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Using a 6-sided Die to Generate a Random Number From 1 to 7 [12/23/2007]
I need to choose one of seven cards at random in a card game. Is there a way I can use a 6-sided die to be sure that my pick is truly random?

Visually Identifying Mean of a Probability Density Function [03/06/2007]
When looking at the graph of a probability density function, I know the mode is the highest value it reaches, and the median splits the area under the curve equally, but how can you find the mean visually?

Waiting Time Distributions [06/08/1997]
What are waiting time distribution tables and how do you solve them?

Weather Forecasting [05/24/1997]
If the weather is dry one day, show that the probability that it will be dry n days later satisfies Pn = (2p - 1)Pn-1 + (1 - p) and P0 = 1.

What If You Paint the Balls? [03/25/2002]
Given 800 blue balls in a bag, you take out 35 of them, paint them red, and replace them. Do this 23 times and you *might* paint all of them - what are the odds?

What's the Probability That Two Will Agree? [11/10/1997]
Of the nine members of the board of trustees of a college, five agree with the president. The president selects three trustees at random and asks their opinions...

Yahtzee Probabilities and a State Matrix [12/30/1998]
In Yahtzee, what are the odds of rolling 5 of a kind within 3 rolls of the dice? What if you reroll all 5 dice each time? Does this involve transition matrices?

Yahtzee Probability [07/20/2009]
What are the odds of rolling a Yahtzee on three consecutive turns where each turn allows up to three rolls?

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