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Topic: true axioms of physics allow for replacement to biology #1229 New
Physics #1349 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

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true axioms of physics allow for replacement to biology #1229 New
Physics #1349 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Posted: Feb 14, 2013 5:04 PM
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True Axioms of a science like physics would allow for some
replacement; biology in terms of physics.

One of the features lacking in biology, throughout biology is the
importance of electricity and magnetism in biology. Very little if any
is ever discussed or taught in biology that the living organism is so
dependent on electricity and magnetism. I think the reason for this
omission and the reason that no-one in physics was smart enough in the
20th century to place the Maxwell Equations as the axiom system of
physics, is that the Maxwell Equations are so hard to understand, even
for the best of physicists. Their understanding of the Maxwell
Equations is mostly memorization, not innate understanding. For
example, it was said of Tesla, unlike the physicists of the 20th
century, that someone could draw the most elaborate and complex
electrical wiring and circuits and Tesla would instinctively know if
it would work or not work and point out the errors.

So, given the case of Tesla, that we can perhaps expect only one
person per century to be comfortable with electricity and magnetism
and not some Phd rote memorization of the Maxwell Equations.

Now when you have the true axioms of a science, then there is some
replacement, substitution that can occur. For example the geometry
axioms as given by Euclid and then revised by Hilbert. Now we can do
some replacement such as a plane instead of a line in the axiom
system. For that we can still retain many of the truths such as two
nonparallel lines intersect in a point, whereas two nonparallel
planes intersect in a line. Or another example is that line A parallel
to B, and B parallel to C is that A is parallel to C can be replaced
with Plane A, B, C where plane A is parallel to C.

The point I am making is that a true axiom system of a science subject
allows for replacement or substitution of the terms of the system,
terms more complex than the original system. Now some truths of lines
cannot be generated from planes simply because of the increased

But let me now transfer that understanding over to the Maxwell
Equations as axioms over all of physics to that of Maxwell Equations
with substituted biology.

So in the case of physics of Faraday law we have a nucleus of an atom
as a capacitor, a proton as a capacitor of stored energy of magnetic
monopoles and a electron traveling around the proton capacitor
as a closed loop of wire with moving electric charge in the closed
loop of wire.

In biology we have a living cell and a nuclear region of DNA. DNA is a
capacitor of stored information, stored energy and going around the
nucleus is messenger RNA.

Alright, I do not know how far I want to dive in and elaborate on this
analogy. What I do want to do is to refer to the fact that the true
physics axioms must be so that its terms and equations can be stepped
up in complexity and thus give us other sciences. In fact, my pursuit
of the geometry of the nucleus and proton and electron should be
guided by biology more than I have so far done.

And, the true axioms also will reveal how very much complex the
Maxwell Equations are, even though we do not step up in complexity.
Here I am speaking of the concept of duality, in that our human minds
are not able to go below duality, what some have called the principle
of Uncertainty, but which is really the principle of duality. The
Maxwell Equations derives the principle of Duality and the Uncertainty

But let me tell it so that science illiterates can even understand it.
The entire observable Universe that we see is just a single electron
of a single plutonium atom. So the stars, galaxies, planets and life
are fragments, bits and pieces of one electron. Yet in the Maxwell
Equations we view an electron as a tiny object of rest-mass 0.51 MeV
with a negative charge, yet that single electron is the entire
observable Universe of stars and galaxies and planets.

But, an axiom system can do that, because a plane is far more complex
than a line and we can replace a line in the axioms of geometry with
planes, to some extant. In physics, we can talk about the electron and
proton as what the Faraday law is all about, but we can also talk
about the Faraday law as if it was the axiom of biology where the DNA
instructs the messenger RNA to commit some biological metabolism.

In physics, we have a whole bunch of terms such as
capacitor, closed loop wire, magnetic field, electric field, bar
magnet, battery, emf, voltage, solenoid, etc etc. In biology we have a
lot of terms such as DNA, RNA, metabolism, meiosis, mitosis, cell
wall, nucleus of cell, etc etc.

But if you examine physics with biology, you begin to realize that the
very same axiom system that delivers all of physics, when you step up
the complexity of terms, that same system that gives all of physics,
gives all of biology.

What the principle of duality or Uncertainty enter the picture, is
that the terms of physics cannot go lower in meaning than what they
already are. If the Maxwell Equations tell us that the proton is a
parallel plate capacitor storing magnetic monopoles, then I cannot go
any lower in meaning, but that the proton is so very complex, far more
complex than our human mind could ever understand. Even though a
capacitor appears to be a simple mechanism. The electron as the entire
observable universe, yet the electron as a closed loop of wire is the
complex to the simple, but that is how axioms work. They allow the
most complex to be contained into a simple term-- electron.


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Archimedes Plutonium
whole entire Universe is just one big atom
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