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Mathematical Induction [09/07/1998]
What is mathematical induction? Can you give an example of the ideas of math induction?

Mathematical Meaning of Undefined [12/19/2002]
What is the meaning of the word 'undefined' in mathematical terms?

Mathematical Models [07/17/2002]
What is a mathematical model, and how would it be used?

Mathematics, Logic, and Intuition [05/27/2003]
How is math related to logic and intuition?

Math Symbol for C [12/15/1997]
I am puzzled by one symbol of typing math. What does the upper case letter C mean? As in (2C1) (3C1) / (47C2) = 6/1081.

Math Symbols [04/07/1997]
What do the common math symbols (backward E, upside-down A, etc.) mean?

Matrix Multiplication [09/04/1997]
I am doing a project in Algebra 2 and must research matrix multiplication.

The Meaning of Locus [03/04/2003]
What is the locus of points equidistant from two parallel lines 8 meters apart?

Meaning of '-ominoe' [11/07/2001]
We are drawing pictures of dominoes, triominoes, tetrominoes, and pentominoes. What is the meaning of the root "ominoe"?

The Meaning of 'Or' in Logic Statements [12/19/2003]
If a logic statement says, 'James is taking fencing or algebra,' does that mean he is taking one class or the other, or could he be taking both of them?

Meaning of R++ [9/12/1996]
What do the symbols R_{+} and R_{++} mean?

The Meaning of Space [07/23/1997]
Is the term 'Space' a mathematical object? I have seen it in "Vector Space," "Banach Space," and "Hilbert Space," but are they the same thing?

Meanings of Math Symbols [06/19/1997]
In math notation, what do the vertical bar, the colon, and the solid black square (at the end of a proof) mean?

Mean, Median, and Mode [07/15/1998]
Can you explain the three ways to represent a group - mean, median, and mode? I am having trouble understanding the mode.

Metric System Prefixes [09/17/1997]
My algebra teacher wrote the word teraflops on the board and told us to find the meaning.

Moebius Strips: How Many Sides and Surfaces? [10/18/2001]
What is the difference between a side and a surface?

Name of Bar That Denotes a Repeating Decimal [08/30/2004]
What is the name of the bar that goes over a digit or group of digits that signifies that the digit or group repeats?

Names of Parts of a Cone [8/2/1996]
Are the components of a net of a cone called faces in all cases, or only for polyhedra?

Names of Polynomials [11/25/1997]
Are polynomials with higher degree than 5 named? What are they called?

Names of Polynomials with More Than Three Terms [03/25/2004]
What are the official, mathematical names for polynomials with more than three terms? For example, a polynomial with one term is a monomial, with two terms is a binomial, and with three terms is a trinomial. What is a polynomial with more than three terms called?

Naming Geometric and Arithmetic Progressions [04/04/2003]
Why is an exponential progression called 'geometric'? Why is a linear progression called 'arithmetic'?

Napoleon's Triangle [08/10/1999]
What is Napoleon's triangle?

Negating Statements [10/27/1998]
What is negation? What is a statement? How do you negate a statement?

Nets in a Geometrical Sense [03/07/1999]
What is the "net" of a shape?

Nonagon or Enneagon? [02/06/2003]
Is 'enneagon' really the correct name for a 9-sided polygon?

Non-Euclidean Geometry [10/22/2001]
What is non-Euclidean geometry? What two concepts are different from Euclidean geometry?

Non-Euclidean Geometry for 9th Graders [12/23/1994]
I would to know if there is non-euclidean geometry that would be appropriate in difficulty for ninth graders to study.

Normal Distribution Curve [11/13/2000]
What is the normal distribution curve?

No Slope: An Ambiguous Term [05/08/2003]
What is the distinction between a line with a slope of zero and a line with no slope?

Noting Nothing: Braces around Zero vs. Empty Braces [08/02/2010]
A student struggles to distinguish among the meanings of {0}, {}, and the symbol phi. Doctor Ian clears up the set theory notation, then emphasizes that the empty set can, itself, be an element.

Number of Cylinder Edges [04/01/2002]
My son was asked "how many edges are there on a solid cylinder?" on a recent math examination. His answer was "2" and it was marked incorrect.

Number Word Etymologies [05/03/2001]
Who made up the names for numbers?

Obtuse and Oblique [7/29/1996]
Are the terms "obtuse" and "oblique" interchangeable?

Obtuse Angles Function [08/04/2014]
A student wonders why the relationship between trigonometric functions and triangle side ratios holds not just for right triangles, but for all triangles. Doctor Peterson models the trigonometry of a non-acute vertex by re-drawing it on the Cartesian coordinate system.

Odds Slang for Probability? [02/06/1997]
Is "odds" slang for probability?

One- and Two-sided Polygons [12/07/1999]
Can you explain what a monogon and a digon are?

One-to-One Correspondence and Transfinite Numbers [12/10/1999]
Can you explain what Cantor meant by one-to-one correspondence, and transfinite numbers?

Opposite of Percentage [07/31/2001]
I am trying to write a document explaining a common procedure: calculating a discounted price. What is the name given to the term (1- discount_rate)?

Ordered Pairs vs. Coordinates [9/9/1996]
What is the difference between an ordered pair and coordinates?

Order of Quadrant Numbers [10/21/2002]
Why are quadrants numbered that way?

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