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Word Problems

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Using Tables to Tame a Problem [09/19/2003]
Racing bikes are either silver or blue. Every silver bike is a racing model. 1/2 of the blue bikes are racing models. 1/3 of the bikes are racing models. There are 40 blue bikes and 30 silver bikes. How many bicycles are neither blue nor silver?

Ways to Add and Divide More Easily [11/17/2008]
I have to add 2398 and 5752 and then divide by 37. I can do it, but it takes a long time. Is there any faster way to do those calculations?

Years B.C. + A.D. [10/01/1997]
What's the difference in the ages of two people if one was born in 27 B.C.and the other was born in 16 A.D.?

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