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Infinities [11/21/1994]
Can one infinity be larger than another?

Infinity a Concept, Not a Number [03/16/2003]
If 1 chocolate bar is divided among an infinite number of people, no one gets anything. Where did the chocolate bar go? Doesn't it imply that 1/infinity = infinitesimally small?

Question About Infinities [3/24/1995]
If there are two points in space, A and B, and set 1 equals all the possible paths which lead away from point A (this set is assumed to be infinite) and set 2 equals all the possible paths which lead away from point A which do not pass through point B.....

Subdividing Numbers, Number Line [12/20/1994]
I know about negative numbers and positive numbers but are there any other numbers? What is a number line?

0.999... and Infinity [09/17/2003]
How does x = 0.9999... forever turn into x = 1?

Are There Numbers Greater than Infinity? [10/23/1995]
Are there any numbers past infinity?

Are these numbers odd or even? [4/27/1995]
Would 2.5 be an even number, odd number, neither or both? Also, what about zero's evenness and/or oddness. Infinity's?

Dividing by Zero [05/18/2001]
I cannot comprehend that a human being is not able to divide a number by zero...

Error: Division by Zero [02/12/2001]
How can I explain to my third grader that a number divided by zero is undefined? The school calculator gives the answer 0/E, and the Windows calculator gives positive infinity.

Finite Numbers [05/13/2003]
What are finite numbers?

Infinity Questions [4/28/1995]
Is there a bigger number than infinity? What is infinity times infinity?

Infinity Symbol [4/18/1995]
What is the name for the infinity symbol (the on-its-side figure eight)? Or is there no name for it?

Infinity times Infinity [10/15/1998]
What is infinity multiplied by infinity?

Is Zero a Number? [07/05/2003]
If infinity is not a number, then is zero really a number?

The Last Finite Number? [02/01/2004]
I just read an article about the "last finite number", and I was wondering whether such a number could possibly exist.

The Size of Infinity [09/03/1998]
What is infinity times 2? Can we measure infinity?

Sizes of Infinities [01/31/1997]
How can you prove that one infinity is larger than another?

Thoughts on Infinity [7/19/1996]
Since infinity is never-ending, shouldn't we say that one infinity can be denser than another?

Zero and Negative Infinity [06/02/2003]
What is the smallest number? Zero or negative infinity? Explaining concepts to a four-year-old.

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