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Topic: Page27, 3-3, Coulomb's law as EM-gravity; Sun & planets helical
motion in space/Atom-Totality-Universe/ textbook 8th ed 2017

Replies: 1   Last Post: Dec 7, 2017 10:10 PM

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Page27, 3-3, Coulomb's law as EM-gravity; Sun & planets helical
motion in space/Atom-Totality-Universe/ textbook 8th ed 2017

Posted: Dec 7, 2017 8:19 PM
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Page27, 3-3, Coulomb's law as EM-gravity; Sun & planets helical motion in space/Atom-Totality-Universe/ textbook 8th ed 2017

There was a very serious and important break here around 19 October to 22 October 2017 as I had to sort out force being dQ/dt as electric current in physics, an alternative to Newton's F = mass * acceleration. I had to explain the 6 laws of AP Equations as being forces, and the way that was resolved, was recognizing that force in New Physics, meant there was a electric current A = i = dQ/dt in each of the 6 laws of AP Equations. But the problem did not stop there, for then, I had to explain what exactly is a electric current A doing in the Magnetic Field units kg/A*s^2. I had to explain, what the hell, is a electric current A doing there in magnetic field. The resolution appears to be a revival of Dirac's magnetic monopole, where he gets a value of -at minimum-, he gets 137/2 the charge on one electron=moun, as the charge on a magnetic monopole. But the magnetic monopole is really the .5MeV particle, and is Lines of Force of magnetism. So that the A current in Magnetic Field is a monopole current and is the .5 MeV particle as a closed loop.

What the Dirac magnetic monopole on page 46 of his Directions in Physics book says-- is that a magnetic monopole is 137/2 (at minimum) greater than the charge on one electron. I have to go back and see where Dirac's computation went astray.

This revelation coming in October of 2017 at the same time as writing this edition of Atom Totality has a huge consequence for this chapter and prior chapters, especially on EM gravity. For I have to reconcile how the planets in a helical motion around the Sun as the Sun hurdles through space. I have to reconcile how gravity causes Magnetic Field tracks, that not only pulls planet Earth along, but also pushes planet Earth along in that Magnetic Field track of Space.

So I start this page where I left off the last page as summary::

The 6th law of EM theory;; the Coulomb and EM gravity law

L' = (i^2B - B^3- V^2i) / i^2B^2

This is a law that Maxwell had never seen, for it is EM-Gravity law.
It has the form of (kAA + jBB + hCC)/d^2  for an ellipse for planets to orbit the Sun, and it has so much more. And what it does is create a track in astronomy for stars or planets or moons to orbit, and not only tracks, but the planet pulls and pushes the moons in their track and the Sun pulls and pushes the planets in their tracks, call it an i current type of a push in the track, along with a magnetic field pull in a track. So gravity is seen not only as a gravitational attraction or pull, but also as a push in a track. So the law creates EM tracks and pulls and pushes the mass in the track to orbit. Now that makes a lot of sense, does it not for we can easily picture the Sun as a electric generator pulling and pushing monopoles to flow around in circles.

One of the greatest missed concepts in Physics history-- Stepping in Front of Forward Motion, whether planets or Rings.

Now, in this book, I need Saturn and its Rings, like no other planet, to explain EM gravity. If our Solar System never had a Saturn and rings, I would guess that intelligent life on Earth, would have been retarded for thousands of years before the planet's intelligent life formulated the correct understanding of gravity. I say that because Saturn and its Rings is a perfect model for grasping how EM gravity works. And if we never had Saturn, it would be perhaps (I am guessing) 2,000 years longer before humanity properly understood how gravity works. Saturn and Rings is a gift to humanity to understand gravity better.

Alright, I was trying to look up pictures of the orientation of Saturn's Rings as Saturn moves in orbit around the Sun.

You see, I want to know if any parts of the Rings steps in front of Saturn as Saturn moves in orbit around the Sun.

This is important also for planets moving around Sun, because the Sun is moving at 230 km/sec while Earth is moving just 30 km/sec in orbit. So, does the Earth ever step in front of Sun's forward motion?

Do the ice particles of Saturn Ring ever step in front of Saturn's forward motion.

Now on the Web, there are many sites that shows the motion of Sun with planets in a helix motion through space.

Now, one web site claims it is a "authoritative science web site, giving the straight up and straight and narrow science " of how the planets move while the Sun moves. And what this -- what I opine as quack website is saying is that the planets move around the sun as a plane of orbit perpendicular to the Sun's forward motion, never is there a moment where a planet steps out in front of Sun's forward motion.

So, here, I need to know if the ice particles of Saturn Rings ever step out in front of Saturn's forward motion, or, are the ice particles always oblique to the forward motion of Saturn.

You see, humanity learns things slowly, and once it learns something, it is slow to embark on the next higher level of learning and understanding. From the Ancient Greeks to Copernicus to Newton to Rubin and Ford, the level of understanding of astronomy and physics was merely that of Sun is center of Solar System, for it took 2,000 years for the intelligence of humanity to absorb the idea that something is the center and that center is at rest, the center is not in motion, and could never ever be 230 km/sec while Earth is mere 30 km/sec.

So of course Newton gravity and General Relativity is based upon a math that the Sun is at rest.

If Newton had known and taught that the Sun was 230 km/sec while Earth was 30 km/sec, there would have been no takers to that idea. Yet, that is the truth.

So, with all these websites, some showing how planets are not a ring around the Sun as it moves 230 km/sec. Some show the planets as helical motion just as the Sun is helical.

Every astronomy textbook today, has it wrong on how the Sun with planets in tow, move in space. every one has it wrong.

The concept of STEPPING IN FRONT OF FORWARD MOTION is a brand new concept, only now being discussed.

A huge problem of astronomy and the other sciences, is that they hate concepts with words that fully define what the concept is. They hate it when I give a name of a concept as Stepping in Front of Forward Motion. They hate that because they want names that have one word or two words at most. They prefer a name like ecleptic or apex. Words that never draw a immediate picture. And that is a part of the problem of why astronomy is so far backwards and primitive in understanding much of anything.

Hundreds of years ago it was known the Sun moves in space, but how fast was only recently known.

It was known before the kookish General Relativity was blathered about. But then again, if instead of General Relativity in about 1917, humanity had the superior theory of "Stepping in Front of Forward Motion", that humanity would have come quicker to the realization that gravity was EM force. So in the history of science, we always need the dumb and stupid error filled model before humanity reaches the logical true model. We cannot reach the logical true model first without stepping on the dumb and silly model and embrace it for a time or two, for it is so simplistic and silly, while the true one is complex and complicated.

So now, looking at the web for clues as to whether the ice particles step in front of Saturn's forward motion. Do they?

The web on Saturn says yes, even though the rings are tilted what looks to be 30 degrees, or maybe is that 60 degrees.

Let me denote Rings as R and Saturn as S

                  SSS             ----> forward motion

or is it this

                  SSS             ----> forward motion

You see, the pictures that the web sites are showing, and are approved by astronomy departments in colleges and universities is this picture of the Sun with planets denoted as P.



                  SSS             ----> forward motion 230 km/sec



So, the concept of modern day astronomy and physics alike, is no longer the primitive caveman physics that Sun is stationary, but that the Sun is hurdling forward at a terrific speed and so, gravity has to be explained in terms of keeping up with the Sun. And Saturn can help explain this.

Injection-Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2017 21:03:57 +0000
train track analogy Re: One of the greatest missed concepts in Physics history-- Stepping in Front of Forward Motion

There is one good analogy of a train to the gravity of Sun and planets, and Saturn and Rings. The analogy is the train track.

The train track is preexisting for some train to come along and follow the track.

This is the copper wire in Ampere's law, the copper wire in Faraday's law, and the copper wire in law of electricity. This is the term jBB missing in the numerator of what should be Coulomb force (kAA+ jBB + hCC)/d^2

So the train track is the huge missing piece in Maxwell Equations and in the force of gravity.

Space is somehow a huge interlay of tracks, which mass follows those tracks. Magnetic Field tracks, to be sure.

In an Atom Totality, the tracks are given as Space.

It is a huge magnetic field and concentrated into tracks, so that stars follow them, galaxies follow them, planets follow them, even ice clumps follow them in Saturn Rings.

Did you know? Few people know of this fact, because astronomy education hides or ignores this fact. But the fact is true-- that the Universe of stars and galaxies is mostly long filaments, like electrical wiring filaments.

So, the reason I want all future space probes to carry a voltmeter, measuring the voltage of Space, is because it should read strong signals of voltage whenever inside a track, and weak outside the track.

Now i am going to name this new concept SFFM for Stepping in Front of Forward Motion.

It really is remarkable that no astronomer or physicist ever thought or were enchanted with the idea that in gravity, objects step in front of other objects forward motion, and that only the force of electromagnetism can deal with such motion. Only electromagnetism as the prime mover of astronomy bodies can do SFFM.

Very crude dot picture of 5f6, 94TH

                ::\ ::|:: /::
                     _ _
                     - -
                ::/ ::|:: \::
One of those dots is the Milky Way galaxy. And each dot represents another galaxy.
            . \ .  . | .   /.
           . . \. . .|. . /. .
---------------      -------------
--------------- (Y) -------------
---------------      --------------
           . . /. . .|. . \. .
            . / .  . | .   \ . ?whole entire Universe is just one big atom ?where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies

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