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Topic: is rest-mass where a transverse wave forms a closed loop on its
leading front #1247 New Physics #1367 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Replies: 4   Last Post: Feb 22, 2013 3:46 AM

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is rest-mass where a transverse wave forms a closed loop on its
leading front #1247 New Physics #1367 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Posted: Feb 21, 2013 4:02 AM
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Let me get back to particle physics of rest-mass,
charge, spin, waves, Space. I need to make more progress so that the
6th edition is not as struggling to fit the pieces together.

Let me review here what is secure:

Axioms of physics are 5:
1-4 Axioms are the symmetrical Maxwell Equations
5th Axiom is all the facts of chemistry

So that to produce physics, we have all the facts of chemistry and
then apply the Maxwell Equations unto those facts and we get all of
physics. So physics is chemistry in motion of the Maxwell Equations.

We hold these experiments as basic truths of physics:

1) Lines of force of a permanent bar magnet is perpetual energy and it
is begot from spin alignment of iron atoms. Electricity has no
perpetual motion except for electrons and subatomic particles inside
bound atoms. Perpetual energy or perpetual motion is macroscopic only
for magnetism, not for electricity.

2) Double slit experiment tells us the photon, electron, proton are
transverse waves and Maxwell Equations tell us the photon has to be a
double transverse wave so that the speed is constant regardless of

(3) Electrons tend to transform into photons and the reverse. The
process is pair annihilation and pair production. Neutrinos do not
transform to other particles.

So, recently I am weighing the prospects that rest mass is a tying up
of a transverse wave to travel into a circle at its leading edge. So
that a photon is a double transverse wave as this:

M+ M-

where the E's and M's have destructive interference and all the energy
of the photon is along the axis of motion.

Now a electron would look like this:
M+ M-

And be missing a E+ and so the lopsidedness of the E's and M's would
cause the leading edge of the electron to form a closed loop or circle
and when a wave front has its front form a closed loop, it cannot
travel at the speed of light and the closed loop is rest-mass, and
where the remainder of the wave in back of the closed loop is the
kinetic energy given to the closed loop electron.

I do not know if the Maxwell Equations allows me to think the rest-
mass (perhaps a better name would be potential mass rather than rest-
mass) is a closed loop circle of the leading edge of the wavefront.

Now I can sort of draw a picture in ascii art of the photon as this:


And the electron as this:


Where the asymmetrical transverse wave at its leading edge started to
circle around and became a closed loop which is the electron, and its
tail wave being kinetic energy of motion.

So, can I get approval from the Symmetrical Maxwell Equations that
rest-mass is when a transverse wave is asymmetrical and thus forms a
closed loop at its leading edge? Can I get approval?

Well it seems almost impossible. But the other day I posted what
happens in astronomy when you believe in a error of the Doppler
redshift and that the redshift is not a distance measure but a
curvature of space measure. And even though you accept a Doppler
redshift and map all the galaxies with that error, that one of those
intervals will have a Ring of galaxies.

--- quoting --- ?
The third layer (0.01 < z < 0.02) is dominated by the P-P
supercluster ?(left side of image) and the P-I supercluster extending
up into the ?ZoA terminating as the Great Attractor region (notably
Abell 3627) ?disappears behind a wall of Milky Way stars. An
intriguing "ring" or ?chain of galaxies seems to circle/extend from
the northern to the ?southern Galactic hemisphere (see also Figure
1). ?It is unknown ?whether this ring-like structure is physically
associated with the ?cosmic web or an artifact of projection. ?--- end
quoting ---
Now, if the mapping had been conducted where redshift was purely
curvature of space, you end up with not one ring but with numerous

So, why bring that up? Well, we ask the question of why is magnetism
the only subject of physics that has Perpetual Motion on a macroscopic
scale and the only perpetual motion for electricity is inside atoms.
And so, like the one Ring in Jarrett's mapping, points to the error in
believing that redshift is a Doppler effect, when instead, redshift is
the observation of diffraction of light waves that travel in a highly
curved region of space.

So what is my error about rest-mass and magnetism and electricity? My
error is that I have not brought the 5th axiom of all of chemistry
with the 4 Maxwell Equations.

Let me try to do that now. If I consider the 5th axiom to be a 231Pu
plutonium Atom Totality inside which the Maxwell Equations operate,
then, do I not remedy the deficiency of only magnetism having
macroscopic perpetual motion? If the Universe is just one big atom,
then intelligent life inside would see perpetual motion of magnetism
as the only perpetual motion on the large scale. All other perpetual
motion would only be confined inside atoms. But, if the Universe is
just one atom, then everything else in the Universe is also in
perpetual motion. And we thus would have perpetual motion of
electricity on the macroscale or large scale alongside perpetual
energy of magnetism.

So if I include the 5th axiom along with the Maxwell Equations, I can
then get Faraday's lines of force as Space itself, as magnetic
monopoles, and where perpetual motion of electricity is now on the
large scale as well as magnetism.

And finally, I gain support of the idea that rest-mass is when a
transverse wave
leading edge curls up around into a closed loop, because with that 5th
axiom the Observable Universe is a last electron of that huge Universe

Let me think about it, before I judge it. A test springs to mind, in
pair production and annihilation.


Google's archives are top-heavy in hate-spew from search-engine-
bombing. Only Drexel's Math Forum has done a excellent, simple and
fair archiving of AP posts for the past 15 years as seen here:

Archimedes Plutonium
whole entire Universe is just one big atom
where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies

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