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Topic: Page28, 3-4, Electromagnetism is the force of gravity pull & push,
not the childish silly General Relativity or Newton gravity/Atom-Totality-Universe/
textbook 8th ed 2017

Replies: 1   Last Post: Dec 7, 2017 11:32 PM

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Page28, 3-4, Electromagnetism is the force of gravity pull & push,
not the childish silly General Relativity or Newton gravity/Atom-Totality-Universe/
textbook 8th ed 2017

Posted: Dec 7, 2017 10:24 PM
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Page28, 3-4, Electromagnetism is the force of gravity pull & push, not the childish silly General Relativity or Newton gravity/Atom-Totality-Universe/ textbook 8th ed 2017

Alright, I am going to have to explain the "pull and push" of planets by the Sun in their orbits.

I started this text by explaining that EM is an attraction force only and there is no repel force, but rather, a denial of the same space occupancy. So I need to explain the fact that in parallel conducting wires with current opposite direction that the wires move apart. Is the moving apart, is that repel? Or is it something else. Whether it is a Denial of Same Space Occupancy, it is certainly a push apart. So I have to explain a push is not a repel force. That a push is a Denial of Same Space Occupancy.

Now I cited in this textbook, of an Experiment. Hugely important, immensely important experiment, that magnets attract 14% stronger force of attraction than any repelling. So if you put a north pole to south pole, the attraction is 14% greater than a north to north or a south to south push apart. Because likes are 14% weaker, means that repel and repulsion do not exist, only Attraction and the Denial of Same Space Occupancy = Push, exists.

Here is a Youtube educational film on this topic.

Physics - Electromagnetism: Faraday's Law - YouTube

? 19:50
Sep 25, 2010 - 20 min - Uploaded by EducationCommonsRW
This is the 4th lesson in the series, "Electromagnetism." It explains Michael Faraday's ...

Alright, I do not remember if it was this one or another of the 4 lessons shown.

What I remember is two parallel wires, only they were balloon type wires-- easy to see.

So, is that movement of the wires apart, is it a repel, or, is it what I want to call a push? Where push = denial of same space occupancy.

Now consider a billiard ball or pool table with balls and one ball strikes another ball. When the one ball strikes another, it stays put and the struck ball moves forward with the new momentum. So that is a Push of the first ball upon the second ball. We would not consider that as a physics of a "repel" or repulsion, by first ball upon second ball.

So, Physics still has just a Attract Force in EM theory and no repel in EM theory. It has ATTRACT and it has Denial of Same Space Occupancy, DSSO. Many people mistake DSSO as being repel. DSSO is also a push.

So, Physics has a Push force. The Pull force is attraction. The Push force is when two wires in parallel with a current running opposite direction, the wires push apart. Or, when a current of magnetic monopoles making up the Lines of Force of the Magnetic Field, when those lines of force pull or push on one another lines of force.

So we see the Lines of Force of a magnet pushing other lines of force, which we think is repel, but really a push apart from Denial of Same Space Occupancy.

The Push of EM theory is where one line of force in the magnetic field pushes upon another line of force of the magnetic field. The lines of force are monopoles and those monopoles can push. Alternatively, it is much like a billiard ball pushing a second billiard ball.

So, EM gravity of Sun to Earth, where Sun creates Magnetic Field tracks in Space, and Earth has to follow inside those tracks and is pulled by the magnetic field and pushed along in that track by the magnetic monopole current created by the Sun. (EM gravity is also responsible for the spin of Earth on axis. And the reason that Uranus is 90 degree spin while Earth is 23 degree, is due to EM gravity.)

The 6th law of EM theory;; the Coulomb and EM gravity law

L' = (i^2B - B^3- V^2i) / i^2B^2

This is a law that Maxwell had never seen, for it is EM-Gravity law.
It has the form of (kAA + jBB + hCC)/d^2  for an ellipse for planets to orbit the Sun, and it has so much more. And what it does is create a track in astronomy for stars or planets or moons to orbit, and not only tracks, but the planet pulls and pushes the moons in their track and the Sun pulls and pushes the planets in their tracks, call it an i current type of a push in the track, along with a magnetic field pull in a track. So gravity is seen not only as a gravitational attraction or pull, but also as a push in a track. So the law creates EM tracks and pulls and pushes the mass in the track to orbit. Now that makes a lot of sense, does it not for we can easily picture the Sun as a electric generator pulling and pushing planets to flow around in circles.

Resolving how a Magnetic Field has a electric current Re: Page24, 3-1, perspective of Laws versus Forces in Physics; new force definition F = dq/dt

One great fact we always have in Physics-- Pair Production, where an energetic photon, which has no charge but has force, yet this photon can break apart into two charged particles of an electron=monopole and a positron=opposite monopole.

And in this text we redefine force, so we have both F=ma and F= dQ/dt= electric current or magnetic monopole current.

I tried to have just one force, the dq/dt force, but trouble with that is thermodynamics. We cannot get rid of F= ma, for we cannot unify thermodynamics to the other parts of physics.

These problems of force started emerging when I noticed the A current in the Magnetic Field units kg/A*s^2.

What is the resolution of this huge problem? Have a alternative definition of force dq/dt.

The problem is that Magnetic Field is the singular unit force in physics, meaning, like in math where 1 is unit number in math. So that when we do 1*1 = 1 and we do 1/1 = 1, no other number in math is capable of that feat.

So we need the Magnetic Field to be the 1 of physics. The UNIT FORCE OF PHYSICS.

Already we defined force as dQ/dt so we know Magnetic Field is a force and has to be dQ/dt

And the Faraday Law in New Physics was--

Faraday law
B' = (V/i*L)' = (V'*i*L - V*i' *L - V*i*L') / (i*L)^2

= ((i_C)iL - VBL -Vi(i_C))/ i^2L^2

= 1/L - VB/i^2L - V/L^2

Remember, I said that when one EM law is in operation, that all 6 EM laws are in operation.

So, what I have to do-- is see how the Magnetic Field units of kg/A*s^2 is also Faraday's law. How the magnetic field, lines of force produces an electric current.

And where an electric current does not necessarily mean mass containing electrons=muons and protons, but rather the Lines of Force of Magnetism.

Now in a Magnetic Field, the electric current is not electrons=muons and protons in motion, but is something else. The A in that Magnetic Field is a current, but not necessarily electrons=muons and protons. The current is a bunch of Magnetic Monopoles, each of .5 MeV charge energy, not rest-mass.

Can we call the Magnetic Field as pictured like this with its North and South poles::

                   `-.               _  _               .-'
                      `-.           | \| |           .-'
       _,..-------..._   `.         | .` |         .'   _...-------..,_
   ,,-'               `-.. `.       |_|\_|       .' ..-'               `-,,
,-'                       `-.`.       __       .'.-'                       `-,
               __..=......._ `.\     |  |     /.' _.......=..__
            ,-;    _..-----...__:.   |  |   .:' __.-----.._     -,
         _,'    ,-'      _____   '.  |  |  .`:-'_____      `-     `,_
        /     ,'    _.-''__...:..::. |  | .::..:...__``-._    `,     \
      ,'    ,'    ,'  _,'   _,,,_    |  |    _,,,_   `,_  `,    `,    `,
     .'    /    ,'   /    ,'     `,  |  |  ,'     `,    \   `,    \    `.
     |    /    ,'  .'   ,'         `,|  |,'         `,   `.  `,    \    |
    |     /    |   |   .'           `|  |'           `.   |   |    \     |
    |     |   |   |    |             |  |             |    |   |   |     |
    |     |   |   |    |             |  |             |    |   |   |     |
    |     \    \   \    \           /|  |\           /    /   /    /     |
     \     \    \   \    \         / |  | \         /    /   /    /     /
      \     \    \   `.   `._   _.' ||  || `._   _.'   .'   /    /     /
       \     `.   `._  `..___`''   / |  | \   ``'___..'  _.'   .'     /
        `.     `._   `-..______.;;// |  | \\;;.______..-'   _.'     .'
          `._     `-.._____..-'.://  |  |  \\:-:=.._____..-'     _.'
             `.._          .--','/   |__|   \`,`-._           ..'
                 `'------''  ,','    ____    `,`,  ``------`'
`-._                     _,-' /     / ___|     \ `-,_                     _.-'
    `-.__           __.-'   ,'      \__  \      `,   `-.__           __.-'
         `'-------''      ,'        |____/        `,      ``-------`'
                       _,'                          `,_
MJP                 ,,'                                `,,

Can we call those loops around the magnet as a ELECTRIC CURRENT itself? So those looped around magnetism is a electric current as well as magnetism.

So that in the Magnetic Field units of kg/A*s^2 we focus on the (kg/A) of (kg/A)*(1/s^2)

Where A is not magnetic lines of force, but rather is the unit electric current lines of force.

And where we thence have the kg cancel out with the A, leaving us with Current/s^2  

And so, the push = denial of same space occupancy is Magnetic Monopole Current in the Magnetic Field.

Very crude dot picture of 5f6, 94TH

                ::\ ::|:: /::
                     _ _
                     - -
                ::/ ::|:: \::
One of those dots is the Milky Way galaxy. And each dot represents another galaxy.
            . \ .  . | .   /.
           . . \. . .|. . /. .
---------------      -------------
--------------- (Y) -------------
---------------      --------------
           . . /. . .|. . \. .
            . / .  . | .   \ . ?whole entire Universe is just one big atom ?where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies

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