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Topic: first logical stabs at Spin #1258 New Physics #1378 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed
Replies: 4   Last Post: Feb 26, 2013 1:21 AM

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first logical stabs at Spin #1258 New Physics #1378 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed
Posted: Feb 25, 2013 2:28 PM
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Before I talk about spin, let me recap the history of this large
textbook that contains two texts in one.
The 5th edition started way back in Sept 2011, so almost 2 years of
non stop writing is involved.

Newsgroups: sci.physics, sci.astro, sci.math
From: Archimedes Plutonium <>
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 15:06:46 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Fri, Sep 23 2011 5:06 pm
Subject: preface to 5th edition (sic) of Atom Totality Theory, and the
erroneous recent report of neutrinos faster than light speed #1

And the reason there are two texts in one is that I had an inspiration
about December 2011.

Newsgroups: sci.physics, sci.physics.electromag, sci.math
From: Archimedes Plutonium <>
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 14:08:24 -0800 (PST)
Local: Thurs, Dec 22 2011 4:08 pm
Subject: New Physics with Maxwell Equations as foundation instead of
Newton's Principia #28 Coulomb Unification #158 Atom Totality

By the end of 2011, I had the inspiration that the Maxwell Equations
were the axioms of all of physics, so that physics is chemistry set in
motion by the Maxwell Equations.

I am going to stop writing New Physics come page 1300 and have two
topics remaining to cover, spin and Space. So I have about 40 pages
remaining to cover spin and space.

I am very happy with rest-mass and need to include it in the glossary.
But now I need to focus on Spin and then Space, for I have only 40
pages to cover them.

Spin is not as thorny and prickly as rest mass was. Although it is
indeed complex. It will probably be easier than solving Space with the
Maxwell Equations as axioms over all of physics.

Let me take some clues from rest-mass to make it easier on myself for
spin. With rest-mass, what was needed was the Essence of Logic, and by
that I mean having cornered the idea of perpetual motion of photon and
electron, yet one has rest-mass while the other has 0 rest mass
demands of logic that the front edge of the wavefront of the electron
must curl back around forming a closed loop. And hence, a solving of
the problem.

So, can I apply some Essence of Logic on spin? If I can, then I may
solve spin today.

Well, I do not have a Essence of Logic in mind for spin, but I do have
a Deciding Experiment in mind. Note my recent post where I said that
Essence of Logic is a duality to Deciding Experiment. But let me not
stray from the task at hand-- spin.

There is a deciding experiment and from it, I may be able to pull out
an Essence of Logic. The experiment I speak of is the oldest physics
experiment in human history. It is the noticing of the lodestone that
it is a permanent bar magnet and what is fantastically great about it,
yet few if any today have noticed, is that the lodestone is the first
and unique observation of perpetual motion on the large scale. All
other observations of the Universe are not perpetual motion but rather
motion that needs energy inputs. We have never seen a force in physics
as perpetual motion on the large scale other than the permanent bar
magnet. And, unfortunately, in human history of the early 1900s there
was much patent activity that many patents were con artist scams
hyping perpetual motion when none existed. That is, non existed except
for magnetism on the large scale. There was perpetual motion inside of
atoms, but that was the micro scale.

Now with the Maxwell Equations as the axioms over all of physics, we
are surrounded by perpetual motion and it is everywhere, both on the
micro and the macro scale. Of course, we still have con artist scams
of perpetual motion machines, but only because they lack the
application of the Maxwell Equations.

So the Deciding Experiment is the permanent bar magnet and as
described in the chemistry textbook,
Chemistry: The Central Science, Brown, LeMay, Bursten, 1991, page 891.
That page shows the difference between diamagnetism, paramagnetism and
ferromagnetism were the spins of electrons are lined up and produce a
permanent bar magnet.

So in order to solve spin, I need to be able to fully explain
ferromagnetism of that of the lodestone or permanent bar magnet and
explain why magnetism is unique as a large scale perpetual motion.

So, having made that the Deciding Experiment what does logic make us
ask the next question?

Well, surprisingly the next logical question is how much of a quantity
is this spin magnetism relative to electricity? How much of a current
can spin of electrons generate via the Faraday law? If we were to say
that 10 electron spins in Faraday's law as a bar magnet can cause 10
electrons in a closed loop wire to move as a current we would say that
spin is equal to charge current. And roughly, we can estimate whether
that is true by simple weight measures, for if we had a permanent bar
magnet of equal weight to a closed loop of wire and then performed the
Faraday law, we should get a current matching the magnetic field. I am
going to leave it to others to verify this notion. That the spin of
electrons in permanent bar magnet induces an equivalent current of
electrons in closed loop wire.

The quantity is important so as to know how much electric charge is
involved with magnet charge ( monopole field).

So, what does that mean and what would be the next logical question?

It means that spin is the right-hand rule where our hand is the spin
part and our thumb sticking out is the direction of magnetic current
in magnetic monopoles. If the spins are parallel and aligned in the
same direction we have a permanent bar magnet. If they are parallel
but opposite directions they cancel to 0.

So what it looks like at this moment is that spin is perpetual motion
of magnetic monopoles, the extra term in the Symmetrical Maxwell
Equations of magnetic current density. It is a closed loop as a
magnetic field, and it is a longitudinal wave front involving magnetic
monopoles M- and M+.

Now in this picture, we throw out the Old Physics classification of
spin 1 for the photon. In New Physics we have only three types of
spin, -1/2, 0 and +1/2. The photon must be spin 0 since it is a double
transverse wave with destructive interference of its E field and
magnetic field. The neutrino has 1/2 spin but is a longitudinal wave
not a transverse wave. And here is why spin is easy to solve whereas
Space is horrible to solve because with spin, I need only solve the
lodestone in Faraday's law, but with Space I have to tie together

In short, spin is the right hand rule in the Maxwell Equations, where
the hand is the spin and where the thumb is the direction of magnetic
monopole current.


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