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Selected answers to common questions:
    About Roman numerals.

Who Invented the Square Root? [12/11/1996]
I've only seen long, stringy roots!

Why Is a Circle 360 Degrees? [07/01/1998]
Why is a circle defined as 360 degrees?

Why is the Word "Number" Abbreviated to "No."? [05/13/2002]
Why is the word number abbreviated to no.?

Why Use X and Y for Variables? [10/23/2002]
Why do we use x and y for variables in an equation?

Why Were Fractions Invented? [11/26/2007]
An overview of the history of fractions and the purpose they serve.

Writing Roman Numerals [11/10/2003]
What is the correct way to write the number 3000 in Roman numerals? Can you write the answer as III with the bar over it, meaning (3 * 1000)?

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