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Topic: The Antiquity of the Sumerian PI Value, Part 18 - The Measurement of the Circle.
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The Antiquity of the Sumerian PI Value, Part 18 - The Measurement of the Circle.
Posted: Nov 4, 2013 8:10 AM
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att1.html (47.0 K)

Copyrights 2013 by Ion Vulcanescu.
It is 2013 AD.
Let's Measure the Circle !

You do not understand what I am speaking of ?
I believe you. Just be patient.

In this article's Research Data you shall have access to a Repressed Body of Knowledge of 17th - 18th Century AD by France and England of the then learned Jewish Scholars.

Step by step they appears to have dissapeared in time
tortured and killed in the jails of the then
Kings of France and England.

But they left after them their image encoded in
which coordonatted with THE ROMAN ALPHABET
signals their Repressed Body of Knowledge !

This article it is
and my Spit on the Universities and Academies of Science !
Please, be aware that the understanding of this article
requires familiarization with the prior Research Data
of Part 1 through Part 17 that can be found at:
You have reached an United States of America's Independent Research facilitated by the wisdom of the USA Drexel University's Mathforum to give to the Independent Researchers of outside of USA Universities an Internet Voice where free of any Political, and Private Interests
Censorship,they to be able publish their Research and Opinions.

Thus this article contains not only the Research Data,
but also my Opinions of Philosopher, both protected by
the Federal Laws of the United States, and by the International Laws.

If you intend to use partial or total this research, you can use it by the Specifications of the Copyright Notice of THE AMERICAN CIVILIZATION GEOMETRY
that can be found attached at the end of the article:
"The Condemnation by the Paris Livre
of the French Academy of Sciences" at
Please, abide by the Mathforum's Terms of Use, and be aware that any infringement on this author Ideas and/or Philosophical Concepts presented on Mathforum for worldwide researchers, as also any attempts of using Reverse Mathematical Approaches, or Designed Concepts of going around, or altering for Universitar, or Academic Credits, or for Financial Gains of the Philosophical Concepts herein indicated are Severe Violations of the USA, and International Copyrights Treaties.

Detailed Visual Explanations through Geometrical Draws of the Mathematical Exactitude of
THE SUMERIAN NATURAL GEOMETRIC PI VALUE 3.14626437 can be found on web on the the author Facebook Page at:

Please, be aware that in order to open and research these pages you may have to Register, and/or Sign in.

Providing that the Mathforum and the Author are mentioned,
the PH Dr. Students are Permitted Free of Charge
to use on their papers this and any other Research Data of this Author, but a Copy of such papers have to be delivered ASAP to Mathforum, and also to this Author

The Same Permission ( as above indicated) it is also given to all Worldwide Newspapers, and to all Student Newspapers, who may consider to republish any Research Data for their readers.
Also, please, be aware that as this article here-and-there may have typing errors, or other errors, it shall be corrected by author until it shall remain as to the intended form.

Due to this effect, all researchers who shall find this article on internet are asked that always to return to Mathforum at:
and consider only the last corrected edition, or
pass over such error(s), and research further.
The Draw of this Research Data is now PUBLIC on Facebook !
a - To understand this article's Research Data, you must have under your eyes a Page that I published on my Facebook Page at

It is called:

Please, print it, and bring it here in front of your eyes for that only having this page under your eyes you shall be able to see, and understand the Research Data I now begin to explain.

...and now let's begin !

b - Look down at the Numerical, Proportional, and Geometric PI Values where under them you see the following expression:

6400 = 608 + 16 + 5776 + 16 - 608 = 5184

Observe THE ARROWS coming left and right from "5776" as (<<<.5776.>>>).

They indicate that in order to read the Expression you must begin from "5776", which it is
and read toward left and toward right.

c - Became familiar with THE GEOMETRICAL EQUILIBRIUM
of the GEOMETRIC POINT where the Perimeter and the Area of
the " Square" both are the SAME as 16. Ignore for now the Circle, although you do not see it now participating,

d - Became familiar with THE GEOMETRIC POINT
a "square" of side 2 x 2, which when taken to Infinity by "x 1.111." becames a value seen as "8.8888.." seen then as The Geometric Point's Perimeter.

e- Became familiar with THE ROMAN ALPHABET
whose 23 letter make a sum of 276, and the Ratio between 276/23 = 12.

Note that the sum of al Master Frequencies of the Consonants Groups it is 132344, and the sum of all 4 Vowels it is 14580.

f- Also became familiar with the English Alphabet
whose 26 letters make a sum of 351, and the Ratio between 351/26 = 13.5

Also note that the sum of all Master Fequencies of the Consonants Groups it is 1077489, and the sum of all 5 Vowels it is 10404

g- Look now in the lefttop of the Page and realize that the expression:

"276/23 x 351/26 x 5184 = 839808 ",

where "839808" being THE MASTER FREQUENCY of the word JEW,
it can be read also as:

"Roman Alphabet x English Alphabet x The Master Frequency
of the Geometric PI Value 3.14626437 = The Master Frequency of the word "JEW".

...and now let's see the Mathematical Coordonation
from the bottom of the Page !
Homage to the 17th Century AD .JEWS OF ENGLAND !
See now the expression:
"The Decimal System + 8.888. x 276/23 x 351/26 + 6400 +
+ 5776 + 5184 = (132344 - 14580) - ( 107748 - 10404)"

that you can read on such Page, just bellow of this expression you have the Reading, but try read this expression by moving the terms as:

"(The MF of the Groups of Consonants - The MF of the Vowels of the Roman Alphabet) - ( The MF of the Groups of Consonants - The MF of the Vowels of the English Alphabet) - The MF of the Geometric PI Value - The MF of the Proportionasl PI Value - The MF of the Numerical PI Value : The Ratio between 351/26 : The Ratio between 276/23 = The Decimal System + The Geometric Point at the Infinity"

This reading prooves the Designers of the English Alphabet
appears to have been the European Dark Age's JEWS OF ENGLAND, who appears that :

a- Knew the now PI Value 3.141592654 at the exactitude of
the 9th decimal, and of its Master Frequency 6400.

b - Knew of the existence of the Geometric PI Value 3.14626437, and its Master Frequency 5184.

c- Knew of the existence of the Proportional PI Value 3.143928512, and its Master Frequency 5776, and

OF THE ENGLISH ALPHABET in a Strict Coodonance with the Roman Alphabet, the Decimal System, and the Geometrical Equilibrium of the Geomeric Point.

Or, if one does not like it so, then there is
that Spiritually - like -it-or-not - has chosen me
to have access to this Knowledge.
The Measurement of the Circle.
...and now let's see how here is hidden the really
MEASUREMENT OF THE CIRCLE with an INCLUDED or, NOT INCLUDED Thickness of the Circle's Circumference.

a - As I begun explaining in Part 17, it appears the Proof
that for the ancient sages the Circle Circumference had a Thickness of 76 units. These 76 units when multiplied with the Geometric Point of ancient civilizations (preceding Greece) - a Square with an inscribed Circle both separatted in 8 parts, creates the value of 608 as:

76 x 8 parts of the Geometric Point = 608 parts.

Thus the value "608" represents THE CIRCLE'S CIRCUMFERENCE, it is in itself...A GEOMETRIC POINT!

b - Let's bring again under our eyes the Expression:

Numerical PI<<<<<<Proportional PI>>>>>>>>>Geometric PI

Look on the Page to the ARROWS, and to the fact that:
1 -Leaving the Proportional PI Master Frequency "5776"
by reading toward Left we see that before to reach
it appears added that "16" which we know that it is
The Geometrical Equilibrium ( see the arrow pointing to it), and also it appears added THE CIRCLE'S CIRCUMFERENCE
of those 608 units, but.

2- Leaving the Proportional PI Master Frequency "5776"
by reading toward Right, we see that before to reach
it appears also added that "16" which we know that it is
The Geometrical Equilibrium ( see the arrow pointing to it), but now it appears that THE CIRCLE'S CIRCUMFERENCE

3 - ...and so it is seen the Visual Proof of the fact that:

a - THE PI VALUE 3.141592654 ( of the now science of mathematics) represents the Area of the Circle (of Radius One) with THE CIRCLE'S CIRCUMFERENCE ...INCLUDED

b - THE PI VALUE 3.14626437( of the Sumerian Units of Measures) represents the Area of the Circle (of Radius One) with THE CIRCLE'S CIRCUMFERENCE...NOT INCLUDED.

herein seen appears to have taken place at NASA when the Mathematicians calculating the Force of Explosion of
THE SOLID FUEL ENGINES using PI Value 3.141592654, they calculatted such Volume of Solid Fuel using the Numerical PI Value ( with an INCLUDED Circle Circumference), they Lost the Mathematical Controll of the Force of Explosion, and the NASA Engineers covered-up such Loss of controll of the Force of Explosion with." A BETTER GLUE" around the O-Rigns of the Sections of the Cylinder of the Solid Fuel Engine.

...and later in time, USA National Academy of Science
realizing that this philosopher research can not be stopped they run to US CONGRESS convincing the USA Politicians TO OFFICIALY HONOUR with their "mathematical authority" THE NUMERICAL PI VALUE 3.141592654 !

.and, although as philosopher, I would very much enjoy
to attach herein some "nice words" for these IDIOTS,
I lett the History of Mathematics to speak fo me in time !
1- As it is known that during the Julius Cesar Era, the Jews were at High Respect at his Court in Rome, and during this time THE ROMAN ALPHABET was completted to the form herein seen, and that
THE ROMAN SEPARATTED THE FOOT in.12 parts called INCHES, it appears that they mathematically coodonatted the Length with THE ROMAN ALPHABET's ratio herein seen
as 276/23 = of THE ROMAN FOOT.

2 - As the nowdays English Alphabet's
order of the Consonants and Vowels , when seen through the word JEW comes to indicate a Master Frequency of 839808, and also the ratio of 13.5 ( of the sum and the numbers of the letters of the english aphabet) has also the same Master Frequency 839808, this clear signals that

3 - As the British Academy does not has any publication
where these aspects to be seen, it clear signals
that - sometime in the past -
through which England repressed this Body of Knowledge
that this researcher now in bit by bit recovers for the civilization.

4- As it is known that the word JEW appeared only during
the 18th century AD, and that before the jews were called
with other names, and that the word JEW appears
strictly coordonatted with the English Alphabet,
it also signals that the then Jews of England deciding
to name their descenednts as JEWS, they realized
that in the time-ahead somebody shall discover their
Time-Message and make it known.

Well, NOT A JEW, but an American ( Romanian born)
has discovered their Time-Message, and now
he Returns it to Civilizationa, and
to the Descendents of them, the today JEWS !

5- The herein seen Aspect (through which it is prooved that the Designers of the English Alphabet knew of the existence of these 3 PI Values: Numerical Proportional and Geometric, historically prooves that not only the Greeks ( of the Hellenistic Era), but also the Europeans of the 17th - 18th century AD, expecially France and England, were Fully Involved in

The Reason for this Falsification, when joined with the fact that nowdays nowhere it is mentioned this
"Change of the Mathematics" it prooves that this Action
was Politically Motivatted for the only reason of
and of their Body of Knowledge that this author is now remaking under the title of:

6- As the most important units of measures for weight
of the 17th century AD of Europe, as such
- The Paris Livre, in France
- The Cologne Ounce, in Germany,
- The Tower Ounce, in England
- Avoirdupois - etc,

appears to have encoded Time Messages of the Concept of Gometric Point, its Recovery signals that France embarked to an hard work in the "replacing" the ancients units of measures with THE FRENCH METRIC SYSTEM.

...and so it signals the fact that the Idea of the creation of THE FRENCH METRIC SYSTEM have been Politically Motivatted as TO ERASE the Body of Knowledge of THE THEN EUROPEAN JEWS that surviving the Papal State Inquisition Era, it escaped the European Dark Age,
and it was pulsating in time toward our days.

The Research Continues.....
Ion Vulcanescu - Philosopher
Independent Researcher in the History of Mathematics
Author, Editor, and Publisher of:

November 4 2013

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