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Relativity [05/22/2002]
How do you demonstrate algebraically that [the following expressions] are proportional to each other even when they describe 'events' that are not on the expanding wavefront of light?

Resistance Across Cubic Network [12/18/2003]
Given a cube with resistors at each corner, how can I find the resistance between any pair of corners?

Rocket Position and Velocity [04/12/2001]
A rocket is launched from the ground. Its acceleration is measured every 5 seconds. Find the velocity and position of rocket at t = 40 seconds, using the trapezoidal rule and Simpson's rule.

The Schroedinger Wave Equation [09/10/1998]
Can you help me understand the concepts behind Schroedinger's wave equation?

Sound and Alternating Current [11/17/2000]
What characteristics of sound and AC electricity allow them both to be accurately represented by a sine wave?

Space Shuttle Debris [06/24/2003]
Why are they shooting debris at the wing at 550 mph to assess damage?

Special Relativity and Temperature [12/21/2005]
If temperature is the total amount of kinetic energy possessed by the particles in a given substance, and special relativity holds that nothing can move faster than the speed of light, does that mean that there is an upper limit for how hot a substance can become (e.g. the temperature where the particles begin to move at the speed of light)?

Special Relativity, Light Consistency, and Time Dilation [07/30/2005]
A lengthy exchange on relativity centered around an initial question of whether time dilation is a result of light consistency or vice versa.

Special Unitary Groups In Physics [11/09/1998]
Could you explain the groups SU(2) and SU(3)? They are central to descriptions of quantum chromodynamics.

Specific Gravities in Large Volumes [04/09/2002]
I am trying to create a chart that could be used to help determine what weight of methanol/water to use to either raise or lower the specific gravity of a volume of corrosion inhibitor in bulk mixing tanks.

Springs and Harmonic Motion (Physics) [5/29/1996]
A cart mass 3kg is held between two stretched springs... What is the force constant for the system of springs?

Surface Tension [11/09/2000]
How would I calculate the force exerted by a liquid from its surface tension? Why is surface tension measured in N/m?

Tensor [10/01/1997]
Is there a layman's definition for a tensor, with an example?

Tensor Calculus [03/06/1998]
Scalars, vectors, and tensors, and their components.

Tensors and Spinors Defined [09/30/1999]
What are tensors and spinors? Can you explain giving examples?

Three Electronics Problems [10/31/2000]
Questions about current in an AC circuit, the resistive load of a transformer, and digital logic.

Two Masses Attached to a Spring [12/27/2000]
Two masses are attached to either end of a spring in a gravitational field. One mass is held fixed and the second mass is allowed to hang free and stretch the spring. When the upper mass is released, will the lower mass remain motionless until the spring is in its rest state?

Unit and Basis Vectors in Three Dimensions [05/09/1998]
Explanations and uses of unit vectors and basis vectors.

Unpolarized Light ... or Is All Light Polarized? [04/28/2017]
A teen struggles to make sense of unpolarized light. Doctor Rick sifts through it all for coherence.

Using Complex Conjugate Numbers [09/14/1999]
In a program to compute the impedance of a cable, I see equations where a real number is multiplied by a complex number divided by the complex number's conjugate, r*(a+bi)/(a-bi). Can you explain?

Wavelet Analysis [8/11/1995]
I am seeking information regarding Wavelet Analysis. Could you possibly send me a list of published works on the topic?

Witch of Agnesi Curve [09/25/2003]
Do you know of any everyday uses for the witch of Agnesi curve?

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