What is the Republic of Yucca?

Hm. I'm not sure I've ever tried to explain this before. Well, I'll start at the beginning. When I was in high school at SPA, I heard one day that Erik Brynolfsen had made some business cards for Dan Heider on his birthday. They looked something like this:

Dan Heider


1700 Portland Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55101
(612) 347-8290

I thought that was pretty cool. I decided to make some cards for myself, since I was about to go off to college and I wanted to make sure everyone back home had my new address. So I sat down at my dad's computer and drew some up. They had an M. C. Escher design on them. When I needed to make up a title for myself, I thought of "President for Life, Republic of Yucca." There was no thought process behind this.

Before too long, I was at Swarthmore College and I had a radio show. My first show was every Saturday, Noon - 2:00. I played Phish. I was quite happy at the time, playing Phish for 2 hours every Saturday, sitting on the 5th-story roof and loking down at the campus. Oh, and the name of the show was "The Republic of Yucca." Through my 4 years at Swat, I usually had a radio show: I had a bluegrass show for about a year, and I had a classical show for the last two years. The classical show wasn't called The Republic of Yucca, it was called The Explosions Polka after the so-named polka by Johann Strauss. It's a great piece of music, especially the "digitally enhanced" recording by the Boston Pops. I played it as my entrance and exit music every week, which is great because the first sound in it is this huge explosion.

So that's the history of The Republic of Yucca.

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