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Topic: Chapt15.49 the 5th Axiom: all the facts of Chemistry #1292 New
Physics #1412 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Replies: 1   Last Post: Mar 15, 2013 1:43 AM

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Chapt15.49 the 5th Axiom: all the facts of Chemistry #1292 New
Physics #1412 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Posted: Mar 15, 2013 1:34 AM
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Good, so now, in all these years of writing and revising this
textbook, I have learned that the best chapter format is to have a
main chapter and then subchapters. Science texts are never smooth
writing or reading but rather, always choppy and segmented. So that
Chapter 1 would be the 4 Maxwell Equations axioms with the 5th axiom
of Chemistry and then have subchapters such as 1.1
then 1.2 then 1.3 then 1.4 etc. Subchapters help organize a book. So
Chapter 1 overall is how the axiom system of Maxwell Equations with
5th axiom
of Chemistry gives us all of physics.

Chapter 2 overall should be about that 5th axiom of all the facts of
Chemistry. So that the 4 Maxwell Equations have some entity to work
upon. So the facts of Chemistry is the object of which the 4 Maxwell
Equations operate upon. Now the axioms of Natural Numbers is somewhat
like this: wherein you have axioms of object-- there exists a 0 and 1
and there exists properties and then the Mathematical Induction axiom
is a operational axiom.

But Chapter 2 should focus on that 5th axiom of Facts of Chemistry.

In the 5th edition I spoke of the most important fact of Chemistry as
the Atomic Hypothesis and its most singular important characteristic--
perpetual motion. Feynman made a lot of mistakes in physics, but one
of his best ideas is his statement of the Atomic Hypothesis and the
importance of perpetual-motion.

So Chapter 2 and its many subchapters should concentrate upon the 5th
axiom and all its ramifications.

Now I spent a long time in the 5th edition of this textbook on the
topic of perpetual-motion, but not enough time of relating how
perpetual-motion comes from the Maxwell Equations since the
operational axioms are the Maxwell Equations. We already see that
there is perpetual motion involved with the Faraday law and the Ampere/
Maxwell law.

But on a obvious commonsense level, we see perpetual-motion in the
common everyday world at large. We see every day, every hour, every
minute every second the force of gravity. The force of gravity is
perpetual-motion since it is proportional to mass/energy and mass/
energy is perpetual.

Science as taught in schools starting in the late 1800s became
terribly confused and outright error ridden. They taught that there is
no perpetual-motion and even concocted a fake principle of no
perpetual motion in the 1st law of thermodynamics as stated by the
famous initiator of Quantum Mechanics, himself, Max Planck:

--- quoting from Wikipedia ---
An example of a physical statement is that of Planck (1897/1903):
It is in no way possible, either by mechanical, thermal, chemical, or
other devices, to obtain perpetual motion, i.e. it is impossible to
construct an engine which will work in a cycle and produce continuous
work, or kinetic energy, from nothing.[12]
--- end quote ---

Now Planck initiated Quantum Mechanics with his work in blackbody
radiation with the Planck constant which was taken up by Bohr to yield
the Bohr Atom and the start of the theory of Quantum Mechanics. And in
the history of science, it often happens where a boundary from the old
ideas to the new ideas leaves a fissure or rift in the education of
physics where some old fake ideas transfer over into the new theory.
What I am talking about is perpetual-motion is a crucial part of
Quantum Mechanics but that the old fake idea of 1st law of
thermodynamics of no perpetual motion was never scrutinized when QM
took over.

Anyone reading the history of Thermodynamics can get an appreciation
of the vast attempts of making the subject axiomatic and eventually
Thermodynamics was axiomatic, but its 1st law is invalid and a fakery
of physics. The Maxwell Equations derives all the other laws of
thermodynamics but not the 1st law for it is bogus.

Now the reason physics had the 1st law is that there was no quantum
mechanics in existence yet to contend the 1st law. And the 1st law was
invoked because of the increasing tendency in the 19th and 20th
century with mechanical engines arising to have fake machines touted
as perpetual motion. Physics countered the fake inventors scamming
perpetual motion.

But in truth, when Quantum Mechanics was borne between 1900 and 1930,
all of a sudden the atom required perpetual-motion. The electron
orbiting the nucleus in every atom required perpetual motion, whilst
the physicists of thermodynamics kept harping of never any perpetual-

So the sociology of physics from 1800s to 1930 and beyond never saw
fit to open up the case of perpetual-motion, that in thermodynamics,
they were blustering that no perpetual-motion exists and yet in
Quantum Mechanics it is the heart of the electron in orbit.

So here we see why Physics is lost without axioms of physics, why we
have silly ideas passing off as laws where the 1st law of
thermodynamics says no pertual motion and yet by 1930, perpetual
motion is everywhere inside each atom. Why we have physicists by 1950
claim black-holes squeezing matter beyond the Pauli Exclusion
Principle, yet the Pauli Exclusion Principle forbids black-holes.

So when Physics does not have an axiom system, it becomes a worthless
trashpile of contradictions and inconsistencies. Whoever has access to
a peer reviewed journal gets to put his crank and crackpot ideas as
physics when it is pseudo-physics.

So, what is true and not true, when the Maxwell Equations are axioms
over all of physics, then there exists perpetual motion over all of
physics. The Faraday and Ampere/Maxwell laws are perpetual motion. The
force of gravity is really EM-gravity and is a perpetual-force giving

I know it is very confusing for scientists of the last 100 years,
because few if any of them had a logical mind to be doing science. To
raise the proper questions, to question whether some ideas contradict
others and yet nothing is ever questioned or done.

When the Maxwell Equations are the axioms over all of physics, then
the 1st law of thermodynamics is a false law. Conservation laws are
correct for the most part as conversions, where matter converts to
energy. But the concept of perpetual-motion is vastly different from
conversion of mass to energy or vice versa.

Now, what they really meant to say in thermodynamics for the 1st law,
which is allowed by the Maxwell Equations is that mass and energy are
convertible from one to the other as conservation of mass and energy,
but that convertibility has nothing to do with perpetual-motion. So
when Max Planck wrote his above, he never had axioms for physics and
was bound to make mistakes as well as the others who offered their
version of the 1st law of thermodynamics.

So, here again, is a nice example of when physics is without an axiom
set, that it fumbles and bungles and messes up itself in disaster.
When the Maxwell Equations are taken as the axiom set, then the 1st
law of thermodynamics referring to perpetual-motion would have never
been such a silly daffy law entered into physics. For the Maxwell
Equations in the 1860s allowed a Conservation of Energy as seen in the
negative sign of the Faraday law which gives the Lenz law which is a
conservation law. But the Lenz law says nothing about perpetual-

Now I should be able to set a commonsense proof that the Big Bang is a
fake theory from the lonesome idea of Perpetual Motion, because the
Big Bang has a time of "rest before the explosion" and that there
should be no perpetual-motion in a Big Bang Universe. However, since
mass and energy is a perpetual quantity-- neither created nor
destroyed but convertible, that the force of gravity, EM-gravity is
perpetual motion on the large scale, the observable scale, not just
electrons orbiting inside of atoms.

People who write books about the Big Bang, explain it as that some
time elapse after the event, then the Universe starts to have laws of
physics come into existence. So some seconds after the Big Bang event,
all of a sudden the law of universal gravity comes into being. And it
is not considered perpetual-motion. But if the Maxwell Equations are
the axioms of physics, there never was an explosion and a waiting
period for gravity to come into being, but that gravity was always
there as perpetual and perpetual motion.

So the perpetual motion of the force of gravity, dispels the Big Bang
theory as a load of awful nonsense.

Now either in Chapter 1 or Chapter 2, I need to detail how the Maxwell
Equations as axioms over all of physics gives the 4 forces as a EM-
force for the facts of Chemistry require a Strong-Nuclear, Weak
Nuclear, Coulomb, and gravity force. Chemistry is usually not seen to
be the science of the nucleus of atoms, and that is given to Atomic
Physics, but when the Maxwell Equations are the axioms, then the
Strong Nuclear and Weak Nuclear forces are chemical bonds of protons
and neutrons.

So with Chemistry the 5th axiom, it includes both the electrons of
atoms but also the nucleus of atoms, and that Atomic Physics becomes
more Chemistry than Physics.

So if I do not derive the 4 forces of physics in chapter 1 then do so
in chapter 2.


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