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Effect of Gravity on a Stalled Jet [09/05/1997]
If a 747 jet is flying at 30,000 feet and the engines stop working, will it glide to a reasonably safe landing? Or will it fall straight down?

Eigenvalues [12/18/1998]
What is an eigenvalue and how is it used?

Einstein [12/18/1997]
I am in fourth grade. Can you explain E = MC^2 in simple language?

Electrical Relationships [12/10/1996]
The resistance in an electrical circuit is related to the diameter of the wire and the length of the wire. How does resistance vary with diameter?

Electricity: Volts and Amps [10/18/2001]
How is electricity measured?

Energy Formula [10/02/2002]
What does e=mc^2 mean, and why?

Energy Transformation [02/13/2003]
Can you explain the formula for energy transformation on a roller coaster?

Escape Velocity [6/13/1996]
How did Einstein work out how fast you need to go to get off the earth?

Exact Numbers and Conversion Statements [07/25/2005]
I'm confused about how to decide if a number is exact or inexact. I know that in general measurements are considered inexact, but how about conversion factors such as 1 inch = 2.54 cm? The exactness of the number plays a role in the number of significant digits to keep. What other kinds of numbers are considered exact and inexact?

Exact Weight of One Gallon of Water [08/15/2001]
What is the exact weight of one gallon of water? The best answer I can get is 8.33 or 8.34, depending on the source I go to.

Examples of Cooling, Growth and Decay [06/03/1999]
Can you give some real life problems involving Newton's cooling method, logistic growth, and exponential growth and decay?

Expanding Water [03/12/1997]
Why does water expand when it freezes when other materials contract?

Explanation of Electrical Impedance [03/26/2004]
We had a speaker blow and I was told that it was because of the impedance. What does that mean?

Exponential Decay [06/09/2005]
Does an exponential decay calculation ever reach zero?

Extraneous Solutions [08/08/2003]
What should an engineer interpret from an equation, or the solutions of that equation, if its solutions prove to be extraneous?

Falling Chain [12/31/1997]
A chain 1 meter long is lying on a table with 25 cm. of it hanging in the air. It starts to fall without friction; how long will it fall?

Falling Football [1/11/1995]
If I were to drop a football off the top of Mile High Stadium, how long would it take for the football to hit the ground?

Falling through the Earth [12/31/2001]
If a hole is drilled through the center of the earth to the other side and you jump in, what will happen?

Falling Through the Earth [05/27/2002]
If someone dug a hole straight down all the way through the earth and then jumped into it, what would happen when he came out the other side?

The Feynman Double Slit [02/01/2002]
What is quantum mechanics?

Finding a Formula That Fits the Data [01/26/2000]
How can I find a formula that fits a chart of tensile strength data I've collected?

Finding the Highest Point [4/13/1996]
A ball is thrown into the air, and its height, h, at any time, t, in seconds is given by h = -16(t-1)^2 = 212...

Finding the Shape of a Funnel Curve [04/08/2001]
Find the equation of the curve of revolution of a coin leaving a chute.

Finding the Velocity of a Missile [12/10/1999]
If the angle of launch is 45 degrees and the distance to the target is 1000 m, what is the velocity of the missile?

Floating Copper Ball [02/26/2002]
Find the wall thickness of a hollow copper ball (sphere) with an outside radius of 50.0 cm that "just floats" in water.

Force = mass x acceleration (F = ma) [11/23/1996]
Find the magnitude of the earth's acceleration toward an apple.

Force of a Falling Object [12/27/2002]
If a 10-lb. bowling ball is dropped from 100 feet, how hard will it hit the ground?

Forces of Nature [10/9/1995]
How can a sliding incline rod fall sideways? Is there a force of motion I'm not taking into account?

Formula for Calculating Work [06/21/2005]
My calculus text defines the formula for work as W = Fd, so the work needed to lift a 500 lb beam 30 feet would be 500 * 30 = 1500 ft-lbs. But don't we really have to exert an upward force greater than 500 lbs in order to get the beam to move?

Formula for Gravity [9/2/1996]
If I throw a ball straight up in the air at 40 miles an hour, how long will it take for the ball to come down?

Formulas Regarding Radio Waves [11/17/2004]
Why does 2pi appear in many formulas involving high frequency radio transmissions and antennas?

Fourier Transforms [09/17/1998]
What is a Fourier Transform and what is it used for?

Fourier Transforms [10/19/2001]
I know what the sinc function is, but I can't convert my expression (in terms of sin) to an expression (in terms of sinc).

Fourier Transforms [04/20/1997]
What is the relation between Fourier transforms and Laplacian equations?

Free Fall [10/16/1997]
A ball with a mass of 0.5kg is dropped from a height of 190cm...

From What Height Did the Stone Fall? [01/30/2002]
A falling stone takes .30 seconds to travel past a window 2.2m tall. From what height above the top of the window did the stone fall?

A Function for Damped Simple Harmonic Motion [10/17/1998]
The end of a plastic ruler is vibrating in damped harmonic motion. Find an expression for the position of the end of the ruler.

Galilean Transformations [09/01/99]
Could you please explain to me the basic principles of Galilean transformation, and provide an example?

Gravitational Catch-Up [09/15/2003]
A stone is dropped from the top of a tower. One second later another stone is thrown vertically downwards from the same point with a velocity of 14 m/s. If they hit the ground together, find the height of the tower.

Gravity [11/1/1994]
When space ships get close to earth, gravity seems to affect the occupants really fast. Why isn't the effect of gravity a gradual occurrence? Does it have anything to do with that law about any two bodies in the universe affecting each other... and does it have to do with inverse relationships?

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