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Topic: pp323-331, PU theory, 6th ed; ix.netcom request
Replies: 16   Last Post: Jul 21, 1996 6:29 PM

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Archimedes Plutonium

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Registered: 12/6/04
pp323-331, PU theory, 6th ed; ix.netcom request
Posted: Jul 13, 1996 6:42 PM
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In article <4s6js1$> (Carmen Toledo) writes:

> please post to last chapter of your PU book, I want to read it in church
> tomorrow.

Alright, here are pages 323-331

current. Showed that a magnetic field rotates when two coils at 90
degree angles were supplied with alternating current of different
phases (90 degrees out of phase with each other) producing a
alternating-current motor.
(38) In -0008, Steinmetz engineered .
(39) In -0045, Roentgen discovered x-rays.
(40) In -0044, Becquerel discovered radioactivity in uranium.
(41) In -0043, Thomson discovered the electron of atoms.
(42) In -0042, the Curies experimentally prepared radium and polonium.
(43) In -0040, Planck introduced the revolutionary quantum theory of
radiation with his marker h resulting from his research into blackbody
(44) Around -0038, Rutherford,
(45) Around -0038, Soddy a co-worker with Rutherford discovered the
radioactive transmutation of elements.
(46) In -0035, Einstein gave the quantum explanation for the
photoelectric effect. In -0025 Einstein proposed the general theory of
relativity. Later he gave the relation E « mc2.
(47) In -0031, Millikan established the law of multiple proportions for
electric charge and precisely measured the electric charge. Later
Millikan verified the photoelectric equation
(48) Around -0029, Geiger,
(49) Around -0029, Marsden, et al, gave a nuclear model of the atom.
(50) In -0029, Onnes working with temperatures close to absolute zero
discovered superconductivity in mercury.
(51) Around -0027, N. Bohr gave a quantum theory of spectra with an
accurate spectral line formula for the energy levels of atomic
hydrogen. In -0012, N. Bohr formulated the komplementar prinzip.
(52) About -0025 years ago, Sommerfeld improved the Bohr atomic model
by introducing elliptical orbits and relativistic effects.
(53) Bose about -0016 developed statistics for quantum particles.

(54) In -0016 Debroglie proposed the wave theory of matter.
(55) In -0014 Schroedinger proposed the wave equation. This wave
equation was the formulation of quantum wave mechanics.
(79) From -0014 and in 0049 , cold fusion by Paneth, Peters, and then
electrochemical cold fusion by Tanberg and then by Fleischmannn and
Pons in electrochemical cells were reported.

(56) In -0015, Pauli formulated the exclusion principle which is the
basis of explaining chemistry in relation to atomic structure.
(57) About -0015, Born,
(58) About -0015, Heisenberg, and In -0013, Heisenberg formulated the
unexaktheit prinzip
(59) About -0015, Jordan formulated quantum matrix mechanics which was
later combined with quantum wave mechanics to produce quantum
(60) About -0015, Uhlenbeck and Goudsmit introduced spin and magnetic
moment for the electron in atomic theory.
(61) Around -0012 Dirac developed special relativistic quantum
mechanics producing the Dirac equation.
(62) In -0009, Vandegraaff engineered high voltage electrostatic
(63) In -0008, Lawrence engineered the first cyclotron.
(64) In -0008, Chadwick discovered the neutron.
(65) Around -0007, Meissener showed that within a solid superconductor
the magnetic field is everywhere zero.

(66) In -0002, Hahn irradiated uranium with neutrons to produce new
(67) In -0001, Bethe proposed the nuclear fusion reaction mechanism to
account for stellar energy.
(68) The first known human nucleosynthesis and chemical isolation and
analysis of the element neptunium was produced later that year
plutonium occurred 14Dec in the year 0000. No persons should be awarded
for this engineering and chemical accomplishment because it was a group
effort. This nucleosynthesis starts the scientific calendar.
(69) In the year 0000, Petrzhak and Flerov discovered spontaneous
fission (SF). Later I would reinterpret SF as connected with the strong
nuclear interaction, and not the radioactivities interaction.
(70) Fermi et al on 2Dec 0002 had engineered the first fission energy
reactor in Chicago. Earlier, he had developed statistics for quantum
particles. In -0006 Fermi had hypothesized irradiating uranium with
neutrons to produce the transuranic elements.
(71) Around 0007, Feynman, et al, refined QED and would further refine
the superposition principle.
(72) In 0024, Bell formulated an inequality theorem which made quantum
mechanics testable on the large scale. Circa the 0040's, Aspect
performed the experiments to confirm quantum mechanics true on the
large scale. Quantum mechanics held true on the small scale but this
was the first experimental test for quantum mechanics on the large
(73) Wigner 0008 worked on quantum symmetry group theory and was one of
the early developers of nuclear power.
(74) Around 00, Klitzing quantized Hall effect
(75) In 0016, Alvarez cold fusion of deuterium with the negative
mu-meson as a catalyst.
(76) In 0025, Penzias and Wilson their detection in 1965 of
low-temperature radio emissions from the entire universe. Cosmic
(77) Around 0038, quantized star speeds were discovered by Tifft.
(78) In 0046 superconductors of La-Ba-Cu-O a metal ceramic oxide with a
transition temperature of 30K were discovered by Bednorz and Muller.
(80) In the year 0050 I had formulated the atom totality and from
0050-0053 had refined the idea. The totality is one atom, specifically
231Pu. Where our observable universe is just the last one electron, the
94th in the 5f6 orbital of plutonium isotope 231Pu. A Plutonium Atom
Totality turns physics, chemistry, biology and math into partial
descriptions of a plutonium atom whole. Life is merely strings of
atoms for the ultimate purpose of nucleosynthesizing other atoms into
heavier elements.

The early Greeks circa -2294 mainly by the scientist Democritus who
tried to prove the atomic idea via math reasoning. His argument went
like this.
Suppose you have some particular matter in which you divide it into
two parts, and then further divide one of these two parts into two
more parts, and then further divide one of these parts into two more
parts. Imagine many subdivisions of the original matter into parts,
then you will come to a point in time where the parts are no longer
divisible. You have reached an end in dividing the parts. This end
part Democritus called atomos for which the a means "not" and tomos
means "cut" in Greek, not cut, and from which we get the name atoms.
These early Greeks I call the first physicists. Leucippus is the
first person who we know of to start the atomic idea. Democritus
named these building blocks of matter atoms. Democritus further
developed the atomic idea using this math argument that if you split
matter into parts then eventually you must stop splitting with an
entity which is unsplittable, an entity which can not be divided any
further. Thus Democritus offered a math argument for the existence
of atoms, but no physical evidence. Later, Epicurus thought the
entire universe was composed of only atoms and the void. What was not
atoms was empty space.

Our modern concept of the atomic theory was well formulated by Dalton
around -0137. Dalton interpreted the mass relationships of elements
found by Lavoisier and Proust via The Law of Definite Proportions to
propose the existence of atoms.
The history of science suggests that even the atomic theory in which
all matter is composed of atoms was not fully accepted even circa
-0040. Full acceptance of the Atomic Fact occurred only after quantum
theory started -0029.
Mach did not accept the Atomic Fact as of -0050 due to his rigorous
criteria for the verifiability of science. Mach thought the atomic
explanation was theoretical speculation without any experimental
evidence. Mach thought chemistry and optics could be explained as
continuous matter via the resonance theory. Mach formulated a
corollary (most books refer to this corollary as Mach's principle, but
that is a gross overstatement of its importance). Only the most
important ideas can be called principles, and the only principles of
science are quantum mechanical principles, because the quantum
mechanical principles are fundamental descriptions of atoms. Thus, I
can say that an electron is the Pauli exclusion principle or the Pauli
exclusion principle is the electron. I can not apply Mach's corollary
to atoms in this fundamental way, because Mach's corollary is
derivative of atoms. Two statements of Mach's corollary follow. A) The
motion of a particle can be described meaningfully only in relation to
the entire remainder of the matter in the universe. B) Inertia is the
result of all the matter in the universe. (Where inertia is defined as
the tendency of matter at rest to remain at rest, and for matter in
motion to continue in motion in the same direction.) Accordingly PU
theory reformulates Mach's corollary as follows. A') An atom does not
exist by itself in isolation of all the other atoms in the universe,
and B') given a particular atom, the entire remainder of the atoms of
the universe defines that particular atom. Mach's corollary is a
subset of the 4 quantum principles in that an atom is the totality, and
that every atom in the totality is superpositioned on every other atom,
thus the totality is completely interconnected. Any one atom is
influenced by every other atom via superposition-- total

Physics and math describes our observable electron universe and any
person wanting to know about the observable universe can learn the laws
of physics, but likewise the observable universe can be simply
described as the 94th electron of a Plutonium Atom Totality containing
many atoms inside it, transforming itself to the next heavier element
totality. Science laws become descriptions of atoms, and math is the
language of atoms.
True science takes time to replace false notions and pseudoscience.
Quantum theory is a true set of knowledge. Quantum theory is the basis
for the periodic table of chemical elements and in addition the
understanding of the chemical bond, and molecular chemistry. The laws
of quantum mechanics subsumes chemistry and provides much of the math
theory of a large part of physics. The quantum theory provides the
understanding of electrical conductivity, solids, magnetism,
superconductivity, phase transitions of matter. As of this writing,
the quantized Hall effect and superconductivity require explanations.
The quantum theory provides the understanding of the atomic nucleus.
The basis for the energy release in radioactive growth and decay
involves quantum mechanical events. Starpower is explained by the laws
of quantum mechanics. The technological advance of nuclear power
energy in the form of fission reactors, and fusion reactors in the
future, along with superconductivity are three great achievements of
the application of quantum mechanical theory. The largest set of
predictive ideas in existence are quantum theory. This textbook is
based on quantum theory of physics. After 7/11/0050, all of science is
quantum theory. General relativity, special relativity, and
thermodynamics are now seen as mere subsets or algorithms of quantum
theory. A math algorithm is a computational rule to find the solution
of a problem such as for example the square root of any whole number is
given by an algorithmic rule. After 7/11/0050 all of physics will
consist of quantum theory of a Plutonium Atom Totality.

Science Community

At any one moment, the science community consists of many vested
interests such as jobs in research; large science projects such as
fusion reactors, supercolliders, the genome project; teaching and
tenureship. Professors who regurgitate old ideas even when convincing
evidence is given that those old ideas are wrong, because new ideas
threaten to discontinue their old teaching habits. It is easier to
teach the status quo then to teach new revolutionary ideas. Professors
write books that are about the old ideas and pseudoscience such as the
big bang and black holes, in order to make money from the selling of
those books. It is easier to write a pseudoscience book than to create
new true physics.
The commercial role and action of science journals which entrench
pseudoscientists and their pseudoscience, providing free and easy
access to publication and advertisement for their pseudoscience books,
plus giving false acclaim to pseudoscientists. The result is that the
journals exclude true knowledge; exclude new revolutionary science.
Journals will keep-out true science as long as possible until it is
overwhelming. Then they try to patch-over their past mistakes, their
near-sightedness, by saying to the world that they were on the cautious
side. That the evidence before their admission of the new
revolutionary science was not strong enough.
Revolutionary science has to go around the commercial journals and the
intuitionless professors. Eventually the revolutionary ideas prevail
because it is the truth.
Upon introduction to the science community, the most revolutionary of
science thinking is at first opposed and ignored. For that is what
revolutionary means, is that someone sees far beyond all others and so
it takes time for others to catch-up and see the same. But
revolutionary science prevails since it is the truth, regardless of the
time required for acceptance by the science community.
I expect the atom totality theory will not get immediate acceptance by
anyone in the science community. After reviewing this textbook many
people will return to these ideas and with time acknowledge the main
ideas as true. The first true believers of the Plutonium Atom Totality
after myself are, I suspect, the young people who have open minds,
minds which have not-yet-formed-as-hard-as-concrete. Young people who
have not been brainwashed by the status quo pseudoscience regurgitated
from the mouths of intuitionless professors of physics.
Once the atom totality idea gains momentum, then the many other
theories will be abandoned suddenly. Swiftly ejected overboard. Science
revolutions are violently quick once momentum picks-up. Many of the
opponents and ignorers will then quickly revert to supporting and
acclaiming the atom totality. They will make a 180 degree rotation at
the hint that the rest of the science community (the herds, the
bandwagons of intuitionless professors) is following.
And I would not be surprized that some ignorers or opponents will
back-track through their notebooks to try to fabricate lies that they
were pre- or co- discoverers of the atom totality. I would not be
surprized that some will even go so far as to try to steal the
discovery of the atom totality. And some will lie about the math
discoveries and try to steal my math proofs. I would not be surprized
that a few will try to rewrite my math proofs keeping only the engines
of the proofs and rewording everything else, and then lie that it was
their own discovery.
Most people think that the historical development of important ideas
of physics and especially math is a clean state of affairs. Anyone can
easily review the history of the fighting that went on between Newton
and Leibniz over the discovery of the calculus, or between Gauss and
Bolyai over nonEuclidean geometry. Or the infighting that went on
between the BernoullisÕ over priority. The truth is that physics and
math have more than their share of dirty fighting, stemming from the
usual human weaknesses of hate, lie, cheat, steal, and even kill. And
perhaps more so for math and physics, since a math proof or an
important physics discovery have a "human timeless quality, a live
forever trait". The meaning of the word "immortality" is best linked
with an important physics discovery or math proof. Money, love,
political power, fame, all melt like the snow or ice, but a major
physics discovery or the math proof of an outstanding math conjecture
lasts. Few people will remember, or even care what other individuals
were around when Euclid or Archimedes lived. The person who discovers
an important math proof or makes an important physics discovery are the
most likely to attain whatever is meant by the word immortality.
The first reactions from the scientific community to the Plutonium
Atom Totality will come as I expect-- hostility, incredulity, and a
desire to ignore the idea, because an atom totality is proving our
Maker. The immensity of the idea and the impact on every other
subject. All belief systems, all knowledge, all wisdom will have to
conform to the idea that the totality is a plutonium atom.
Similarly, the reaction in historical pasttimes by the world was
hostility when the idea was first proposed that the Earth was a sphere.
The strong evidence that the Earth was a sphere because the Sun and
planets were spheres, and that a ship on the water comes into our line
of sight from the top on down, but if the Earth were flat then the full
ship would always be seen once sighted. To the uninformed mind, a
spherical Earth meant, that people on the other side would fall-off.
And to the majority of humanity in the past whose belief system was
ruled more so by religious beliefs (dogma), a spherical Earth tended to
lower their belief systems. It will be an exceedingly proud day on
Earth when science rules the species Homo sapiens. What day has our
Maker 231Pu superdetermined for Homo sapiens to be ruled by science? We
may have to go through much more radioactive decay before that proud
day arrives.

Or the reactions to the atom totality theory may be similar to what
Wegener received -0025 for his hypothesis that the continents were once
a single mass, then broke-up and drifted apart. The obvious clue of
continental drift was the jigsaw puzzle fit of South America with
Africa. It took more than 50 years after Wegener made his bold claim
that it was verified and the science community accepted his insight.
The obvious two clues that the totality is an atom is that the
electromagnetic force is an inverse square law the same as the force of
gravitation, where charge substitutes for mass. An inverse square law
is spherical geometry associated with an atom and only atoms are
electromagnetic structures. Plus the clue that if all matter is made
of atoms, where only atoms and the space between atoms exists, then the
logical implication when followed through is that the totality is
itself an atom.

Physics Intuition

Physicists before 7/11/0050 are analogous to the famous old
metaphorically tale about four blind persons measuring an unknown
object which was in fact an elephant. In the tale each of the blind
persons was able to describe a small part of the whole such as the
trunk, or the leg, or the head, or the body, but none of the persons
was able to say the whole thing was an elephant. This same metaphorical
story applies to the community of physicists before 7/11/0050. The
physics community was trying to make the four interactions (forces) of
physics into one interaction (force). Before the Plutonium Atom
Totality, physicists were trying as hard as they could to unify just
the four interactions of physics. They never realized that if the
totality itself was an atom then they would not only achieve
unification of the four interactions via complementarity, but that the
four subjects of physics, chemistry, biology, and math would also be
Similar to the metaphorical tale, physicists had derived the four
interaction laws explaining the properties of atoms which are accurate
and true but none of the physicists had been able to see in their
mind's eye that the totality including themselves was part of an atom.
The four interactions describing atoms are a math description of the
totality which includes the physicists looking at atoms.
Most physicists as of the year 0053 use quantum mechanics but they do
not believe in it since it is so counterintuitive and they think the
theory is incomplete. Most physicists as of the year 0053 believe more
in relativity theory than in quantum theory, since relativity theory is
not counterintuitive, and so it is easier for them to make assertions
in relativity theory.
Science along with most things is driven more by tastes, preferences,
sentiment, and fervor, rather than by reason, logic, and facts. And
even when logical argument shows that those tastes are insupportable,
and the evidence weighs against them. Most physicists as of the year
0053 believe (tastes) that there is a unification for the four
interactions of physics where all four interactions join together as
one interaction, something which PU theory argues against, saying that
interactions come in 2, in dualities and the four interactions will
never reduce to three,two, or one. PU theory unifies the four
interactions by pairing them as complementary duals.
Presently many physicists run around trying to disprove and find fault
with quantum theory because quantum theory is so counterintuitive, so
bizarre, so puzzling to them. Quantum theory does not agree with their
mentality (tastes). These fault-finders have the hope and wish that
quantum theory is incomplete in comparison to relativity theory and
that in the future the quantum theory will be overturned or found as
only partially true.
Others in the physics community and even the math community try to
elevate minor ideas, or algorithms such as special and general
relativity above quantum theory. Bell's inequality with Aspect's
experiments proved Einstein wrong about quantum theory, and showed that
the quantum physics is on the large scale as well as the small scale,
directly implying that the universe is one scale, a quantum scale, and
thus an atom.
Many physicists keep running around thinking black holes exist
ignoring and in complete contradiction to the Pauli exclusion
principle. Many physicists run around thinking pulsars are neutron
stars in complete contradiction to the uncertainty principle. They are
possessed by a demon of illusion thinking that a star could be a ball
of solid neutrons. Such a demon of illusion is as stupid and ignorant
as believing that there exists a living thing which is pure visible
Physics intuition comes infrequently to humans. Feynman had a wire to
the protons, and also Dirac, Bohr, Heisenberg, and Pauli. In my view,
EinsteinÕs wire to the protons was thin and short circuited. Einstein
was a physics lightweight compared to Bohr because his intuition failed
on quantum theory. The reader of this textbook can review the bitter
history of the quarrel between the two camps of Einstein and the
followers of relativity theory and Bohr and the followers of quantum
theory. There are many historical accounts and

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