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Topic: ICME-9: Interim Announcement
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Jerry P. Becker

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ICME-9: Interim Announcement
Posted: Jun 22, 1999 12:42 PM
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An Interim Announcement of ICME-9
(to appear in ICMI Bulletin, June 1999)

From Hiroshi Fujita

The National Organizing Committee (NOC) for the 9th International Congress
on Mathematical Education (ICME-9) on behalf of the International
Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI), is pleased to announce
that ICME-9 will be held in Tokyo/Makuhari, Japan, from July 31 to August
6 in the year 2000.

In ICME-9, we intend to achieve the standing objectives which have been
succeeded since 1969 by the eight previous ICMEs, namely,
to make international efforts to develop mathematical education in order
to improve the learning and teaching of mathematics in various countries
and cultural zones, and over the world. Moreover, we are conscious of our
honor to host this ICME to be held for the first time in Asia, which
encourages us to strive in order to create a friendly atmosphere and concrete
chances in ICME-9 where the academic view and intellectual wisdom from
both of the East and the West are exchanged to yield promising ways leading
to the progress of mathematics education in the coming century.

Needless to say, the success of ICME-9 cannot be attained without
participation by many math educators and teachers from various parts
of the globe. To this end, we firstly wish the plan of ICME-9
to be known by as many people as possible. The First Announcement of
ICME-9 was produced several months ago and has been distributed to various
corners of the world, and its electronic form can be seen now in the official
home page of ICME-9, the URL of which is

On the other hand, the Second Announcement of ICME-9 is now being
compiled by NOC in close collaboration with IPC (International Program
Committee for ICME-9) which has just finished its second meeting in Tokyo.
It will appear and will be shipped early in the coming autumn.
As a matter of fact, the purpose of this note is to describe
the current status of the preparation for ICME-9 and to provide some
of the preliminary but concrete information, a bit earlier than the Second
Announcement, for those math-educators and teachers who could get
interested in ICME-9, and who would consider to come to Japan in 2000
to participate in ICME-9.

If you kindly wish to receive the Second Announcement, please write to
Secretariat of ICME-9 by making use of the reply card attached to the
First Announcement or by giving the information on you (name, title,
gender, affiliation, mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail
address, if available) in any form. Here is the address of Secretariat.

Address and E-mail address of the Secretariat of ICME-9:

Prof. Toshio Sawada
Secretary General
Secretariat of ICME-9,
Department of Mathematics
Science University of Tokyo
26 Wakamiya, Shinjuku-ku
162-0827 Tokyo

FAX: +81-3-3260-7823

1. General Information

Principal Activities

In its structure, ICME-9 follows recent ICMEs, particularly, ICME-8.
Its principal activities include Plenary and Regular Lectures (PLs and
RLs), Working Groups for Action (WGAs), Topic Study Groups (TSGs),
International Round Tables (IRT), Short Communications in Poster Sessions,
Report Sessions on ICMI Studies. Sessions for ICMI Affiliated Study Groups
(HPM, PME, IOWME, WFNMC), Workshops, National Presentations,
various Exhibitions will enrich the program. Special meetings will also
be arranged (those of ICMI Assembly, Associations, Magazines, etc.).


Each participant will receive a copy of the Official Proceedings.


English is the main official language and Japanese is a subsidiary official
language. Most lectures and presentations are required to be given
in English. We, the Japanese, are seriously concerned about the language
barrier, the difficulty of spoken English for most of the participants
whose mother tongues are not English. Simultaneous interpreting will
be arranged for the plenary activities and for main sessions as many
as possible within the limitation of the Congress budget. Other possible
means to lower the language barrier is being considered.


The Congress site, Makuhari, is located between the center of Tokyo and
Tokyo International Airport (Narita). The activities of ICME-9 will take place
in Nippon Convention Center (NCC) which is an international convention
complex located in the core of Makuhari, and in Chiba Institute of
Technology (CIT) which is a private university with its campus neighboring
Makuhari. Within NCC, three buildings are used according to the program;
Makihari Event Hall (MEH), International Conference Hall (NCH) and
International Exhibition Hall. NCC and CIT are connected by JR (Japan
Railroad) with one stop ride (2.5 km). Every participant will be given a
pre-paid card for this JR short trip.

Conference Tours

The fourth day, August 3 is Excursion Day of the
Congress. Among several options of one-day tours to be offered,
there will be a combination of a visit to Japanese schools with observation
of classes at work and a half day sightseeing. Since, according to
the regular schedules, all Japanese schools are in summer vacation during
the period of ICME-9, these class room activities shown to the visitors
must be specially arranged, and hence the number of Congress participants
acceptable to this course might be considerably limited. Early signing-up
is recommended for those who are interested in this option.

2. Registration Fee etc.

Registration Fee

The standard registration fee for a regular participant of ICME-9
is 40,000 JPY (Japanese Yen), while the lower fee for early birds and
the higher fee for late birds will be 37,000 JPY and 43,000 JPY, respectively.
The switching dates of these scales will be specified together with detailed
procedures of payment in the Second Announcement. Here we just mention
that payment should be made in Japanese Yens. Under the circumstances
where this might cause unusual difficulty, United States dollars (USD) will
be accepted, but then a handling charge of 3000 JPY will be added to each
registration fee.

The registration fee for an accompanying person will be 12,000 JPY regardless
of the date of payment.


Arrangements for the hotel reservation will be made with an assistance
by JTB (Japan Travel Bureau). It is generally said that a touristic stay
in Japan is expensive but it depends on the way one goes around.
NOC and JTB are trying to secure a good number of cheap but decent hotels
and other types of accomodations, the result of which will be presented
in the Second Announcement. Incidentally, the living cost in Tokyo
is between the cost in London and that in New York according
to the newspapers.

ICMI Grant

ICME-9 follows ICME-8 in diverting some of its income arising from
the registration fees, as the Solidarity Tax, in order to achieve a
greater participation of math educators and teachers from non-affluent
countries. A more specific plan in regard to this Grant will be described
in the Second Announcement.

3. Plenary and Sub-Plenary Sessions


As reported by the First Announcement, four 60-minute plenary lectures will be
delivered by Mogens Niss (Denmark), Hiroshi Fujita (Japan),
Erich Ch. Wittmann (Germany), and Terezinha Nunes (Brazil/UK).
The first two will be given on the first day, the third one on the sixth day,
and the fourth one on the last day of the Congress.


The International Round-table Discussion (IRT) will take place in the 90-minute
time-slot right after the opening ceremony. In the spirit to act concert
with WMY2000, this IRT is designed to involve three distance speakers from
three countries who discuss with several panelists on the platform of
MEH via a tele-conference system, which is made possible by a considerable
assistance in technology and logistics offered by the NEC corporation.
The moderator is Lee Peng Yee (Singapore), and as for the distance speakers,
three socially influential and intellectually eminent persons from the USA,
Singapore and Japan are now being invited. The subject of IRT is tentatively
set as "The role of mathematics in general education for the 21st century".


There will be around 60 regular lectures in six 60-minute time-slots (45
minutes for RL followed by 15-minutes for discussions). The Second
Announcement will include the names of the speakers and titles of all RLs.

4. Working Group for Action

There are 13 Working Groups for Action (WGA) in ICME-9 as shown below
with their titles and the names of Chief Organizers (COs).

The concept of WGA essentially succeeds the concept of WG in previous
ICMEs and could be defined as a group which is composed
of those experts and general participants who are concerned with hot and
controversial topics regarding the subject/theme of the WGA, and who
intend to think together and work together in order to recognize the
existing issues, and in order to search resolutions or approaches to
resolutions of them and thus wish to improve mathematics education in
the relevant range.

Each WGA will be allotted three 120-minute time-slots and one extra of 90
minutes, if necessary.

In the program of ICME-9, a Report-back Session for WGAs is introduced
in a 90-minute time-slot on the last day, where the general audience
can hear the activities and results of several WGAs different from their
own but of their concern.

Here follows the list of WGAs and their COs. The names and e-mail
addresses of the Associated Organizers who help the COs in organization
of WGA will be written in the Second Announcement.

WGA1 Mathematics Education in Pre- and Primary School.
CO= Ann Anderson (Canada) <>,
CO= Linda Sheffield (USA) <>.

WGA2 Mathematics Education in Junior Secondary School.
CO = Ferdinando Arzarello (Italy), <>.
CO = Alwyn Olivier (South Africa), <>.

WGA3 Mathematics Education in Senior Secondary School.
CO = Abraham Arcavi (Israel) <>,
CO = Mich\`ele Artigue (France) <>.

WGA4 Mathematics Education in Two-Year Colleges and Other
Tertiary Institutions.
CO = Marilyn Mays (USA) <>.

WGA5 Mathematics Education in Universities.
CO = Lynn Steen (USA) <>,
CO = Qixiao Ye (China) <>.

WGA6 Adult and Life-long Education in Mathematics.
CO = Gail FitzSimons (Australia) <>.

WGA7 The Professional Pre- and In- service Education of Mathematics
CO = Peter Sullivan (Australia), <>
CO = Ruifen Tang (China) <>.

WGA8 Research ,Practice and Theory of Mathematics Education.
CO = Deborah Loewnberg Ball (USA) <>,
CO = Ruhama Even (Israel) <>

WGA9 Communication and Language in Mathematics Education.
CO = Bill Barton (New Zealand) <>.

WGA10 Assessment in Mathematics Education.
CO = Ole Bjorkqvist (Finland) <>.

WGA11 The Use of Technology in Mathematics Education
(Computers, Calculators, IT Media).
CO = Rolf Biehler (Germany) <>,
CO = Barry Kissane (Australia) <>.

WGA12 The Social and Political Dimensions of Mathematics Education.
CO = Christine Keitel-Kreidt (Germany) <>,
CO = Gelsa Knijnik (Brazil) <>.

WGA13 History and Culture in Mathematics Education.
CO = Jan van Maanen (Netherlands) <>,
CO = Horng Wann Sheng (Taipei-China) <>.

5. Topic Study Group

There are 23 Topic Study Groups (TSG) in ICME-9 as shown below
with their titles and the names of Chief Organizers (COs).

The concept of TSG essentially succeeds the concept of TG in previous ICMEs and
could be defined as a group which is composed of (1) those specialists
or participants with expertise of the subject who wish to present or exchange
their results (findings in practice being included) and (2) those general
participants who are interested in the progress of the field and wish
to acquire deep knowledge of the subject.

Each TSG is allotted two 90-minute time-slots. There is no Report-back
session for TSG.

Here follows the list of TSGs and their COs. The names and e-mail
addresses of the Associated Organizers who help the COs in organization
of TSG will be written in the Second Announcement.

TSG1 The Teaching and Learning of Algebra.
CO = Zalman Usiskin (USA) <>.

TSG2 The Teaching and Learning of Geometry.
CO = Maria Alessandra Mariotti (Italy) <>.

TSG3 The Teaching and Learning of Calculus.
CO = Paul Zorn (USA) <>.

TSG4 The Teaching and Learning of Statistics.
CO = Susan Starkings (UK) <>.

TSG5 Teaching and Learning Aids and Materials ( Hand-On ) in
Mathematics Education.
CO = Jin Akiyama (Japan) <>.
CO = Salvador Guerrero (Spain) <>,

TSG6 Distance Learning in Mathematics Education.
CO = David Crowe (UK) <>.

TSG7 The Use of Multimedia in Mathematics Education.
CO = Guenter Krauthausen (Germany) <>,
CO = Katsuhiko Shimizu (Japan) <>.

TSG8 Vocational Mathematics Education.
CO = Clive Kanes (Australia) <>.

TSG9 Mathematical Modeling and Links between Mathematics and Other
CO = Werner Blum (Germany) <>,
CO = Peter Galbraith (Australia) <>.

TSG10: The Trends in Mathematics and the Mathematical Sciences; Their
Reflections on Mathematics Education.
CO = Nestor Aguilera (Argentine) <>.

TSG11: Problem Solving in Mathematics Education.
CO = Erkki Pehkonen (Finland) <>,
CO= Young Han Choe (Korea) <>.

TSG12: Proof and Proving in Mathematics Education.
CO = Paolo Boero (Italy) <>.

TSG13: Mathematical Learning and Cognitive Processes.
CO = Fou Lai Lin (Taipei-China) <>.

TSG14: Constructivism in Mathematics Education.
CO = Koeno Gravemeijer (Netherlands) <>.
CO = Jeong-Ho Woo (Korea) <>

TSG15: Mathematics Education for Students with Special Needs.
CO = Sughakar Agarkar (India/UK) <>.

TSG16: Creativity in Mathematics Education and the Education
of Gifted Students.
CO = Hartwig Meissner (Germany) <>,
CO = M. Kathleen Heid (USA) <>

TSG17: Mathematics Education and Equity.
CO = Robyn Zevenbergen (Australia) <>.

TSG18: Mathematics Competitions in Mathematics Education.
CO = Titu Andreescu (USA/Romania) <>,
CO = Claude Deschamps (France) <>.

TSG19: Entrance Examinations and Public Examinations in
Mathematics Education.
CO = Shigeru Iitaka (Japan) <>,

TSG20: Art and Mathematics Education.
CO = Vera Spinadel (Argentine) <>.

TSG21: Ethnomathematics.
CO = Ubiratan D'Ambrosio (Brazil) <>.

TSG22: Topics in Mathematics Education in Asian Countries.
CO = Bienvenido F. Nebres (Philippines) <>,
CO = Zhang Dianzhou (China) <>.

TSG23: TIMSS and Comparative Studies in Mathematics Education.
CO = Liv Sissel Gronmo (Norway) <>,
CO = Berinderjeet Kaur (Singapore) <>.

6. IPC for ICME-9

Here is a current list of IPC for ICME-9.

Claudi Alsina (Spain): <>
Hyman Bass (USA): <> ; ex-officio,
President of ICMI
Jerry Becker(USA): <>
Tania Campos (Brazil): <>
Hiroshi Fujita (Japan): <> ; Chair of IPC
Gila Hanna (Canada): <>
Yoshihiko Hashimoto (Japan): <> ; Chief of
Bernard Hodgson (Canada): <> ; ex-officio,
Secretary of ICMI
Cyril Julie (South Africa): <>
Gilah Leder (Australia): <> ; representative
Lee Peng Yee (Singapore): <> ; liaison officer
between the IPC and the Congress Organizers
Stephen Lerman (UK): <>
Tadao Nakahara (Japan): <>
Mogens Niss (Denmark): <> ; former Secretary of ICMI
Nobuhiko Nohda (Japan): <>
Toshio Sawada (Japan):>
Heinz Steinbring (Germany): <>
Julianna Szendrei: <>
Wang Chang Pei (China): <>

Miguel de Guzman (Spain), the former President of ICMI, served as an
ex-officio member of IPC through 1998.

Hiroshi FUJITA
President of
National Organizing Committee for ICME-9.

The Research Institute of Educational Development
Tokai University,
2-28-4 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 151-0063

E-mail: <>
or <>


Hiroshi Fujita, Chair
IPC for ICME-9

Professor of Mathematics
Tokai University

E-mail: [ Preferred for the time being]
E-mail: [New at Tokai University]

Postal Address;
Office of IPC Chair for ICME-9
The Research Institute of Educational Development
Tokai University,
2-28-4 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 151-0063
Jerry P. Becker
Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL 62901-4610 USA
Fax: (618)453-4244
Phone: (618)453-4241 (office)

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