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Topic: The Model of Many Names - Smart1234
Replies: 1   Last Post: Feb 14, 2005 10:42 AM

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Re: The Model of Many Names - Smart1234
Posted: Feb 14, 2005 10:42 AM
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On 14 Feb 2005, Smart wrote:
>The Model of Many Names - Smart1234
> Throughout the the years I haved tried to enlighten people as to
>how, why, when, where and more..., the universe was made. I have been
>rejected by all people. Why? As one of the founders of this universe a
>humble servant ordinary person, was too busy making sure everyone had a
>place and a purpose to exist, which included things about themselves
>that made them unique and special in this universe. I assisted in the
>formation of God. The Invisible God and The Visible God ( Human
>Manifestation of God)of a No Beginning State of Existence. God was made
>in a way that all might serve the position of God, and not possess or
>claim the position.
> In the early states of the development of the universe, others were
>given a free will choice based on the structure of the universe. The
>structure model has many names, 1) The Smart Model 2) The Creation
>Model, 3) The Free Will Choice Model 4) The Word Of God Model, and so
>on... .
> Due to misunderstanding in the Beginning, others thought it was
>necessary to claim the position of God, and as a result, opposites
>formed, like The Christ vs. The Anti-Christ, Brother vs. Anti-Brother.
>King vs. Anti-King, Good vs. Evil and so on. In the early development
>of the Man, they believed that their should be a King. Then when this
>King passed away ( or changed form) the successor would be chosen to
>replace Him. But in the process of doing this, Brother turned agaoinst
>brother, because they want that position. Then when a postion would be
>claimed as a Rulership, anything thing that would go wrong would be
>blamed on that Ruler.
> This universe was set up in such a way that all people serve
>together the highest positions in the universe. Everyone is important.
>Why are only the important people mentioned in the Bible, or other
>writings? Because this was a mistake also. Even the house cleaners,
>mechanics, janitors, and the brick makers and so on, are important. Why
>weren't the ordinary average people mentioned in the bible in detail
>and how important they were in the evolution process formed from the
>simple Foundations of Structures of the universe? Because this is one
>of the mistakes. Not to mention the least, formed a jealousy for those
>in thr rich upper class positions. The position of The Father, God and
>Highest ranking names were to be served, not claimed. thrones weren't
>made to be sat on, but served. Many people misinterpreted The Christ.
>He came as a servant to enlighten people, then He was transformed into
>a higher state of existence to the right hand of God. Notice the words,
>" The right hand of God, not God himself.
> Where did The Word come from? It was formed by the structural
>formations that formed this universe verse like for example,
>Basic 2D view of the Foundation Structure of the universe
> Helix Spiral Field
> spin
> ( )
> ( ) Alpha Symbol ("a")
> (((( ))))) ---
> ((((( ))))) <-- --------- Neutral Zone
> ((( )))) ---
> ( )
> ( )
> anti-spin
> Helix Spiral Field
>The Foundation of the word, "Choice" came from this field. One could
>choice to be in the field or anti-field as one would observe fromt he
>Neutral Zone field. The Word "Freedom" came from the right to move to
>the lace of choice. The Word "Will" came from the beingness of the
>person as he/she existed would "will" themselves to the position of
>their choice. The Word "move" came from the result of the free will
>choice made, which caused their movement. Words such as "respect" for
>others formed as others made their free will choice and moved, without
>running into each other, in their own special important place in the
>universe as it formed.
> The most basic starting language of the Foundation of The Universe
>was Hebrew. Why? Because if you examine the Hebrew Language, the
>symbols used show the Foundation Struture of the universe. Like for
>example, symbols like @. Notice it appears as a spiral. And ,\*, _
>appears as a choice. And ' or '' means more or less toward. Or
>_ __
> I or I, also means a movement more or less toward something.
> These symbols in the Foundation Structure of the universe also
>produced sounds. These sounds were then learned and used as a way to
>communicate with others.
> Look at the word move in Hebrew.
> *O_ *I*I '
> This isn't the exact representation but you can get an idea.
>*O_ looks like a person bowing. The *I*I shows a movement toward that
>state. ' shows to start the movement. In hebrew language these symbols
>put together means "move".
>Look at the word "free"
>@*I'' = the word "free"
>The @ = spiral, *I = move toward, '' means more-more toward the spiral.
>Look at the "a" or alpha
>.\* = a
>Notice alpha means first or beginning. And if you notice the starting
>foundation field does look like this,
> -
> -----
> -
>But In the Hebrew form it is slanted.. This is a beginning. This is
>where a beginning of free will choice starts in the Foundation
>Structures of the Universe.
> From Hebrew Language a more scientific detailed form of language
>formed that went into the many variations of meanings that could form
>from the founding language. There must be about 10+ different ways to
>say beginning or no beginning, in a more scientific detailed form of
>the Latin Language. Then later in time other languages formed because
>to the different unique types of peoples and races that basically say
>the same thing but in another way.
> The Word Of God Model, is a model that establishes a communication
>for all people. There are words of highest importance that was mean to
>be served together by people, NOT OWNED OR CLAIMED by people. Wars and
>blood sacrafices started because people would fight and kill each
>other, just trying to claim or own a position or EVEN a WORD itself
>like Freedom. If a person says they Own the word freedom then the word
>freedom isn't free, it's claimed. Words of highest rank of importance,
>is what God is made of. God is the formation of the Highest states of
>Words formed that people serve together, in such a way that all people
>prosper together, anf have "life" and more abundantly.
> Look at the word life in Hebrew ( sorry for approximate symbols)
> */. ' @ '
>Notice the spiral @, and a balance state using ', and included with
>this is a starting position of choice, will, freedom the symbol */.
> In the Smart Model hydrogen line spectra there is a harmonic
>oscillator structure that produces something that looks like a person
>speaking in a waveform. Like for example,
> <a href=""></a>
> Look at the combination of the waveforms formed from the visible
>range of the Smart Model line spectra for hydrogen at the bottom of the
>page. As you can see it even looks like a human voice. In fact this
>waveform can be modified in such a way to produce sounds like, yes, no,
>choice, free, will, move and so on, when other structures or phase
>shift is applied to the wave pattern.
> But you can get a basic idea where language itself came from.
> I am a servant of the highest words of THE WORD ( In the Beginning
>was the Word, The Word was with God, and The Word was God). I observe
>them the highest words, and serve them, then as I serve the words, they
>serve me. Like for example, the word "forgive". The word forgive can be
>observed, then served. How is it served, by forgiving yourself and
>others. Then this forgiveness comes to you. NO BLOOD SACRAFICES ARE
>NEEDED to forgive mistakes ( or sin). Just enlightenment is needed.
>Enlightenment is better than punishment.
> Continued later.....

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