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Selected answers to common questions:
    Direct and indirect variation.
    Slope, slope-intercept, standard form.

Graphing Inequalities [06/05/2003]
How do you graph y + 4x is less than 20 ?

Graphing Intercepts [11/06/1997]
How would I find the intercept for a problem such as 3x-2y = 12?

Graphing Linear Equations [07/14/1998]
Can you give me a step by step guide to graphing linear equations?

Graphing Linear Equations [12/26/2001]
Give the intercepts of 7x - 2y = 2.

Graphing Multivariable Polynomials [02/20/2005]
I have a few questions about multivariable polynomials. Say we have the polynomial x + y + z, can this be graphed? I also really don't know anything about the z axis or how to graph on it.

Graphing Parabolas [01/16/1997]
How do you know how to graph a parabola from looking at its equation?

Graphing Peculiarity [07/24/2002]
When I use a calculator to graph one form of an equation it works fine; but when I use a different form, it doesn't work. What's going on?

Graphing Polar Equations [06/02/2002]
I need to graph the polar equation (r-3/5)^2 = cos(7 theta), and I don't know how to do it.

Graphing Quadratic Polynomials [02/07/2001]
Can you give me a simple explanation of how to graph quadratic polynomials like y = x^2 - 8x + 15?

Graphing Rational Functions and Vertical Asymptotes [03/28/2008]
When working with rational functions such as y = (x-5)/(x-3), how do you know if the graph curves up or down at the vertical asymptote?

Graphing Reciprocal Functions [11/01/2001]
I know what a reciprocal is, but I don't know how to graph it.

Graphing Sin and Cosine Functions [5/24/1996]
I really need some help in finding the graphs of the following functions...

Graphing Sine and Cosine [07/07/2000]
How do you graph equations that use the sine or cosine functions?

Graphing Slanted Lines [07/22/1997]
When graphing slanted lines what does it mean when the instructions say add, subtract, or divide both sides by a particular number?

Graphing Systems of Equations [06/01/1998]
How do you solve this system of equations by graphing: 3x + 2y = 5 and - 3x - 2y = 10?

Graphing the Absolute Value/Square Root of a Function [07/26/2002]
Can you illustrate and discuss how taking the absolute value or the square root of a function affects the graph of the function?

Graphing Trig Functions [05/03/1997]
How do you graph y = 3sin4x-3?

Graphing Trigonometry Equations [5/15/1996]
How do I graph this one: Sin A - Cos A ?

Graphing without the Y [01/28/2004]
I'm trying to graph the inequality x > -5, but without a y, how can I graph it?

Graph of Circle as a Function [05/30/1998]
The graph of a circle is not a function because it fails the vertical line test. How could you make it a function?

The Graph of f [7/3/1996]
Where are its local and absolute maxima and minima? What are the x- intercepts of the graph of f?...

Graph of y = arcsin x [03/31/2003]
Understanding the graph of arcsin(x).

Graphs of Step Functions [11/29/2003]
Why do some graphs move in steps rather than smooth lines? What causes that?

Graph the Ellipse... [01/01/1998]
[((x-1)^2)/2^2] + [((y-2)^2)/2^2] = 1. Graph the ellipse and find the major and minor axes, the foci, the eccentricity, and the center.

Graph Theory [09/29/2001]
Why is a graph with five vertices, each having a degree of 3, impossible?

Graph with f(x) [10/17/2001]
Sketch the equations: y = f(x)+ 2; y = f(x-3); y = 2f(x).

Greatest Integer Equation [08/06/2003]
I am trying to correctly interpret [[x]]^2 + [[y]]^2 = 1, where f(x)= [[x]], is the Greatest Integer function.

Height and Weight [10/30/1996]
How do you find a formula that predicts a person's weight when all you know is his/her height?

History of the y-intercept [03/18/2002]
Why does the variable 'b' represent the y-intercept?

HP-38G Graphic Calculator [08/29/1998]
I'm having trouble graphing on my HP-38G calculator. Can you help?

Intercept Equation [10/07/1998]
I found a plane using the intercepts (4,0,0), (0,-5,0), and (0,0,3). Now I want an equation for those points using Ax + By + Cz = D.

Intercept of Two Lines [06/07/1999]
How can you calculate the exact location of the intercept point of two lines without graphing?

Intercepts of Quadratic Functions [12/10/2003]
Why do some quadratic functions have two x-intercepts and one y-intercept?

Intersecting Parabolas [09/15/1999]
When do the four points of intersection of two parabolas all lie on a circle?

Intersection of a Parabola and a Line [10/19/2003]
What equation would you use to determine the x-coordinates of the points of intersection of a quadractic function ax^2 + bx + c with the line y = x?

Introduction to Quadrants in the Coordinate Plane [02/05/2004]
What is a quadrant? How do you find it? I had to identify 9 ordered pairs on a graph. Now I need to also name the quadrant each one is in.

Inverse Function [9/15/1996]
Given f(x) = 1 - 2/x what is f-1(x) ?

Inverse Function for Natural Numbers [6/10/1996]
I've got a question about the function n = 0.5((a+b)^2+3a+b), which is a one-to-one bijection from pairs (a,b) of natural numbers to single natural numbers n.

Is It Really Possible to Draw a Graph? [02/01/2007]
Since graphs are collections of points, and points have no dimensions (depth, length, height), we can't really draw a graph. All we can do is make a "representative graph". Is that right?

Is y = abs (x) Continuous? [8/29/1996]
Is y equals the absolute value of x a continuous function?

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