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Topic: Mathematics in India
Replies: 23   Last Post: Jul 8, 2005 4:15 AM

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Dr. Jai Maharaj

Posts: 165
Registered: 12/13/04
Re: Mathematics in India
Posted: Jul 6, 2005 6:06 PM
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Vedic-Hindu principles and spirituality transcend
the Judeo-Christian-Islamic definition of "religion",
and contain much more -- they include the arts, sciences
and technology. I have posted the following excerpts (and
many more) over the years:

o Excerpt 1 - Indians originated concepts of zero, infinity, numerals
o Excerpt 2 - 'Science. We did it first'
o Excerpt 3 - Tachyons lose mass, energy the faster they travel
o Excerpt 4 - Mundakopanishad, Atharv Ved: Tachyons faster than light
o Excerpt 5 - Astronomy in ancient Bharat
o Excerpt 6 - Knowledge of equinoxes, precession, astrology, palmistry
o Excerpt 7 - Achievements of Vedic-Hindu sage-scientists

Excerpt 1

[ India's heritage of solving problems is often
[ overshadowed by centuries of colonialism and conquest.
[ Outside Delhi I visited one of the oldest monuments to
[ that history . . . pillar of iron alloy, smelted by
[ Indian metallurgists with such skill that it has remained
[ rustless for 1,500 years. (Photograph on page 533.)
[ These superb technicians were brethren of Indian thinkers
[ who originated the concepts of zero and infinity and
[ devised the inaccurately named Arabic numeral system,
[ giving the science of mathematics to a world drenched in
[ superstitious ignorance.
[ - Bryan Hodgson in National Geographic Magazine,
[ Volume 167, Number 4, April 1985, page 527

Excerpt 1 ends

Excerpt 2

[ From: Dr. Jai Maharaj
[ Subject: Re: Animal Killers are Savages
[ Date: 16 Jul 1994
[ [...]
[ Tachyons -- as everyone knows, don't they? -- are the
[ whiz kids of Einstein's light theories. They are faster
[ than light particles (would we see them if they had
[ headlights?) built as cosmic balancers into Albert's
[ equations. They represent metaphysical outriders in the
[ material physics' description of the universe.
[ Einstein didn't think up his gravity and light theories.
[ He intuitively imagined them in a process called "thought
[ experiment." He saw them in a trance-like state. No
[ experiments. Others nearly verified his theories
[ experimentally much later.
[ And that is basically how the Vedic scientitists of
[ millenia past parted the fabric of the cosmos -- with the
[ meditative mind. The results revolutionized human
[ knowledge and culture, and foreshadowed and outpaced many
[ of today's most exotic biological, astronomical and
[ atomic principles.
[ As much as the world honors Copernicus, Galileo, Newton,
[ Plank, Rutherford, Einstein and Heisenburg, the people of
[ India could have a bumper sticker that reads, "Science.
[ We did it first."
[ And science was not separated from the sacred as it is
[ today. Vedic science is charged with supernatural
[ connections and purpose, ultimately plugged into the
[ primeval energy and omniscience (omni-science) of
[ Brahman.
[ The invention of the decimal, of numeration, including
[ the principles of zero and infinity in ancient India, are
[ some of the greatest contributions to human knowledge.
[ Some other discoveries include the heliocentric system of
[ astronomy, the concept of lunar mansions, or nakshatr's;
[ the precession of equinoxes due to Earth's axial tilt and
[ the determination of their rate; the establishment of
[ luni-solar and planetary years; the construction of an
[ astronomical calendar on a scientific basis; the rotation
[ of Earth on its axis; the knowledge of algebraic,
[ geometric and trigonometric principles; the spherical
[ shapes of planets; the role of interplanetary attraction
[ in equilibrium; to name only a few.
[ Vedic notions concerning time and space, the nature of
[ light and heat, gravity and magnetic attraction and the
[ wave-theory of sound, were later re-confirmed by modern
[ science.
[ - Hinduism Today, 1994
Excerpt 2 ends

Excerpt 3

[ ''Forty years ago physicists were convinced that they had
[ discovered the smallest particle in the atom. Today they
[ know that there is a subatomic world which is tinier than
[ the atomic nucleus and contains much more energy than
[ anything that we can so far conceive of as 'nascent
[ energy.'
[ The concept of time breaks down in this miraculous world.
[ Physicists no longer know where or how they should
[ classify the electron, that building stone and atomic
[ envelope. With mathematically proven particles which
[ travel faster than light -- say, the tachyons, tradyons
[ and luxyons calculated by Gerald Feinberg -- all concepts
[ of time collapse definitely. They behave in exactly the
[ opposite way to our 'normal' elementary particles.
[ Instead of exhibiting infinite mass and with infinite
[ energy when they reach the speed of light -- as Einstein
[ reckoned they would -- these particles lose mass and
[ energy the faster they travel. What is really
[ inconceivable is that the speed of light is the lowest
[ limit of their velocity -- above it they can reach a
[ trillion fold the speed of light.''
[ - Erich Von Daniken, Miracle of the Gods, Dell Pubs.,
[ Inc., 1975, p. 163.
Excerpt 3 ends

Excerpt 4

[ From: Dr. Jai Maharaj
[ Subject: Re: India owes $92.8 Billion to the World
[ Date: 1998/06/22
[ [...] And how much does the rest of the world owe to
[ Bharat as a result for the following contributions?
[ This is a partial list, couresy of Prasad Gokhale:
[ ***************************************
[ Achievements of the Ancients
[ ----------------------------
[ (Courtesy: Dr.P.V. Vartak, Pune, India)
[ ***************************************
[ Medical Sciences
[ ----------------
[ Knowledge Ancient Reference Modern
[ Reference
[ --------- ----------------- --------------
[ Plastic Surgery (Repair of nose Sushruta A German
[ Surgeon
[ by the skin flap on forehead) (4000 - 2000 BCE) (1968 CE)
[ Artificial Limb RigVed (1-116-15) 20th Century
[ Chromosomes Cunavidhi(Mahabharat) 1860-1910 CE
[ (5500 BCE)
[ Number of Chromosomes (23) Mahabharat-5500 BCE 1890 CE
[ Combination of Male and Female Shrimad Bhagwat 20th Century
[ chromosomes in zygote (4000 BCE)
[ Analysis of Ears RigVed Labyrinth
[ -McNally
[ Eitereya Upanishad 1925
[ (6000 BCE)
[ Beginning of the Foetal Heart Eitereya Up. Robinson, 1972
[ in the second month of pregnancy Shrimad Bhagwat
[ Parthenogenesis Mahabharat 20th Century
[ Test Tube Babies
[ a) from the ovum only Mahabharat Not possible yet
[ b) from the sperm only Mahabharat Not possible yet
[ c) from both ovum and sperm Mahabharat Steptoe, 1979
[ Elongation of Life in Shrimad Bhagwat Not yet
[ confirmed
[ Space Travel
[ Cell Division (in 3 layers) Shrimad Bhagwat 20th Century
[ Embryology Eitereya Upanishad 19th Century
[ (6000 BCE)
[ Micro-organisms Mahabharat 18th Century
[ A material producing a disease S-Bhagwat (1-5-33) Haneman,18thCent.
[ can prevent or cure the disease
[ in minute quantity
[ Developing Embyro in Vitro. Mahabharat 20th Century
[ Life in trees and plants Mahabharat Bose,19thcent.
[ 16 Functions of the Brain Eitereya Upanishad 19-20th Cent.
[ Definition of Sleep Prashna-Upanishad 20th Century
[ Patanjali Yogsootra
[ ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[ Physical Sciences
[ -----------------
[ Knowledge Ancient Reference Modern Reference
[ --------- ----------------- ----------------
[ Velocity of Light RigVed 19th Century
[ Sayan Bhashya (1400 CE)
[ Trans-Saturnean Planets Mahabharat (5500 BCE) 17-19th Century
[ Space Travel to another Shrimad Bhagwat Under Trials
[ solar system (4000 BCE)
[ Gravitational Force Prashnopanishad 17th Century
[ (6000 BCE)
[ Shankaracharya
[ (500 BCE)
[ Ultravoilet Band Sudhumravarna ---
[ (Mundakopanishad - M.U)
[ Infra-red Band Sulohita (M.U) ---
[ Tachyons faster than light Manojava (M.U) Sudarshan, 1968
[ Nuclear Energy Spullingini (M.U) 20th Cent.
[ Black Holes Vishvaruchi (M.U) 20th Century
[ Monsoon at Summer Solstice RigVed (23720 BCE) ---
[ Entry in South America by Valmiki Ramayan ---
[ Aeroplanes (7300 BCE)
[ Phosphorescent Trident at V.Ramayan 1960 CE
[ the Bay of Pisco, Peru,
[ S.America
[ Aeroplanes RigVed ---
[ Ramayan
[ Samarangan Sutradhara
[ (1050 CE)
[ Robot Samarangan Sootradhara ---
[ Atom (Divisible) Shrimad Bhagwat Dalton
[ (Indivisible)
[ (4000 BCE) 1800 CE
[ Subatomic Particles (Electr, Shrimad Bhagwat(4000 BCE) Thomas,
[ Rutherford
[ Proton,Neutron and other) (Param-Mahan) Chadwick (20th
[ Cent.)
[ Genesis of Universe RigVed (>10000 BCE) Gamaow,
[ (1950)
[ (Nasadeeya Sootra)
[ Atom Bomb Mahabharat (5500 BCE) 1945 CE
[ (Brahm-Astra)
[ Sound Energy used to powder Mahabharat (Vajrastra) Gavreau, 1964
[ materials
[ Mercury as energy source for Samrangan Sutradhara Indian Express,
[ aeroplanes 20-10-1979 CE
[ North Pole Valmiki Ramayan Piery, 1909 CE
[ Antartica Valmiki Ramayan Piery, 1950 CE
[ Premordial matter from RigVed (>10000 BCE) 20th Century
[ which the universe emanated (Ambha)
[ Formations of premordial RigVed (>10000 BCE) Gammow, 1950
[ matter (Ambha-Nasadeeya)
[ Natural Cycle of Water RigVed (>10000 BCE) 19th Cent.
[ Valmiki Ramayan
[ -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[ Physical Sciences
[ -----------------
[ Electricity (DC) Mitra/Varuna-Teja/Agasti 18th Cent.
[ Water Analysis by Agasti (Prana+Udana) 19th Cent.
[ electricity (H2 + O)
[ Electroplating Agasti 19th Cent.
[ Vega becoming Pole Star Mahabharat (Vanaparva) ---
[ Seven Colors in sunrays RigVed (8-72-16) ---
[ Black Spots on the Sun Valmiki Ramayan ---
[ Temporary Bridge on Sea Valmiki Ramayan ---
[ Equinox's and Solstice's RigVed (10-18-1) ---
[ Meteors "Ulka" AtharvaVed (19-9) ---
[ Pythagorus Theorm Sulbha Sootra (800 BCE) Pythagorus, 500
[ Comet (at Mula) Valmiki Ramayan ---
[ Mars in Aldebaren V.Ramayan not occured in
[ last
[ "Breathing" of a Star RigVed (Nasadeeya) Gamov, 1950
[ Gravity and Heat Production RigVed (Nasadeeya) Gamov, 1950
[ in a Star
[ Order of origin of space, RigVed, Upanishads ---
[ gases, heat, water and earth
[ Life on Earth Mahabharat, Puranas Salem, Jogesh
[ 1980
[ 1.7 X 10^10 years Pati-10^10 years
[ Layers of Atmosphere accor- V.Ramayan (Kish.8) ---
[ ding to specific gravity
[ Microscope Mahabharat (5500 BCE) 16th Century
[ ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[ Jai Maharaj
[ Om Shanti
Excerpt 4 ends

Excerpt 5

[ Astronomy in ancient Bharat
[ wrote:
[ Here is an extract from a book on the topic "Astronomy in
[ Ancient India": [...] "Astronomy is one area which has
[ fascinated all mankind from the beginnings of history. In
[ India the first references to astronomy are to be found
[ in the Rg Ved which is dated around 2000 BCE. Vedic
[ Aryans in fact deified the Sun, Stars and Comets.
[ "Astronomy was then interwoven with astrology and
[ since ancient times Indians have involved the planets
[ (called Grahas) with the determination of human fortunes.
[ The planets Shani, i.e. Saturn and Mangal i.e. Mars were
[ considered inauspicious.
[ In the working out of horoscopes (called
[ Janmakundali), the position of the Navagrahas, nine
[ planets plus Rahu and Ketu (mythical demons, evil forces)
[ was considered. The Janmakundali was a complex mixture of
[ science and dogma. But the concept was born out of
[ astronomical observations and perception based on
[ astronomical phenomenon.
[ "In ancient times personalities like Aryabhatta and
[ Varahamihira were associated with Indian astronomy.
[ "It would be surprising for us to know today that this
[ science had advanced to such an extent in ancient India
[ that ancient Indian astronomers had recognised that stars
[ are same as the sun, that the sun is center of the
[ universe (solar system) and that the circumference of the
[ earth is 5000 Yojanas. One Yojana being 7.2 kms., the
[ ancient Indian estimates came close to the actual figure.
[ [...] Regards Sudheer

Excerpt 5 ends

Excerpt 6

[ Count Louis Hamon, known to millions as Cheiro, earned
[ the highest appellations through thirty years of diligent
[ study of the science of prediction. He was an expert in
[ both astrology and numerology but was most famous for his
[ amazing knowledge of palmistry. He wrote in 1949:
[ "As regards the people who first understood and practiced
[ this study of the hand, we find undisputed proofs of
[ their learning and knowledge. Long before Rome or Greece
[ or Israel was even heard of, the monuments of India point
[ back to an age of learning beyond, and still beyond.
[ "From the astronomical calculations that the figures in
[ their temples represent, it has been estimated that the
[ Hindus understood the precession of the equinoxes
[ centuries before the Christian era.
[ "In some of the ancient cave temples, the mystic figures
[ of the [deities] silently tell that such knowledge had
[ been possessed and used in advance of all those nations
[ afterward so celebrated for their learning.
[ "It has been demonstrated that to make a change from one
[ sign to another in the zodiacal course of the sun must
[ have occupied at least 2,140 years, and how many
[ centuries elapsed before such changes came to be observed
[ and noticed it is impossible even to estimate.
[ "The intellectual power that was necessary to make these
[ observations speaks for itself; and yet it is to such a
[ people that we trace the origin of the study under
[ consideration. With the spread of the Hindu teachings
[ into other lands do we trace the spread of knowledge of
[ palmistry.
[ "The Hindu Vedas are the oldest scriptures that have been
[ found, and according to some authorities they have been
[ the foundation of even the Greek schools of learning."
[ - Cheiro's Language Of The Hand by Cheiro; Herbert
[ Jenkins Limited, London, 1949.

Excerpt 6 ends

Excerpt 7

[ Following are a few highlights of some inventions by our
[ ancient sage-scientists -- most of these are excerpted from
[ the MICHIGAN DAILY of January 24, 1992:
[ ASTRONOMY: In the 5th century CE, Vedic scientist and
[ astronomer Bhaskaracharya confirmed earlier calculations of
[ the ancients of the time taken by earth to orbit the Sun to
[ nine decimal places, 365.258756484 days -- a value that was
[ later accepted by modern science.
[ MEDICINE: Sushruta performed surgery in India, 3,000 years
[ ago, using 125 kinds of surgical instruments "so advanced they
[ could cut a hair longitudinally." Physician Charaka described
[ the functions of the heart and the circulatory system 2,000
[ years before the English physician Dr. Harvey.
[ PHYSICS: According to Nobel prize-winner Dr. David
[ Josephson, the Vedas hold the key to the laws of the mind
[ and thought process which are correlated to the quantum
[ fields that are the operation and distribution of particles
[ at atomic and molecular levels.
[ METALLURGY: India's heritage of solving problems is often
[ overshadowed by centuries of colonialism and conquest. Outside
[ Delhi I visited one of the oldest monuments to that history...
[ pillar of iron alloy, smelted by Indian metallurgists with
[ such skill that it has remained rust-less for 1,500 years.
[ (Photograph on page 533.) These superb technicians were
[ brethren of Indian thinkers who originated the concepts of
[ zero and infinity and devised the inaccurately named Arabic
[ numeral system, giving the science of mathematics to a world
[ drenched in superstitious ignorance. - Bryan Hodgson in the
[ NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE Volume 167, Number 4, April 1965
[ page 527.
[ GENERAL: "It is already becoming clear that the chapter
[ which had a Western beginning will have to have an Indian
[ ending if it is not to end in self-destruction of the human
[ race." - Dr. Arnold Toynbee, world historian.

Excerpt 7 ends

Jai Maharaj
Om Shanti

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