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Golden Ratio and Golden Rectangle [2/14/1996]
I have had no luck in learning about the golden ratio or golden rectangle. Could you please help?

Fibonacci and Possible Tilings [09/24/2003]
You are going to pave a 15 ft by 2 ft walkway with 1 ft by 2 ft paving stones. How does the Fibonacci sequence relate to the number of possible ways that the walkway can be paved?

The First Number of the Fibonacci Sequence [10/17/1995]
What is the first number in the Fibonacci sequence, 1 or 0?

Golden Ratio and Golden Rectangle [5/8/1996]
What are they and how are they related?

Golden Rectangle problems [12/9/1994]
I am having a visit this morning from some 6th grade students from Swan View Primary School in Perth, Western Australia. They are aged 10/11 and their teacher is Ms Stephanie Winnett. They have been doing geometry explorations and want to share their results and ask for feedback. [Student explorations of the Golden Rectangle follow.]

Price of Pencils [10/07/2002]
Each year for the last 7 years the price of pencils has increased, and the new price is the sum of the prices for the two previous years. Last year a pencil cost 60 cents. How much does a pencil cost today? How much did a pencil cost 7 years ago?

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