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Fourth Dimension [05/13/1997]
Can you help me understand the fourth dimension?

How Slide Rules Work [10/11/1995]
I need information on John Napier's contributions to math and Napier's Bones - a method for multiplication using ivory rods with numbers marked off on them. How were these rods (markings) constructed and what math principles were used in determining the answers?

Information About Topology [11/12/1996]
Where can I learn more about topology?

Lines and Curves [04/21/1999]
Approximating a curve using straight lines.

Math Project Recommendations [07/16/1997]
Can you suggest some interesting math projects for grade 11?

Abraham Kaestner and Euclid's Fifth (Parallel) Postulate [12/02/1996]
Where can I find information on Abraham Kaestner?

Applications of Iteration [05/29/1997]
What are some of the applications of iteration?

Box-Jenkins Methodology [05/13/1997]
What is Box-Jenkins methodology?

Breaking the Sound Barrier [10/21/1997]
I am trying to find a way to incorporate breaking the sound barrier into a math lesson for my third grade class.

Catastrophe Theory [11/20/1995]
Can you help me find references on the Internet for Catastrophe Theory?

Count Buffon's Needle [05/21/1997]
Draw a series of parallel lines a distance d apart on a piece of paper. Drop a stick of length l on the paper n times. If the stick crosses a line s times, the value of pi can be found from the equation s/n = 2*l/pi*d. Where does this equation come from?

Cycloid [01/30/1998]
What is a cycloid and what does it do?

Die Roll Probabilities in Gaming [01/06/2001]
Players fight battles by rolling two dice and adding modifiers according to each player's advantages. Generate a chart giving the odds of victory based on modifiers.

Finding Prime Numbers [11/22/1995]
I am currently working on a computer program in Turbo Pascal that finds prime numbers, by dividing the number by every integer between 1 and itself-1. Would I get the same answers if I were to test the numbers only between 2 and the square root of the number?

Geometry Unit on Quilting [07/16/1997]
Do you have any information/units/lessons/curriculum ideas on quilting in mathematics?

History of Numerals and Counting: Bibliography [11/18/1996]
Where do I find information on different systems of measurements?

Map Projections [04/26/1999]
Demonstrate the mathematics of creating a flat map of a curved object.

Math and Music: Harmonic Series [01/09/1998]
Could you supply me with information on how math relates to music?

The Math Behind Music: Pitches, Scales, Geometry [12/03/1997]
Connections between music, physics, and math.

Math in Everyday Life: Projects [02/17/2003]
What is a good topic to pick for a high school project to show where we use math every day?

Net of a Box [05/23/1999]
Choose dimensions (length, width, and height) and find the surface area and volume of a box; then draw a flat pattern of the box.

Numeral Systems and Representing Numbers [10/30/1998]
Can you tell me the different ways the number 8 is represented? For example, what about different numeral systems?

Pantograph [04/02/1997]
Do you have any information regarding the pantograph?

Parabolic Mirrors and Telescopes [06/03/1997]
A step-by-step proof of why astronomers use telescopes with parabolic mirrors.

A Program to Compute Pi [06/09/1999]
Can you tell me a good algorithm to calculate pi? I want to calculate pi as exactly as possible with more than 1000 figures.

Project Ideas [06/30/2002]
Can you suggest any science projects involving math and the stock market?

A Project on Cycloids [01/16/1999]
Can you explain cycloids? How do you work with the parametric equations? What are their properties? How are they related to time?

Projects on Puzzles or Mazes [11/13/2002]
I would like to do a project that involves applying mathematics to areas like puzzles or mazes.

Public Key Cryptography [05/13/1997]
Can you explain public key cryptography?

School Fair Projects [3/11/1996]
My school district is having a 'student talent on parade' fair and I want to do a project using math. Do you have any ideas for me? I'm in grade 8 but would like something a little more advanced.

Simultaneous Equations with Integral Solutions [11/29/1996]
What kind of a math project could I do with magic squares?

Stock Market Web Project [09/15/1997]
We are doing a pretend project on the stock market where we have $100 and have to invest in a stock. Do you have any tips or a good math activity for 6th grade students?

String Art Ideas? [11/3/1994]
I would like to know the names of some good books for mathematically constructing string art designs and figures drawn with a compass and a ruler.

Syllables from One to One Million [03/12/2003]
How many syllables are there when counting from one to one million?

Tic-Tac-Toe on a Torus [03/29/2001]
Can you make a tic-tac-toe game that won't end in a tie?

Types of Tessellations [11/15/1998]
I am doing a project on tessellations. Can you explain some of the mathematics behind them?

Web Sites for Mathematical Information [10/17/1995]
I have a student who needs resources for a research project. Do you have any suggestions?

Weighted Coin Project [02/01/1997]
Analyze the results from flipping a non-weighted coin and a weighted coin.

What is Knot Theory? [03/10/1998]
Researching how knot theory is related to topology and modern algebra.

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