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Topic: Items Available via FTP from the Forum - Monthly Posting
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Annie Fetter

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Registered: 12/3/04
Items Available via FTP from the Forum - Monthly Posting
Posted: Jun 23, 1993 12:18 PM
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Items Available via FTP from The Geometry Forum

June, 1993

The following files are available via anonymous ftp from Items which are new or have been updated since the
last posting are marked with an asterisk.

Files are currently available in the following directories:

articles and abstracts of articles from a variety of
journals and publications

abstracts of books related to geometry

announcements of and applications for various conferences
and institutes. Also some proceedings.

all articles ever posted to the Forum

Macintosh newsreader

A folder of pictures, in Postscript and other formats,
of geometric items

abstracts of (mostly NSF-funded) projects that are working
with geometry in some way.

bibliography of geometry materials appearing in the
Mathematics Teacher

cool geometry software for the Mac.

cool geometry software for the IBM PC.

The index from each directory is below.

If you have material that you feel should be included in our archives, or if
you need some help in retrieving files via ftp, please send a note to


New items:




This directory contains articles and abstracts of articles. The listings
below give the title of the article as it appears in the Forum directory and
information, including author(s), actual title, and source of publication (if
any), about the article. Entries followed by 'ABS' are abstracts.
Author: Martha Smith
Title: Alternatives to the Lecture Method in Teaching Geometry
Source: UME Trends, October 1992

Author: Martha Tietze
Title: A Core Curriculum in Geometry
Source: Mathematics Teacher, April 1992 issue

Authors: Art Johnson and Laurie Boswell
Title: Geographic Constructions
Source: March 1992 issue of Mathematics Teacher

** intuition.word5mac.hqx
** intuition.rtf
Author: Charlie Gunn
Title: Computers in Support of Mathematical Intuition
Source: Charlie Gunn
Comments: intuition.rtf is a text file containing rich text format
(RTF) commands. intuition.word5mac.hqx is a Binhexed
Macintosh Microsoft Word version 5 file.

Author: Thomas Shilgalis
Title: Symmetries of Irregular Polygons
Source: Mathematics Teacher, May 1992 issue



This directory contains abstracts and reviews of books and video related to
geometry. If the entry is a review of a video, it is appended by .VID.
Abstracts are appended by .ABS, reviews by .REV.

We're always looking for more entries! If you have a review or abstract that
you would like included in these archives, please mail it to Permission must be obtained for previously published

The following items are included in this directory:

Applications of Secondary School Mathematics: Readings from the
Mathematics Teachers, NCTM. by Joe Dan Austin
The Calculus Virgin: An Artist's View of the Language of Calculus,
by d'Arcy Hayman

Mind Benders: Games of Shape, by Ivan Moscovich

Not Knot, video and supplementary book
The Art of Renaissance Science: Galileo and Perspective, with Joseph
Dauben. Also, Masters of Illusions, with James Burke.

** spatial.tessellations.REV
Spatial Tessellations, Concepts and Applications of Voronoi Diagrams,
by Atsuyuki Okabe, Barry Boots, and Kokichki Sugihara, Chichester,
John Wiley and Sons, 1992. Reviewed by Majorie Senechal.

Has the sphere packing problem been solved? by Ian Stewart.
Symmetry in Chaos: A Search for Patterns in Mathematics, Art, and
Nature, by Michael Field and Martin Golubitsky.



The following items are available in this directory:

ccgc.PRO directory containing the proceeds of the Conference on
Computers in Geometry Classrooms, held at St. Olaf College
in Northfield, Minnesota, June 24-25, 1992.

an article outlining the events at the Geometry Center during
the summer in 1992. Written by Laura Smith.

introductory announcement of their summer institute. The
application deadline has probably passed, but write for more

introductory announcement of their summer institute. The
application deadline has probably passed, but write for more


introductory announcement of their summer institute. The
application deadline has probably passed, but write for more

introductory announcement of their summer institute. The
application deadline has probably passed, but write for more


introductory announcement of their summer institute. The
application deadline has probably passed, but write for more



This directory contains all the articles ever posted on the Forum. They
are in directories according to where they were posted. They are listed
only by article number. An enclosed index lists the articles by Subject
heading and article number for easier searching.

** Eventually, we will have different topics archived together as well. A
project in progress. Look for this starting July 1.



This is /nuntius on

The official Nuntius FTP site is

Nuntius has been updated to v.1.1d21



The contents of this folder are Postscript documents that can be downloaded
and sent to a Postscript printer or viewed with a PS viewer (such as the
NeXT or Ghostscript on the Mac). The contents of this folder will often
be quite large, and we'll try to provide a size in the info file for each

periodic.table.PS (368K)



The files listed in this directory are abstracts, or descriptions, of projects
taking place that are working in the field of goemetry and high school math
in general. The sources of these abstracts are varied. Most titles are
followed by a short code indicating the source. For example, those titles
followed by .NSF have been sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The
listing below also indicated where the project is taking place. Note: some
of these projects have expired, but information may still be available.

blackfeet.mathematics.NSF, Blackfeet Community College, MT
connected.mathematics.project.NSF, Michigan State University
development.of.geoemtric.thinking.NSF, Kent State University
effects.of.problem-based.instruction.NSF, U of Hawaii Manoa, Mass. Dept. Education, Quincy, MA
geometry.and.its.applications.NSF, Consortium for Mathematics, Lowell, MA
geometry.symposium.NSF, Campbell Union HSD, San Jose, CA
institute.for.secondary.mathematics.NSF, Kent State University, Michigan State University, Penn State, Univ. Park
mathtools.for.teachers.4-6.NSF, U of Chicago
michigan.state.mathematics.project.NSF, Michigan State University, Roland Pk Cntry School, Baltimore
nyc.mathematics.project.NSF, CUNY Lehman College, Bronx, NY
project.connect.NSF, CUNY Graduate School, Marquette, Milwaukee, WI
project.lincs.NSF, Illinois State University
science-mathematics.newsletter.NSF, Science Weekly Inc., Chevy Chase, MD
smartnet.NSF, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT
supporting.learning.disabled.students.NSF, Rochester, NY, University of Iowa
teachers.empowering.teachers.NSF, St. Olaf College
teachers.teaching.teachers.NSF, University of Northern Iowa, Washington State University
visual.geometry.project.NSF, Swarthmore College, PA
western.math.scholars.program.NSF, University of Nebraska at Lincoln



These are the chapter headings for a bibliography noting all references to
geometry in the Mathematics Teacher.

analytic.and.coord (Analytic and Coordinate Geometry)
con.coll.ratio (Concurrency, Collinearity, and Ratio of Division)
foundations (Foundations of Geometry)
higher.dimensions (Geometry in Dimensions Higher Than Two)
how.taught (How Geometry is Taught)
line.angle.measure (Lines, Angles, and Measurements)
non.euclidean (Non-Euclidean Geometry)
polygons (Polygons of More than Four Sides)
what.taught (What should be taught?)
whole.text (The entire bibliography in one file)



Program for exploring chaotic behavior of functions on the real line.
Shareware ($5 or $10 fee).

Color fractal drawing program. Allows saving pictures as PICTs, and it is
also possible to write your own modules that draw other kinds of fractals.
Full source code is included. Freeware.

This program lets you fly around in various manifolds, such as the 3-
torus, projective 3-space, and some manifolds with hyperbolic geometries.
The hyperbolic ones look best on a pretty fast Mac. Freeware.

Lets you draw points, lines and polygons in the Poincare' disk, Klein disk
or Poincare' half-plane models of the hyperbolic plane. Freeware.

Displays pictures of a rotating hypercube. You control the rates of
rotation around the various axes, and the perspective of the view.

Draws pictures of semi-regular tilings of the hyperbolic plane. This is a
prototype and is somewhat rough. Freeware.

Displays pictures of various 3- and 4-dimensional polyhedra. Freeware.
Displays a movie of a fractal deforming. Freeware.

Very fast Julia-set drawer. Freeware.

Color Mandelbrot set (and other fractals too) explorer. Saves pictures in
several formats. Includes lots of sample images. Shareware ($40 fee).

this file contains the programs MandelScope and MandelMaker. MandelScope
is a Mandelbrot set explorer and MandelMaker is a Mandelbrot image
generator. You use MandelScope to find a place you like and then use
MandelMaker to generate an image and save it as a PICT. MandelMaker is
freeware and MandelScope is $10 shareware.

** mandelzot4.0.sea.hqx (updated from 3.0.4)
Color Mandelbrot set explorer. Freeware.

Program for drawing tilings of the Euclidean plane. The program is based
on the theory of Delaney-Dress symbols, and includes a D-D symbol editor.
Also includes lots of sample tilings. Draws in color. Shareware ($30

Black & white Mandelbrot set explorer. Very fast, but does not support
saving pictures. Sort of shareware (no fee specified).

Draws cool patterns based on function iteration. Freeware.


Program for exploring Newton's method for roots of polynomials in the
complex plane, the Mandelbrot set, and Julia sets. Allows multiple
simultaneous color images. Requires a 386 or 486 with a math coprocessor
and Windows. You must ftp this file in BINARY mode (check the
instructions for your ftp program to see how to do this). WARNING:
We do not have a PC here and were thus not able to check this program
for viruses. Please check it as soon as you download it!

This directory contains two files: PENROS.ZIP and README.
PENROSE.SCR is an AutoCAD script file for generating Penrose tile
arrangements of arbitrary size. You must have AutoCAD release 11 or
higher to use it. This material was written by Bradley Austin and is
public domain.

Annie Fetter | The Geometry Forum | Voice: 215 328-8225
Project Coordinator | Swarthmore College | 800 756-7823 | Swarthmore PA 19081 | Fax: 215 328-7824

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