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Topic: end of New Physics textbook #1300 New Physics #1420 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed
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end of New Physics textbook #1300 New Physics #1420 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed
Posted: Mar 18, 2013 11:51 AM
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Alright, this post marks the end of New Physics textbook, two
textbooks written as one textbook. I now continue and finish with the
Atom Totality theory. The last ten pages of 1300 pages of New Physics,
I should start with those last ten pages when doing the 6th edition of
this textbook. I have enough reminders there of where I left off. And
I should continue this method of writing chapters with subchapters for
it is the easiest way of organizing when sometimes I need to jump
around on topics.

I. The theory and history
(1) what is this theory?
(2) pictures of the Atom Totality theory
(3) history of the theory
(4) precursor hints of the theory
(5) comparing the rise of the Atom Totality theory to the rise of
Continental Drift theory
(6) What "Deciding-Experiment" means in science
II. Observational and experimental support
(7) Deciding-Experiment was Blackbody 2.71 K Cosmic Microwave
Background Radiation
(8) Proof that Doppler shift is nonexistent in light waves
(9) Experiment that shows us what the redshift truly is-- refraction,
caused by curvature of the lobes of an Atom Totality.
(10) Dark Night sky problem, Olber's Paradox fully answered; recent
Shadow Effect reports
(11) Experiment: Dirac's new-radioactivities and Dirac's additive and
multiplicative creation
(12) Rigid-body-rotation is caused by EM and there is no missing
mass, no dark matter, no dark energy
(12.1) Sociology of Physics; it is alright for a scientist to say "we
do not
know and will take a long time before we do know"
(13) Rigid Body Rotation: Saturn and Rings; the bars in barred spiral
(13.1) Saturn and its Rings shows us that gravity must be an EM
force, ?because only EM is strong enough to ?produce rigid body
(13.2) Rigid-Body-Rotation replacing both Newtonian ?gravity and
General Relativity and what remains is EM-gravity
(13.21) plane of ecliptic and spiral galaxies from EM-gravity
(13.22) axis of rotation and why all astro bodies have rotation from
(13.23) Moon tides supports EM-gravity not mass-gravity
(13.24) Orbital Resonance proves EM-gravity and disproves mass-gravity
Chapt13.3 Maxwell Equations along with Chemistry become the axiom set
of New Physics
(13.4) Unification of all the forces of physics into EM force
(13.4001) nucleus of atoms are Faraday bar magnet crystals as seen as
halo neutrons
(13.4002) Nucleus Aufbau; unit lattice cell, building the nucleus as a
crystal that drives the shell electrons along their pathes
Chapt13.4003 nucleus malleability and ductility ;
connecting the fine structure constant of physics with mathematics:
cylinder to torus and torus to cylinder ; in the Maxwell Equations,
there is linear momentum

Chapt13.4004 History of physics from 1860s to 2012 and why no-one ever
thought to put the Maxwell Equations as the motor for the nucleus of

Chapt13.4005 total-ionization experiment to verify strong nuclear
force as
chemical bond

Chapt13.4006 Stellar evolution is run mostly by fusion and total-

Chapt13.4007 finally solving the Strong Nuclear Force as a Chemical

Chapt13.40071 Strong Nuclear Force as a Chemical bond leads to total

Chapt13.40072 Concurrence of Fusion Barrier Principle with total-

Chapt13.40073 explaining the muon mass at
105.6 MeV when the electron is 0.5, proton 938,
and neutron 939.5

Chapt13.40074 bombardment energies compared to
dissociation energy and binding energy for fusion and fission (and the
overall confusion over these concepts)

Chapt13.40075 the Dirac Equation is a Maxwellized
Schrodinger Equation, and now we Maxwellize all of
Chemistry where pressure becomes force. PV=nrT becomes F= ma

Chapt13.40076 errors of the Proton-Proton Cycle and CNO cycle and how
they are fixed

Chapt13.40077 star evolution (Hertzsprung-Russell diagram) with a
correct nuclear reaction cycle

Chapt13.40078 impossible nuclear reactions and p + p --> d + positron
+ neutrino cannot exist

Chapt13.40079 photon & neutrino are antiparticles

Chapt13.400791 The way Particle Physics as a subject should start--
table of
primal nuclear reactions

Chapt13.400792 Quantum Electrodynamics, QED violates the Maxwell

Chapt13.4008 new progress in understanding the Weak Nuclear force

Chapt13.40081 Democritus Atomic Theory stated using "perpetual motion"

Chapt13.40082 sloppiness of the SLAC "deep inelastic scattering"

Chapt13.40083 proton has no "interior" but is a proton-dot-cloud

Chapt13.40084 Maxwell Equations derives Quantum Mechanics due to
perpetual motion

Chapt13.40085 Maxwell Equations places demands on the subject of
mathematics itself; demands a borderline for finite into infinity and
an interval near zero is devoid of numbers

Chapt13.40086 Advancements in the Chemical Bond of Chemistry

Chapt13.40087 deriving the Periodic Table Elements from Maxwell

Chapt13.40088 Symmetrical Maxwell Equations are self similar for
either electron or proton (fractal math)

Chapt13.40089 The Coulomb Force is not about charge but rather
that does the attraction and or repulsion!

Chapt13.4009 The Coulomb Force is F=k(e1*e2)/d^2 and F=k(B1*B2)/d^2
so that the photoelectric effect is completely explained and Quantum
Mechanics is a subset of Maxwell Equations.

Chapt13.40091 Superconductivity as subshell switching in New Physics

Chapt13.40092 Superfluidity and BEC as spin switching

Chapt13.40093 Aufbau Principle derived purely from Maxwell Equations

Chapt13.40094 Dirac Equation derived from Symmetrical Maxwell

Chapt13.40095 Five axioms that yields all of Physics

Chapt13.40096 there is no "slowed light" as in Hau experiment
but rather "absorbed and re-emitted light"

(13.4.01) Particle Physics table

(13.41) duality of mass to charge and Experiment of Bubble Chamber to
charge comes 100% with 0% mass when particle is outside an atom
(13.42) Deriving the principles of Quantum Mechanics-- Uncertainty,
Complementarity, Pauli Exclusion, Least Energy, Superposition, from
mostly that of
the Perpetual Motion

(13.43) Superconductivity explained as the temperature dependence of
Faraday's Law with the extended term of magnetic-current-density J_m
and where the Meissner effect is the magnetic monopole with perfect-
(13.44) a more pure Avogadro constant based on electron-dot-cloud of
the electrons of the periodic table of chemical elements
(13.45) Meissner effect as the Magnetic Monopole sought for by Dirac
(13.46) Now we have the duality of spin to temperature to include with
particle to wave, position to momentum, energy to time, charge to
electricity to magnetism
(13.5) Thermodynamics derived from the Maxwell Equations
(13.51) defining heat, resistance, friction in New Physics as 1/2
particle spin
(13.52) New Chemistry: built from the 6 axioms of Maxwell Equations
plus Lenz
law plus Dirac Equation

(13.53) New Physics; New Chemistry: polar covalent bond of water
simulates the neutrino-electron for Strong Nuclear force and EM-
gravity force.
(13.6) Particle Physics now has only 6 fundamental subatomic
particles, proton, antiproton, electron, antielectron, photon,
(13.7) The neutrino is the antiphoton and annihilates such that X-
rays ?and gamma rays emerge
(13.8) The neutrino is a longitudinal wave as antiphoton
(13.9) Jupiter and the Sun's radio signals indicate that pulsars are
surface chemical compositions causing the pulsing radio waves
(13.91) Building a radio emitter and a radio receiver using a
phonograph record player as analog, in order to better understand
(13.92) How we get pulsars and quasars when the only unified force is
EM and where the greatest amount of energy comes from matter to
antimatter annihilation, so that quasars are a form of neutrino to
photon annihilation
(14) Dirac's Ocean of Positrons = Space (and tells us what gravity
(15.1) Experiment for CERN to produce a neutrino beam ?and then mix
into that beam some photons of frequency ?less than X-ray and produce
X-rays in neutrino to photon ?annihilation

(15.2) History of Physics and where 1860s starts Quantum Mechanics
with the Maxwell Equations: Maxwell Equations starts Quantum Mechanics

Chapter 15.2 the two largest gravest errors of physics in year 2012,
which are
easily correctable

Chapt13.4.02 Double-Transverse Wave Theory (DTW)

Chapt13.4.03 Charge, Rest-mass, Spin, Speed, Geometrical-Size of
particles from DTW
Chapt13.4.04 Coulomb law binds protons to electrons; Ampere law binds
like charges into structures; Chemistry is mostly Ampere's law
Chapt13.4.05 Maxwell Equations with Magnetic Monopoles gives us
charge, mass, spin
Chapt13.4.06 Strip Geometry rather than geometry assumed whole
Chapt13.4.07 Axioms of Physics versus Axioms of Mathematics
Chapt13.4.08 Can there be a triple transverse wave, a guiding wave?

Chapt13.409 Pair Production has to equal Pair Annihilation

Chapt13.4091 Review of DTW theory

Chapt15.3 Deriving Schrodinger/Dirac Equations from the Maxwell

Chapt15.31 Deriving rest-mass from monopoles

Chapt15.32 Where Maxwell Equations makes the units of Geometry of

Chapt15.33 Predicting the rest-mass of muon 105MeV from the Maxwell

Chapt15.34 explaining Superconductivity from Maxwell Equations

Chapt15.35 explaining Space from Maxwell Equations

Chapt15.36 explaining the neutrino from the Maxwell Equations

Chapt15.37 base equation of all physics is Area = LxW from Maxwell
Equations; deriving both Dirac and Schrodinger Equations out of the
Maxwell Equations

Chapt15.38 Maxwell Equations as axioms of physics
solves rest-mass, charge, spin, speed, Space, Energy

Chapt15.39 Glossary of concepts and terms of Physics

Chapt15.40 which initiates the free neutron decay, pre-electron or pre-
proton Experiment.

Chapt15.41 Malus law solves superconductivity and solves and unifies
Thermodynamics to the Maxwell Equations

Chapt15.42 Deriving E=mcc purely from the Maxwell Equations; energy
and mass are dualities not equivalencies

Chapt15.43 Deriving Strong Nuclear force and Gravity force purely from
Maxwell Equations

Chapt15.44 Deriving Radioactivity or Weak Nuclear force purely from
Maxwell Equations

Chapt15.45 Deriving all of biology from the Maxwell Equations as axiom

Chapt15.46 Particle-Wave duality and now we have
Physical Experiment-Logic Reasoning duality

Chapt15.47 detailed analysis of Solid-Body-Rotation
versus Solid-Ring-Rotation

Chapt15.48 Summation of Maxwell Equations is a generalized Dirac
Equation (the AP-equation)

Chapt15.49 the 5th Axiom: all the facts of Chemistry

Chapt15.50 can Maxwell Equations derive Dirac's New Radioactivities &
Faraday Parity Experiment

Chapt15.51 all of thermodynamics and superconductivity derived from
Maxwell Equations

Chapt15.52 correcting two errors of Old Physics-- no Doppler Redshift
possible and Solid Body Rotation requires gravity to be EM-gravity

Chapt15.53 deriving all of mathematics from the 5 axioms of physics

--- End of New Physics textbook ---

Chapt16.1 Ring in galactic mapping in 3rd layer of Caltech's mapping
suggests the electron lobe of a Plutonium Atom Totality

Chapt16.12 Limits of distance that light can travel and be seen;
Experiment ; recent asteroid and meteor encounter

Chapt16.13 Galactic shapes and evolution when Maxwell Equations are
axioms over all of Physics

Chapter 16.2 Compton scattering effect & Tifft quantized galaxy

(17) Telescope experiments as distance tool
(18) telescopic-eclipse- technique, and upper limit of telescope in
distance is about 400 million light years
(19) Experiment that Space is electromagnetic, not gravitational with
the upper limit of distance as 400 million light years
(20) density and distribution of all the galaxies
(21) axes of rotation of galaxies
(22) layered age of Cosmos with 6.5 billion years new Cosmos yet
old galaxies of the Uranium Atom Totality 20.2 billion years old
(23) layered ages of the Solar System where Sun is likely to be twice
as old as Jupiter
(24) the cosmic abundance and distribution of chemical elements
(25) shape of the Cosmos as 6 lobes of 5f6 as nonrelativistic as
Cubic, or as relativistic Dodecahedron
(26) color of the cosmos as plutonium off-white
(27) Cosmic spin
(28) Universe itself is the one and only magnetic monopole
(29) MECO theory to explain high energy sources and dispel black-hole
theory as science-fiction
(30) Earth evidence such as age; zirconium crystal dating
(31) Titius-Bode Rule as diffraction pattern
(32) Solar System evidence such as CellWell 1 and CellWell2
(33) planet cores evidence
(34) plane of ecliptic evidence
(35) Galaxy evidence: Milky Way evidence
(36) Stars evidence
(37) Exoplanets and exosolarsystems

III. Mathematical and logic beauty support
(38) "pi" and "e" and "i" explained
(39) proton to electron mass ratio and inverse fine structure constant
(40) speed of light explained and derived purely from math
(41) finite vs. infinite border and infinity explained
(42) Bell Inequality explained; Atom Totalities 2nd experimentum-
(43) Bell Inequality implies Superdeterminism which fits only in an
Atom Totality theory
(44) Superdeterminism replaces Darwin Evolution and makes it an

Chapt45: Superdeterminism implies that the Brain/Mind is a radio

(46) Purpose and meaning of life
(47) Using physics principles, predicting whether we are alone or
there are aliens ?(48) Atomic theory Syllogism
(49) Physics is the one and only science and all other subjects are
derivatives of physics
(50) Atoms are the only thing existing, and all else is what atoms do


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Archimedes Plutonium
whole entire Universe is just one big atom
where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies

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