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Can the Bus Cross the Gap? [9/15/1996]
We want to show that it is possible for a bus to cross a 50 ft. gap in a highway.

Definition of a Vector [02/28/2002]
I would like a "proper" definition of a vector and how concepts of "magnitude" and "direction" arise in the discussion of vectors.

Doppler Effect [5/19/1996]
We are having incredible trouble getting any understandable research on the Doppler Effect.

Headlights, Light Waves, Sound Waves [01/26/1998]
If you are in a hypothetical car traveling at the speed of light, what happens when you turn your lights on?

In the Hollow Center of a Large Mass [12/23/1995]
In physics lecture I was told that if a large mass, such as the earth, were hollow and you were to be in the hollow part, then you would be weightless...

Mass vs. Weight [01/22/1999]
Can you give me a definition of mass and how it differs from weight?

Proof: Earth is Round [8/7/1996]
How can I explain, using simple trig, geometry, and standard definitions of distance, that the Earth is round?

Special Relativity [11/1/1996]
Can you please explain Einstein's theory of special relativity to me?

Truth Tables and Computer Circuits [01/17/2000]
Can you please explain how to read and draw computer circuit diagrams, how to form truth tables from reading the diagrams, and the logical arguments behind this?

Why Can't We Break the Speed of Light? [12/10/1999]
Why can't we go faster than the speed of light with the equipment we have now? How about in the future?

Why There are 12 Tones in a Scale [12/28/2000]
Why are there 12 tones in an octave? Can you explain the significance or the equation r^n = 2^m? Also, what's so special about a fifth? Why should the scale be based on the fraction 3/2?

Absolute Speed [08/12/1997]
The absolute speed, within the Einsteinian universe, is c (the speed of light). If a ship going 1/100 of c shines a flashlight, what could happen to the light emitted?...

Absolute Zero [05/11/2001]
Why is absolute zero used in some calculations, e.g. temperature + 460?

Acceleration [9/12/1996]
A 10-kg object accelerates at 60 m/s^2. What would be the acceleration of a 30-kg object?

Acceleration around a Corner [09/17/2005]
What is the formula to find out the acceleration of an object going around a corner?

Acceleration in Drag Racing [06/06/2002]
A drag race car starts from a dead stop. It travels 1/4 mile in 11.0 seconds. How fast is it going at the finish line?

Adding Velocities in Relativity [07/12/1999]
A train is moving at 60 mph as measured by an observer on the ground outside... A man is walking on the train at 5 mph as measured by an observer standing on the train...

Adjusting Gear Sizes [07/14/2000]
Some material is to be cut into 4" pieces that are 1/8" apart by passing it through two sets of vertical rollers connected by a gear. What diameter of the second bottom roller will give the right separation?

Alcohol Solutions [04/22/1997]
How many liters of a 14 percent alcohol solution must be mixed with 20 liters of a 50 percent alcohol solution to get a 20 percent alcohol solution?

Altitude of a Model Rocket [10/26/1999]
I need an algebraic formula that determines the altitude of a rocket based upon inclination observations of three ground observers.

Anaesthetic Concentration [07/21/2003]
What is the % concentration when you constitute 100ml water with 2.5g of thiopentone?

Angle for maximum height using water stream [12/7/1994]
I am trying to investigate the relationship between the angle a hose would have to be positioned in order to maximize the height of the stream of water of constant pressure.

Angle of Flight [11/27/1997]
A fly is sitting at 12 o'clock on a frictionless clock. He takes a step to one side and begins to slide down the clock...

The Angles of a Tetrahedron [07/08/1998]
Why is the angle from one vertex to the exact center of the tetrahedron around 109.5 degrees?

Anomalous Addition [02/17/1999]
Is it true that sometimes 2 + 2 = 5?

Arterial Branching Calculus [05/28/2003]
In the surgical connection of a small artery to an existing larger artery, attention must be paid to minimising the viscous resistance to the blood flow... Investigate the distance from B of the join and hence the angle of attachment that minimises the resistance to flow.

Atoms and Molecules [11/28/2001]
A certain molecule contains twice as many atoms of hydrogen as oxygen and one more atom of carbon than hydrogen. If there are 21 atoms altogether in the molecule, how many atoms of carbon are there?

Bach and Mathematics [04/16/1997]
What are some of the connections between music and math?

Balancing and Applying Chemical Equations [01/20/2005]
I don't know how to balance the chemical equation __C2H5OH + __O2 ---> __CO2 + __H2O. I also need to determine the mass of CO2 produced from the combustion of 100g of the ethanol (C2H5OH).

Balancing Chemical Equations [11/21/1999]
How do you balnce a chemical equation like C2H6 + O2 = CO2 + H2O?

Balancing Chemical Equations [09/21/2000]
Is it possible to create a finitely terminating algorithm to balance a chemical equation?

Balancing Chemical Equations [02/04/2004]
I am having trouble balancing very complex chemical equations, such as HIO3 + FeI2 + HCl -> FeCl3 + ICl + H2O.

Bicycle [03/03/1999]
A problem on linear and angular speed.

Black Holes [11/12/1997]
Imagine an observer outside a black hole watching someone wearing a clock moving into the black hole...

Boethius and Harmonics [09/28/1997]
Can you explain Boethius and his theory of harmonics of music?

Boiling Point of Water [01/29/1997]
Is there an equation that predicts the boiling point of water as the pressure is increased?

Bouncing Cue Ball [10/29/1996]
A cue ball is launched at an angle of 45 degrees from the lower left corner of a pool table and ends up in the lower right corner. What rule will predict which corner the ball will hit? What patterns are involved?

Breaking the Sound Barrier [10/21/1997]
I am trying to find a way to incorporate breaking the sound barrier into a math lesson for my third grade class.

Calculating a Mirror's Reflection [08/08/1999]
How can I find the angle and the point on a mirror to shine a light at in order to illuminate an object?

Calculating Calories Burned through Exercise [05/11/2004]
I wanted to know how many Calories are required to perform a 'Bench Press' and various other exercises.

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