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Topic: 1)TRUE CORRECT MATH NEEDED by Physics in order to do the Table of
Elementary Physics Particles //page37

Replies: 1   Last Post: Nov 27, 2017 11:15 PM

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1)TRUE CORRECT MATH NEEDED by Physics in order to do the Table of
Elementary Physics Particles //page37

Posted: Nov 27, 2017 8:56 PM
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Newsgroups: sci.physics
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2017 17:50:52 -0800 (PST)

Subject: 1)TRUE CORRECT MATH NEEDED by Physics in order to do the Table of
Elementary Physics Particles //page37
From: Archimedes Plutonium <>
Injection-Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2017 01:50:53 +0000

1)TRUE CORRECT MATH NEEDED by Physics in order to do the Table of Elementary Physics Particles //page37

1)TRUE CORRECT MATH NEEDED by Physics in order to do the Table of Elementary Physics Particles //page37

Alright, I need new true mathematics to solve the Table of Elementary Particles. What I am doing is similar to Mendeleev solving the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements, only I am doing it on the Elementary particles of physics.

Now, Old Physics had a really stupid and obnoxious application of a math rule, something they dreamed up from the gutter of their minds-- the threefold way in the silly Quark theory-- just obnoxious crank math, that went nowhere, achieved nothing, and sent thousands of would be physicists into a gutter of cranberry. I wanted to add that information so to warn the reader, that to solve the Elementary Particles of Physics, requires some NEW MATH, for the math at present current useage in physics is mostly wrong math, and to solve the Problem, I need CORRECT MATH.

Now there was something great in the math of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements discovery of the 1860s, a math rule that is true, and not the pathetic ignorant threefold way. It is called the Octave Rule, and also in Quantum Mechanics the octet rule. It emphasizes the geometry structure of a octagon and is Extremely important in solving the Periodic Table of Elementary Particles, for once you notice that 8 Muons = 1 Proton and 9 Muons = 1 Neutron, well, you almost have the entire Table solved from that fact alone.

Now a brief history of the importance of 8 is outlined here::
> Alright, I am pretty sure I know how to solve this. What needs fixing.
> Imagine yourself as Mendeleev in the 1860s
> By the way-- Newlands gave a Law of Octaves and then Meyer also proposed a periodic table in 1860s
> But now, Law of Octaves fits nice with the Proton being 840 MeV rest mass and muon= Real Electron being 105 MeV rest mass, for you see the octave there? The proton is 8 muons in a octagon shape.

So, below, and in the next several pages, I am taking time out from pure physics and delivering TRUE MATH that is required to solve the Table of Elementary Particles.

Now one would think that mathematics is clean already, and just ready for physicists to pick up and make use of. The truth of the matter is, that almost all of mathematics as of 2017 needs a huge scrub down, and that 75% of mathematics is trash garbage, even the vaunted Calculus is built on falsehoods. So, with that said, I need a long list of pages correcting Old Math, for mathematicians as of 2017 are lazy corrupt and ignorant in ever cleaning up their act as scientists.

I begin these MATH Correction pages with a Number theory correction and with a Geometry correction. Because, well, if you look at the .51 MeV particle with -1 charge in physics, well, they used computers which uses binary number system. If all physics experimental data were done in Decimals not binary, then the .51 MeV would be .5 MeV, the speed of light would be 3.0 not 2.99, the proton, muon, neutron rest masses would be 840, 105, 945 MeV respectively. When physicists use a number system not Decimal, their numbers are not the numbers of Nature, but corrupted numbers.

1.) DECIMAL NUMBER SYSTEM is superior to all other number systems and the only system to be used in SCIENCE, especially physics.

Duality in math is because Physics is duality of Atomic theory-- particle versus wave, electricity versus magnetism, geometry versus numbers, etc.

Let us focus on Numbers, how to represent them, for in how to represent numbers can either destroy our understanding or allow us to understand fully and clearly. If we have the wrong representation of numbers, we cannot hope to fully understand them.

In the history of mathematics, one of the key discoveries was the Decimal Number System. But, even as of recently, 2017, most math professors, perhaps all except AP, thought that Number Systems never change the value of numbers, regardless of what system you use. And in the age of computers, the computer electronics favors binary system, with its electronic gate open or closed.

Trouble is, though, one number system is superior to all other number systems, the decimal system, and that representation of numbers, does in fact, affect their values.

The decimal number system is the only noncorrupt system, and all other systems have failures of number values.

The reason Decimal is superior, is because of the 231Pu Atom Totality demands a number system that has Clean-Pure Numbers as border endpoints. A clean-pure number is this progression


A clean-pure number is a "1" digit followed by nothing but 0 digits. They make perfect endpoints as borderlines. And Decimal especially highlights clean-pure numbers since it is the use of two primes 2 and 5.

All other number systems have a 10 and 100, etc, but their 10 and 100 is not formed from the two primes 2 and 5.

Why 2 and 5 forming 10 is so special?

It is because all numbers and all geometry comes from the 231Pu Atom Totality. So that pi and 2.71? exist as special because 231 Plutonium has 22 filled subshells in 7 shells and only 19 subshells occupied at any one moment in time, giving 22/7 as pi and simultaneously giving 19/7 as "e".

The final answers as to why why why in science or math, all ends up with a feature of the 231Pu Atom Totality. And the reason for a Number System based on 2x5 is so special is because 231Pu is the 5f6 outer shell and so the 5 comes from that and the 2 comes from 2x3=6.

Did you know in math there is what is called magic-cubes::

If i look at the 231Pu Atom Totality and its 5f6

Then a 3by3 Array, best not call them matrix

Occurs for addition with 5 as center

2   7   6

9   5   1

4   3   8

So the 5f6 hints at trying 6 for center for multiplication

After playing around

18    1    12

4      6      9

3     36     2

For 216 in all rows columns diagonals

Also, interesting is that 216 + 15 = 231 as in 231Pu

The reason that MATHEMATICS even exists, in the first place, is because the Universe just one big atom with smaller atoms inside itself. And since atoms have Shape and Size, thus comes forth the creation of geometry. And since atoms are numerous, many and many atoms, thus is created Numbers, or commonly called Algebra.

The decimal number system is superior and unique to all other number system. Think of it as the "e" of logarithms. The logarithms with base 2.71?. is unique base and is a superior base for any logarithmic system. So the base-10 number system, the decimal system is unique and superior.

Why superior? Well for one, its representation does not corrupt number values. In binary, many numbers as fractions are distorted and corrupted. Not the whole numbers in binary, but once you need to use fractions, often they are distorted in true values.

Here is a recent report of a incident of number value distortion by binary (source stack overflow Internet)

> Found this one in stack overflow, bolstering the case i make that all systems except Decimal are crap

>> 50.05/0.05 is not precisely equal to 1001, which it should.
>> I understand that the above problem arises because all decimal numbers can not be precisely
>>written down in binary. But it is very obvious that it will create problem at many places, is there a >>good way to take care of the above apart from rounding off?

You see, what happens in physics when you put all your arithmetic into a computer, especially large number data, and all that number crunching the computer goes through to give you a final answer. An answer that should be .5 not .51, an answer that should be 3.00 not 2.99, an answer that should be 137, not a fraction. An answer that should be 105, 840, 945, not 105.7, 833.--, 939.--. When you use a binary system in science, your math numbers never come out to the correct numbers that Nature has.

So, decimal representation is superior, not only for precision and nondistortion, but because only Decimals can deliver a Grid System in mathematics.

Grid Systems were discovered by me, AP, discovered or invented in May of 2013 as I was doing my first edition of a Calculus textbook on the sci.math Internet, and in order to do Calculus, for I needed empty space between consecutive points in Geometry in order to have a integral and derivative. You cannot have a Calculus and have a geometry of a continuum. This meant, I needed to have a Grid System of equally spaced points and empty space between those points, empty space between two consecutive points. You, the reader, will discover for yourself, that the only way you can have equally spaced points with empty space between points is the decimal number system.

There is only ONE Number System that can do a Grid System. Only the Decimal System can mirror reflect small numbers from large numbers and reflect large numbers from small numbers. Let me diagram what a Grid System is and the reader should automatically understand the Grid System.

Integer Grid
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 , 11, 12, etc etc

10 Grid
.1, .2, .3, .4, .5, .6, .7, .8, .9, 1.0, 1.1, . . , 9.9, 10.0  with math induction element being .1

100 Grid
.01, .02, .03, .04, . . , 99.98, 99.99, 100.00 with math induction element being .01

Only Decimal Number System can do a Grid, because only Decimal Numbers can mirror reflect the small number, the fraction and the large numbers-- whole numbers, and have a math induction element that builds all the numbers in a specific Grid.

Old Math Professors are corrupt in mathematics, for they never change their mistakes, for they never even acknowledge their mistakes, and they keep preaching fake math. They do this because they rather make money selling books of fake math, rather than spend the time to correct fake math. Professors of math are like any other greedy lazy person, get the most money from doing the least amount of work. Old math professors teach that all number systems deliver the same value of any number, and they teach that decimal is no better than binary or ternary etc. True math says that is false; true math says that Decimal System is the only system that delivers true value of numbers and is superior in allowing a Grid System, and all other number systems are junk.

So, here in physics, it matters whether your physics answers of math come from a computer using binary.


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