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Volume of a Cone [02/08/2002]
I have observed that a cone consists of a right triangle and a circle base, and I have came up with another method of calculating the volume of a cone...

Volume of a Conical Wedge [03/04/2002]
Two porters agree to drink off a quart of strong beer between them, at two pulls, or a draught each...

Volume of a Horizontal Cylindrical Tank with Elliptic Heads [11/15/2003]
I need an equation that will relate the height of liquid to the volume of liquid partially filling a horizontal cylindrical tank with elliptic heads.

Volume of an Elliptical Cone [10/15/1998]
Can you help me on find the volume for an elliptical cone by using a triple integration?

Volume of a Partial Sphere [01/07/1998]
If I take a spherical container filled with fluid and then introduce a bubble of gas into the container...

Volume of a Prismatoid [10/21/2008]
How can I calculate the volume of a pyramid for which the bottom end is rectangular and the top end is circular?

Volume of a Prolate Ellipsoid [07/07/1999]
Why does the equation for a prolate ellipse, V = 4/3*pi*a^2*c, indicate a DIRECT relationship between length of the ellipsoid and its volume while another equation to derive volume, V = (0.85*A1*A2)/L, indicates an INVERSE relationship of length to volume?

Volume of a Rounded Horizontal Tank [03/26/2004]
What is the formula for finding the volume of a rounded horizontal tank (capsule-shaped) based on the height of the liquid in the tank?

Volume of Ellipsoidal Cap [04/11/2001]
I am doing research on cancer and need a way to properly determine the volume of tumors in lab animals.

Volume of Intersecting Pipes [10/27/2000]
How can you calculate the volume of the intersection of two perpendicular pipes of the same radius?

Volumes of a Cone and a Cylinder [07/09/2003]
Why is the volume of a cone a third of the volume of a cylinder?

What Fraction of Water Overflows? [02/04/2002]
A conical vessel of radius 6cm and height 8cm is completely filled with water. A sphere is lowered into it and its size is such that when it touches the sides of the conical vessel it is JUST immersed. What fraction of water overflows?

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