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Quadrilateral Classification: Definition of a Trapezoid [01/15/1997]
What is the correct definition of a trapezoid, and why?

Quadrilaterals [8/31/1995]
What is 4-sided and has no equal angles?

Rectangles and Areas [09/30/1998]
How do you find the area of a square or rectangle? What if the shape looks like several rectangles put together?

Regular Decagon [03/25/2002]
Can you show me a picture of a regular decagon?

Teaching Area of Triangles [9/15/1996]
When I gave a Unit Assessment, all but one student got area of a triangle wrong. Where did I fail?

Triangles with Specific Lengths and Angles [3/24/1996]
My base is 32 inches and my angle can not exceed 35 degrees. How long will my sides be and what is the inside angle?

Types of Triangles [02/24/2003]
What is the the difference between equilateral, isosceles, and scalene triangles? How can I remember which name goes with which triangle?

Using a Parallelogram to find the Area of a Triangle [06/26/2001]
What is the area of a triangle with a height of 12 inches and a base of 3 inches?

Using a Protractor [06/28/1998]
How do you construct two parallel lines and intersect them making a 65-degree angle?

What is a Vertex? [12/06/2001]
And what does vertices mean?

What is Circumference? [06/25/2001]
My friend told me it's somewhat like the measurement of the outside of a circle, but I don't understand that.

What is Length in a Rectangle? [05/31/1999]
Is the length of a rectangle the longest side, whether vertical or horizontal?

What is the Largest Sided Polygon? [4/12/1995]
What is the largest sided polygon?

What is the Plural of Rhombus? [4/7/1995]
Hi! Say, what exactly is the plural of "rhombus?" We aren't sure if it is "rhombi" or "rhombuses".

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