which we can see the 56 Holes of Stonehenge as follows:
- draw a square of edge 16, its perimeter = 64
- take out half-side of the square, now its perimeter = 56

Try see it as 16 x 3.5 = 56

...and it is

Step 8 : The Teotihuacan Civilization.
If we as people are now able to know about the Teotihuacan
Civilization, it is for that a professor called Hugh harleston Jr,
dedicatted around 25 years of his life measuring the Teotihuacan.
It is from his Research Data that we have the length of the
AVENUE OF DEAD as 2268 hunabs.

Now take the Sumerian Geometric point 's side of 648000 units
not in "mm" but in "meters'. It shall then be 648 units.

Now see the Geometrical Proportion as: 648 x 3.5 = 2268 !

...and what is the realation of the Hunab to the Geometric PI
Value 3.146264371... you can see through another Coordonation
that the history of the science indicates that was done it at this time
between :
- The Decimal System
- The Geometric PI value, and
- The Hunab
Now see it for yourself:
Decimal System /3 : Geometric PI Value = HUNAB
( 10 : 3) : 3.146264371 ... = 1.059457484...
Hunab = 1.059457484..
Hugh Harleston Jr through his measurements of Teotihuacan
found it just as: 1.059463...

Step 8 : The Egyptian Septenary Cubit of 52.5
a - Now draw a square of side 16.
Take out half-sideof it . It Septenary Perimeter is then 56.

b - Draw another square of side 1.
Take out half-side of it. It Septenary Perimeter is then 3.5

c - Now subtract "b" from "a" as :
56 - 3.5 = 52.5

Now you have reached an Effect seen as :
56/52.5 = 16/15 = 1.06666...7

It appears that in the Early Age of the Egyptian Civilizatioon
appeared a SEPARATION of the scientists intwo groups:

a- The First Group: The Septenary Concept of "56".
Appears to had left Egypt for Phoenicia ( which was by then
under Egyptian controll and then for Stonehenge. The fact that
between the Phoenicia and Carthage is a proven record, and
Aristotle writes in his recods of the known fact that:

"The Chartaginian Senate has forbiten the sail of the ships to that
Far Land for the reason that so much gold being there would make
the sailors not to come back"

and now we see that the Septenary Concept of "56" appears
implanted in the Stonehenge's John Aubrey's 56 holes by
cca. 3100 BC which is predating Saqqara Step Pyramid by aprox.
400 years, and we do not see the Septenary Concept of "56" in
Egypt but at Stonehenge, but we see the Origin of the Egyptian
Septenary Cubit of 52.5 in this "56" Concept, we have the hint
that at a time of around 3100 BC some scientists priests of Egypt
either left Egypt or were Expulsed from Egypt, and they reached
Phoenicia and Stonehenge, but we do not know about Phoenicia as
"Phoenicia" by the era of 3100 BC, for that at this time this land was
just a land under Egyptian occupation.

The fact that in Saqqara Step Pyramid we see the First Step as:
(48 x 48 ) + 56 = 2360
indicates that THE ADDITION of this "56" to the Volume has
to do with the fact that the Effect Originated in Egypt.

...and in fact all the step- volumes of Saqqara Step Pyramid are
an Evolution of the Venus on her Orbit PLUS the Evolution of this "56"
as follows:
Step 1 = (48 x 48 x 1)+ 56 = 2360
Step 2 = (96 x 96x 1) + 224 = 9440
Step 3 = (144 x 144 x 1 ) + 504 = 21240
Step 4 = (192 x 192 x 1 ) + 896 = 37760
Step 5 = (240 x 240 x 1 ) + 1400 = 59000
Step 6 = (288 x 288x 1 ) + 2016 = 84960
Step 7 = (336 x 336 x 1 ) + 277 = 115640
Total Volume ---------------------- 330400

...and the Step 2 Coordonating with the known Geometric Point
of the Sumerian units of measures come to indicate how
was the Civilization by this era of cca. 3100 BC , and
in this era of 2004 AD, when the Mathematical Truth is based
not on the Geometrical Point controlling the Numerical through
keeping it locked in its Geometrical Equilibrium, but miserably
it is the Numerical who as
is used to controll the Geometrical Proportion.

I just wonder what spitfull would be the ancients if they would wake
up in our days. In my opinion is that the first think thay would do is
to gather all the Mathematicians and

The Research Data herein presented is part of
and is entrusted to USA Drexel University's Mathforum
as to be enjoyed by all peoples. Any uses for Profit or Carrers
Interests are Prohibitted. International Scholars are asked to
Deconspire Anyone who in future shall attempt to use this
Research Data for these aspects.

Please, be aware that once posted on this Mathforum's Web Page,
this Research data remains safeguarded not only under mu Copyright
but also under the Copyright of USA Drexel University's Mathforum,
and at later time I might add to, or alter this Research Data.

Permission is herein granted to all International Internet Search
to FREE OF CHARGE edit, translate, and as the need may be do
any correction and then post this and any other Research Data of mine on
Web Pages under my name.

Contact Address:
Mr Ion Vulcanescu - Philosopher
Independent Researcher in Geometry
Rediscoverer of the Lost Geometric Point of Ancinet Civilizations
Rediscoverer of the Lost Geometric PI Value 3.146264371...
Author, editor, and publisher of
125 Main Street, POB-166
Hurleyville, NY 12747
The United States of America

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