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Selected answers to common questions:
    Art and mathematics.
    Law and mathematics.
    Medicine and mathematics.
    Music and mathematics.
    Poetry and mathematics.
    What is mathematics?
    Was math invented or discovered?

Crisis Counseling for Calculus and Career [03/04/2016]
Poor performance in AP Calculus rattles a high school senior with a long track record of success in mathematics — and casts concern over aspirations of graduate study in the field. After questioning just how well performance in calculus predicts success in university, Doctors Jerry and Douglas provide additional perspective, and counsel.

Dealing with the Formal Presentation of Mathematics [03/22/2008]
Why do so many of today's mathematicians present their work in such a formal way, hiding their ideas behind all sorts of notation, definitions and the like? Why is there so little explanation of the ideas and concepts? I like math, but I find this aspect of it very annoying.

Determinant of a Matrix [11/05/1997]
Can you give us a definition for the determinant of a matrix?

The Difference between Science and Mathematics [09/18/2006]
Is there any difference between a science project and a math project? We have a science fair coming up and I wanted to do some math, but my friend says that the scientific process is very different from math.

Doctors and Math [10/27/1998]
How do doctors use math?

Do We Really Need to Learn Math? [11/19/2002]
Why do we need to know math if we can have a calculator do it?

Duotrigesimal (Base 32) Numbers [06/11/1999]
A unique and interesting use for base 32 or "duotrigesimal" numbers.

Employee Turnover Rate [09/19/2002]
What is the formula to calculate employee turnover rate?

Etymology of the Word Mathematics [12/10/2001]
Why do you call maths maths?

The Fairness of Democracy [09/16/1998]
What are some ideas to think about with regard to the fairness of democracy?

Fourier Transforms [09/17/1998]
What is a Fourier Transform and what is it used for?

Geometry for Police Officers [02/24/1997]
How is geometry ever going to help me in my career as a police officer?

Giving Myself a Challenge [09/20/2014]
A student wonders if doing puzzles from math competitions would help her as she prepares for her advanced coursework. Doctor Ian suggests many ways to exercise lateral thinking skills, mathematical insight, and creativity in problem-solving no matter the source of a question &mdash or its difficulty.

Godel's Incompleteness Theorem [01/18/1999]
What does Goedel prove in his incompleteness theorem?

How Can a Set Be Empty? [09/29/2003]
Why is the empty or null set called a set when it has no elements?

How Does Math Relate to Economics? [02/20/2007]
Economics has to do with the consumption and production of goods, so how else besides simply using numbers does math relate to it?

How Do I Learn Basic Math as an Adult? [08/02/2004]
I'm an adult hoping to take a statistics course, but I haven't thought about math in 20 years and was never very good at it. How can I learn all those basic things I missed back then?

How Do Lawyers Use Math? [01/26/2001]
I have to write a two-page paper on how lawyers use math.

How Numbers Will Change in the Future [10/29/2003]
I'm asking my students to develop new number systems. I was hoping to show them what other people are speculating about future number systems, but I was unable to find anything.

How to Motivate Students to Learn Math? [03/06/2008]
Dr. Ian replies to a question about motivating students to learn about special quadrilaterals with some excellent general advice on motivation, math education, and real life application of mathematics.

The Importance of Geometry Constructions [12/29/1998]
Why are geometry constructions important? What do we learn from them? Where have they appeared in math history?

The Importance of Math [08/23/2000]
Why is math a core subject?

Impossibility of Constructing a Regular Nine-Sided Polygon [04/07/1998]
Can you construct a regular 9 sided polygon with just a compass and straightedge?

Impossible Problems [08/07/2001]
Are there prizes for finding solutions to impossible problems?

Inverse Hyperbolic Cosine in Terms of ln [05/27/2003]
What is t in the equation ln(e^0.1t + 9e^-0.1t) = ln10 ?

Is Algebra Useful in the Real World? [10/27/2002]
We are having a court trial about why we do or do not need algebra.

Is Geometry a Language? [01/28/2002]
I have to write an essay to defend or criticize the statement, "Geometry is a Language."

Is Math a Science? [03/18/2001]
Is mathematics considered a science?

I Solved It. Now What? [10/16/2003]
I can solve an equation like 12 = 5x + x + 6 to get x = 1, but I don't know what it means, or what I'm supposed to do next.

Is Zero a Perfect Square? [08/01/2001]
I have been told that zero is not considered a perfect square, yet the square root of zero is zero...

Julian to Calendar Date Conversion [02/24/2001]
Can you show me an algorithm to convert Julian date values to calendar date values? For example, Julian date 2451964 = 02/24/2001.

Larger Than and As Large As [08/01/1999]
If the percussion section has 6 people, does the expression "the brass section is three times larger than the percussion section" mean that the brass section is 3*6 = 18 people or 4*6 = 24 people?

Laws of Arithmetic [02/12/1999]
The Distributive Law, Associative Law, Identity, and Commutative Equations.

Learning Math Formulas [02/22/2001]
Why is it important to develop math formulas, and why is it important to memorize them?

Learning to Like Math [12/04/2002]
I cannot concentrate in math, no matter how hard I try. How can I pay better attention in math?

Making Math Interesting [08/15/2000]
Do you have any tips for how I can stay focused in math going into the 7th grade this coming year?

Making Math Seem Easy [3/8/1996]
How can you make math seem more easy to do?

Math and Fashion [01/27/2003]
How is math used for fashion?

Math and Music [4/10/1996]
I need information on how math is involved in music.

Math and the Bible [01/24/2002]
How can I integrate math and the Bible?

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